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Out they go.


NAV is updating every weekday this week!

Also, I'm taking a break in December. I'll still be updating every Tues and Fri, but the NAV storyline will be on hold. During the break, though, I would love to showcase any guest comics or guest art if anyone wants to participate. Contact me if you're interested!


Sneaky, sneaky Bandit.


I always find it interesting when watching people who know a game too well and play it through multiple times looking for speed boosts and ways to break the level and game apart, almost like speed run videos for console games. You get to see all types of secrets that you probably wouldn’t ever see or figure out yourself.


Well. I foresee Bandit’s popularity spiking after such a… Spectacular, display.

Someone got real excited about lens flares! Also, Bandit’s honestly seems like the most boring one to watch overall so far. He’s making it so obvious that he hasn’t just done this before, but knows everything about it. It looks like he’s just using a strategy guide or something. I imagine that the people in L.I.F.E. might not see it the same way, especially since it is Bandit doing it, but I am curious to see how the ratings turn out. I think that Kleya might suffer the same problem to some extent, but makes up for it by looking… Read more »

It’s raining Cat’s & Dog’s. Or at least Feindi.

Iron Ed

Is that the least ofFeinding line you could think of? 🙂 😉 🙂


I’m pretty sure that’s considered an exploit of the physics engine…


You’re free, fiendi! Go free! Freeeeeee!!

…Oh wait…
STOP FALLING!! Noooo!! Stay away from the kill Z!!! Stay away from the… Nooooooo!!!
Oh, what have I done?

Iron Ed

“As G-d is my witness, I swear I thought turkeys could fly!”


So… what keeps the fiendi from just flying around in the mists and attacking Bandit?

Also, I can’t wait to see what happens with BlooJane’s arc. And Kleya is trying so hard… so so hard not to kill everything.


I’d assume the fact they don’t seem to be intelligent fiendi. After all, if they don’t enter that island’s gravity field at the correct point they’ll just fall again. And since the Deathmatch fights were supposedly based on The Game’s physics engine, falling hurts.


On the village below: Feindi fire