“We’re…” An Evil Guild! BAHAHAHAHAA. Really Kat, what did you expect from that group? Well, Danni was a surprise, I don’t think that was very fair of the game to place her in that group since she didn’t even know enough of the game to be able to fly to the location she needed to in time. What the h*** kind of tutorial punishes you like that for not knowing how to use the controls? That’s so unfair. I think she deserves a redo. I’m also surprised that bloody Mary didn’t get full marks. Maybe she spared the kid after… Read more »

Well you have to think this is only the alignment portion of the tutorial. The control portion and most everything else would have came before the alignment portion. It isn’t the tutorial’s fault but really the groups fault that they only wanted/needed to do the alignment portion.


tbh i dont think she was given morto because the lady died mayby it was because of how she “dealt with” the fiendis, it probably affected her score a lot though the kid still had the card so she could have got him to give her it and got cardista


Also, dude didn’t actually kill any fiendi, he just ran from them…


He did use the kid as a club on a Fiendi, so technically he defeated one. Although maybe that counted as the kids kill…

Mr. Random

Now, i guessed that it was an even split, based on what we knew.
Kleya and Dude were heroic,
Danni and Bandit were villanous.
I was wondering if Jane would be heroic, and the story would progress allowing for Kleya to work a head while facing her villanous teammates AND facing people who might push her over the edge.
But we’re getting a villain team.
And all that entails.
I’m interested.


Snrk. Yes Kleya, you’re a villain team. Are you really surprised?

Bandit’s jerk-mode 100% Demoli totally cancels out your Erbana.


…I love how her ears are turned down in dismay/sadness…


When I saw that last panel, the only though blazing through my mind was “OMIGAWD, KLEYA’S EARS ARE SO CUTE.”

Well done, Aneeka. That made my day. 🙂

…evil?! 🙂 Two players went the heroic route (Kleya – Erbana 100%, Dude – Cardista 57%), while three went the villanic route (Danni – Morto 32%, Jane – Morto 69%, Bandit – Demoli 100%). Having said that, since Morto’s the default alignment for new players, there’s a chance for Danni to change alignment (although given the fairly tight timescale surrounding Danni’s future, she’ll probably need some intensive coaching). If she did, that would balance things out with three on the heroic path and three on the villanic path. If only there was a co-op mode to the Training scenario so… Read more »

Well at least she doesn’t have to worry about having low popularity, people will watch her just to see her tear her hair out about trying to be good and pacifistic in a villain party.

Mr. Random

……….but, she could just ‘technically’ be a pacifist.
She hasn’t really relied on actual fighting.
She has specials for that.
Be nice, actually encourages people to BE NICE.


That makes the villain team even better, having one who not only doesn’t fight, but tries to force everyone else to avoid fighting as well


With two killers and one demolisher, I’m guessing they’re a villain party?


They could be a mishmash team if the other guy is heroic and cardista is a heroic alignment, but it seems more likely that cardista is neutral and they’ll end up with a net negative alignment


Poor Kleya. The name of the comic is NOT a villain, people! NOT! Stop being villains! All of you! If you make Kleya cry, I’ll… Well, I’ll be powerless, but SHE might decide your dome doesn’t really NEED that oxygen…


If you add percent scores, Morto wins with 101 Percent Points. Second are Erbana and Demoli (100 each). Last is Cardista.

Looks like a lot of the speculation was right, with Bloody Mary being the exception. I’m guessing that Bandit often goes the Mani route, and it is his most natural route, but he decided to use Kleya’s route instead this time (and maybe has before, too, because of liking her). It will be interesting to see how she handles being a “villian” (and if she will be able to cover up the fact that she almost revealed being able to see their results without discussing them), and how Danni will adjust to her current alignment (and whether she will try… Read more »

So I wonder how Dude knew his percentages.


It says your score when get the esone


So Kat got 100 % in… Erbana? That makes them a pretty mixed group. Is that allowed or not? We’ll hopefully find out…

By the way, I think I see a double “I” in the Dude’s speech bubble.



Even if it runs by added percents that 157% Hero and 201%Villain. Good luck Kleya, your life as a Villain begins again.


