‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 293


Yep, we're about done with the tutorial. Will the Dude survive it or not? 😈



I'm taking a break from Nov 29th to the New Year. I'll still be updating every Tues and Fri, but the NAV storyline will be on hold. During the break, though, I would love to showcase any guest comics or guest art if anyone wants to participate. Contact me if you're interested!


Aw yeah, charm monster up in here. Heh. I love the lighting in panel one, it looks fantastic. Great work :).


I’m a bit confused with what’s happening here. What is the glowing pink tooth thing actually doing? Mesmerizing/drawing in the fiendi? Making them friendly? Making them fight one another?


The way I see it, we’ll have two good and two bad, while “The Dude” acts as a wildcard.
Haha, puns.


Cool, I guess what Kat made makes all the fiendi friendly =). Does anyone else think what she made looks like what Dude’s card had on it? Also, what will happen if the Dude doesn’t survive? Will he have to do it over, or will they assign his alignment based on what he’s done so far? They probably wouldn’t automatically give him an esone, so he’d be double doomed if he couldn’t do it over.


Yeah, Kat, of course everyone knows that heroes never trust their friends. What can possibly go wrong, especially with most of the team not acting heroic?


Mind you, most heroes wouldn’t trust that party. πŸ˜›


Batman is a hero and he doesn’t trust most people/heroes, including superman πŸ™‚


Batman trusts Superman. He just also has a plan for the very unlikely event that Superman turns evil.


TouchΓ©, though one could say if you have that backup plan in place, there are *some* trust issues, lol


Nah… You just need a back up for one of the most strong beings in DC.


Besides, with all the magic and mind control machines and so on in the setting it’s reasonable to assume someone’s gonna get mind controlled or possessed or w/e and turn against you even if they don’t knowingly choose to be evil.


Trust issues – or just paying attention. Superman has been possessed, exposed to alignment-changing kryptonite or lost his memory and gone all wierd-like quite a few times over the years. πŸ˜€


One wonders where you’re supposed to learn all the skills the players have shown so far, and why some of them (Danni, and presumably Dude) never did. Where’s the tutorial for the tutorial? πŸ™‚


In the tutorials before this one. It was said earlier since most of the group is already experienced with the game they were only doing a single part of the tutorial, not the entire game.

Ahh here’s the link.


So to all those wondering ‘how are you supposed to learn all of this’ well other players are pushed through the entire thing.


You greatly deserve a break after this year, particularly after the Kickstarter project (big congratulations to you, on that πŸ™‚ ).


Trust no one. I have a sudden suspicion.

What if it wasn’t Kleya’s idea to go on a rampage, back before the Ending?

What if it was her father’s idea?

And I still think Bandit is Saisuke, and that he’s deliberately playing against type as Bandit to throw people off.

I do think her father was involved, but in the end I also think she choose to do the things she did to get the better of her father. We don’t know what all she actually did and for what reasons, but we can make a conjecture that it involved her finding out too many people she thought were trustworthy were, in fact, not. Bandit could be Saisuke, but he choose the route he did the for the obvious reason. It was -her- favorite route. Either he thinks she will pick it this time too or he is sending a… Read more »

…I’m more inclined to think Saisuke is her father, actually…


I think it would be funny if he said” Dude, where’s my car”?


So was that bait, a purifier or both?


Nice page!

It seems Kleya might not have intended to be such a monster though, previously I had assumed only killing her mother had been a mistake. It works plot-wise, better in some ways, but I’m still hoping she was as much of a monster as possible, it makes her journey to redemptions so meaningful in that the question arises whether it is even possible.


Kleya has a scary amount of naivety. She thinks that if she can make herself a better person through the Game she can undo the onus of the things she did before. Rude awaking I am predicting.
Poor girl is gonna hit a stone wall called reality eventually and it will break her heart. I am rooting for a certain someone to pick up the pieces πŸ˜€


I like how Kleya is acting the good path before her. Yet to the reader’s point of view, her path looks completely evil. Controlling the evil Fiendi to her whims in the darkness of the jungle, lassoing the first one she comes across? The lighting around her seems so much darker compared to other characters, despite her bright intentions.


I was thinking exactly the same thing. Fixing the problem without killing anything certainly is the best option, morally, but running around with a pack of demons really doesn’t look good!

It looks to me like the fiendi are all headed the other way, not staying with Kleya. The glowing flower thing is off the left edge of the last Kleya panel, while Kleya is heading to the right. I suppose Kleya is off to collect the Esone, now that she’s found a way to keep the fiendi from jumping off onto the village. I don’t quite get what the magic did to the fiendi, other than making their eyes glow pink instead of red, but they seem to be less hostile. Maybe they’re domesticated puppies now. πŸ˜‰ The one farthest… Read more »

Is the dude just comic relief? And what’s with the interactions between Jane and Sandra and such? Is Jane realy Keyla’s mother? What are the bandits intentions exactly? Find out in future episodes!

I’ve been reading this comic for a while now and I have to say that I’m rather impressed. However, I am very much interested in the field of hacking and have learned quite a bit. One of the big things I’ve learned about hacking is that the best way to ensure the safety of your computer system is to encourage actual hackers to tell you what’s wrong, and they won’t know unless they’ve actually hacked into it. I think that that little piece of information is an interesting tidbit to add to this setting by including the fact that because… Read more »

Usually players don’t die during tutorials unless it’s a truly hard game.


Usually dying is impossible during action tutorials (how to move and such), but during more advanced strategies (or, indeed, origins/alignment/whathaveyou) tutorials dying is usually quite possible in RPGs. Especially if you’ve not played a lot of them.


oh g-d dark souls… its tutorial had a boss that killed me so many times my first time through.


i am so impressed with how much you’ve progressed as in artist. but as always your story is just so captivating. you have inspired me to try writing a webcomic myself.

Just realized Kat’s probably just wedgied Murphy (of Murphy’s Law fame) by thinking she’ll get to be a heroine (her emphasis, as per the bolded text) “without” things going all wrong…which means in story tropisms that things “will” go wrong now… …The more and more I see these unfolding, the more I’m inclined to believe this group is going to tip the scales on the Villain side. Pretty sure Jane murdered that mother, and possibly the boy, stealing the village Esone as the easiest path for her. The Bandit, Kat has told us his path is a “bad” one so… Read more »
Iron Ed

I sorta feel like the Dude’s about to accidentally become a speedbump in Kleya’s plans.

The Dragon Emperor

Just got to say I’m loving this Aneeka, and I was wondering if it’s not to much trouble could you start posting a link to that comic voting website again? Their doesn’t have to be any kind of incentive or anything, I just would like to vote for you awesome comic.

Thanks, and enjoy your break!


there’s a link up in the top left of the page next to the comic


So here’s the breakdown I’m predicting:

Jane – Villain, clearly.
Bandit – Villain, mostly because of Kleya’s remark about his taking a “bad route”.
Dude – Villain, by way of desperately exploiting every available means of surviving, regardless of collateral damage.
Danni – Villain, by way of blindly flailing and not knowing how to determine her alignment.
Kleya – Hero, but part of a firmly villainous group, and thus unable to play the game in the way she wants.

So will she have to resort to some of her old ways to get the story she wants?