“We’re VILLAINS!!!”
*shock and horror*

There, finished that for you.
Now whatcha gonna do miss ‘I wanna be a HERO!’?


Evil? Yes, very much.


Someone just realized she’s stuck in a villain group….

Jane only got 69% Morto? I’m sure Bandit’s 100% is highly unusual, but I suspect Jane is skilled enough that she could have gotten a much higher completion rate if she’d wanted to. I think she’s not going for a strict alignment, she’s playing her own game with the viewers’ heads.


I think Bloo- I mean Jane- went for the speed run; so besides not killing the fiendi, she probibly took the first esone. 100% completion on the Morto path in the tutorial probibly requires you to kill all the NPCs and take the second esone.


Does this mean the group is going to be a villian group? Haha, poor Klenya!


I bet the erbana route would be interesting to see in a villian group


Well. I guess they’re a villain group then


We’re WHAT?????
So, at last we know their affiliations. I’m surprised, though, Bloo– Jane got only 69%? I expected her to get a higher score, given that she has already participated in the game. Even if that isn’t her score but how much she is affiliated with that particular cathegory, I think killing those people IS pretty Morto. Anyway…
Oh, and “We’re” WHAT????


Gasp, we’re…a villain group, I’m guessing? Poor Kat


Yes, Kleya, you’re on a team of villains, and you just took the pacifist route. More power to you.


Awww poor Kleya, stuck on a villain team 😛


Poor Kleya. 🙁 I hope she can help turn Danni become more heroic. At least she won’t fault Danni for not being able to do much regarding ending up Morto.

On a personal note: My predictions on the last page regarding their initial alignments were spot on. 🙂 Let’s see if Danni chooses Kasti later.


We’re all just characters in a video game!!
Why did I not see it before?!


*sniff sniff*
I smell something. The cliffhang is too obvious, and this doesn’t have Aneeka’s usual lead-up to a heavy emotion shot. Something ain’t right around here…


I don’t know. Being in a villian group, even if it’s just a game, might hit Kleya really hard; and she has a history of treating games as SeriousBusiness. Of course, this game is SeriousBusiness.


Hrm… I think someone’s going to notice she knew without being told what type of group they are


I’d guess Jane only got 69% Morto because she didn’t kill the kid. I predict Danni will chose Kesti but she will have to improve a lot to make it work. I wonder what the group alignment will be if they all chose different paths and the top 2 are both 100%?

Owen Smith

We still haven’t seen how Jane got her Esone, for everyone else we saw that.


Jane: ‘Oops, the kids are nearly home, must finish quick!’
Jane kills NPC
Jane grabs village Esone
Total time taken since arriving into village: 21 seconds.


Cardista is not a heroic route if you remember to get that card the dude did a very undude like thing and took it from the NPC unwillingly.

yes it is, Sandra explained that before the tutorial started on page 254 I’m surprised to see Kleya so chocked by the fact that the others have villain routes, what did she expect?? Surely she must have known that Danni would end up with morto as she’s a new user of the game and shes a bit naive if she tough that the others wouldn’t get a villain route… maybe she counted on the fact that Bandit would do the kesti route (if that is something he used to do in earlier game tutorials) and that he would do… Read more »

We never did get to see Jane’s route =(, but she did finish it awfully fast. I wonder if there’s a reason she wanted to speed run it…It seems like she’d want to take more time in order to appeal to the viewers. Maybe there was something she needed to do? But can she even do anything in the waiting room?


Well, Kleya COULD always play as the healer of the group. Supporting your team isn’t villainous, even if your team in itself is.


Actually, depends on your view of game mechanics.

If you are in a villain party, and you’re the healer, you’re still assisting villains, thus you are a villain. (The only game I’ve played where this is actually enforced is Wizardry Online)

Likewise in games that have game mechanics that enforce strict clan/race/guild divisions (WoW, SW:TOR) where PvP is always enabled between those divisions, you’re still a villain to the side, no matter what action you take.


When the dude speaks like that, I imagine him moving actual squares, not pieces. That’s bound to mess with players.

I wonder why The Dude only got 57%? Was there another card to be found in the tutorial, or did he just not make the most effective use of the one he had? Actually, from what we know about the characters at this point, at least 2 of them are deliberately playing against type, Danni probably thinks she’s in the wrong strategy alignment, and I strongly suspect Jane is also deliberately playing against type… So this furthers my suspicions that the Dude is really a villainous scoundrel and has chosen the “Cardista” route against type, as well. Unless I’m wrong… Read more »

They’re all playing against the type. Did you see Kat’s face in the tutorial???

? For Bandit being good, see the future revaluation about the AIs – with that explained away, he’s quite firmly on the side of good, though willing to act like he’s not.
? And Dude is totally not good, he was all “let’s destroy the world-destroying mastermind without finding out her plans and reasons”.

Tim C

What do you mean by “the future revaluation about the AIs”? Are you referring to the NPCs that Bandit wrote to bully new players out of the game? If so, how do those get explained away?


We don’t know how yet. That’s why it is in the future. Aneeka said it will be addressed in the plot soonish, and thus barred it from character q & a.


From page 283, Dude says “D’oh! There were two other cards to get!” Now we don’t know if they were available in the alignment scenario or not, but he mentions that he doesn’t have the only card.


Oh, right. I’d forgotten that.

Another comment on that page suggests that Dude is acting like he’s playing from someone else’s directions, which fits nicely with my theory that they’re all deliberately playing against type… except poor Danni, who has no previous “type” and isn’t roleplaying at all, as far as we know.

(Though it would be hysterical if she’s actually the true leader of Deconstruct Me!)


He mentioned during his route that there are 3 cards. He only found one of the 3, therefore he only got 57% completion. There were probably other factors, like not losing NPCs, and not getting hit.


I don’t see why Morto necessarily implies Villain. Yes, a killer can be a villain. But they could be killing only bad guys, which could imply Hero, too.


Okay, did I miss something? There’s a lot of discussion of “villain”/”hero” and also about the game mechanics, but having read through the comic and the actual events of the tutorial, I don’t understand what any of this means.

Like, I assume there’s some supplementary material out there everyone is drawing from (because I doubt I missed the number of pages it would take to explain this), but I have a serious problem with supplementary material being *required* to understand this main plot. And the main plot sure seems like it wants me to know what the game is.


Um, I guess the main thing we’re drawing from is the chart on page 254 and matching the colors with the slices from the previous page. This tells us which alignments are heroic/villainous.

There’s also been some talk about how the game works throughout the comic (ex. Saisuke’s group is a hero group while Bloody Mary’s was a villain group.) We’re also making a few assumptions like that since the majority of this group’s alignments are villainous, the entire group will be considered a villain group. Hope that helps! =)


…apparently I fail at HTML, the first sentence is supposed to read “…from the chart on page 254 and matching…” with only “page 254” being a link. Sorry about that.


Wow. So not all alignments are present, there’s no mani.

If Danni changes alignment to Saisuke’s (she desperately needs that for popularity, methinks), will it be a hero group or will the leader’s alignment determine it?

I can’t wait for everyone’s reaction to Kat picking Erbana, hehe.


Not A Villain…for now.


Eh. 32% Morto isn’t particularly bad. All that generally means is that there’s another alignment at 20+% ready to overtake Morto at any point as soon as Danni finds her feet.
Probably Kesti (whatever that is).


So wait, was kleya a human weapon used by her father to attack humanity but her mother wanted to stop it and kleya was torn so she eded up killing everyone but feeling bad about it and now she’s trying to be a good guy?


I suspect something like this, yes.

On the issue of whether the “Gasp” looks right: 1) I think it looks fine. You should be happy with it. 2) If you want to “perfect” it, consider this: generally a gasp is made as a back-of-the-throat “ah” or “ugh.” There is probably some technical term for it like a “lower aspirated unpalatized descending vowel.” Whatever, the point is that (in English, at least) the lips form as if the person was saying “U” as in “up.” Kleya’s lips look more like “eh” as in “met.” HOWEVER, a gasp is often not fully voiced, since it is a surprise… Read more »