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Up we go!


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I'm taking a break in December. I'll still be updating every Tues and Fri, but the NAV storyline will be on hold. During the break, though, I would love to showcase any guest comics or guest art if anyone wants to participate. Contact me if you're interested!


Interesting to their different playstyles.

Bandit: Ruthless in his application and use of game mechanics to get the highest score, apparently based on grinding/simulating every option availeble.
Dude: experienced, but completely helpless when thrown back to the tutorial where he can’t use advanced game mechanics.
Danny: n00b (wut iz dis? whelp!)
Kat: experienced like the Bandit, but applying the knowledge in a ‘roleplay’ style, chasing a specific goal ( not just the score, like Bandit)


That seems like a pretty accurate description.

Dorje Sylas

Bloody Mary: Winning quick as possible not caring for score or perception of ruthlessness.

I’d classify the Bandit as not exactly ruthless, just meta-gaming. Which can come off the same if you think of NPCs as real people. Meta-gaming usually means you don’t see characters as people but as tools or plot devices. Bandit sees them for what they are, a game mechanic, and uses them as such.


Uh…wow, was not expecting that, guess that’s why he cut the rope. I’m thinking the crash will throw all the fiendi off into the mists and stun them and toss Bandit and the kid into the jungle. Bandit is much crazier than I thought; can’t wait to see what happens next=).


D: . No fair announcing a month-long hold when I just added this to my weekly webcomic routine (as opposed reading through the archives every six months or so)!

Joking indignation aside, enjoy your December, and don’t let it get too cold 🙂 .

(…Not really sure why I’m saying this a month in advance, but it felt a bit rude to just leave it at joking indignation…)

I got a wierd issue with the Advertisements, I think. Possibly it got hijacked by a virus distribution way. Or maybe just some really lousy programmed add: For the last two new pages, when I visited them for the first time I got auto-redirected to a page that claimed I needed to upgrade my Java Version to view the Content. While it looked somewhat like “Donwload Java Page” the URL does not looks very reliable to me (http://get-new-java.com/DE/index.php?&dv1=26109&dv2= DE because I run in german language; this is the right URL: https://java.com/de/download/index.jsp). Furthermore I do have the current version installed, at… Read more »

I get the same issue on many, many sites, some of which I trust implicitly and others not. McAfee doesn’t detect anything on my computer but I’ve seen suggestions to download Malwarebytes and scan for whatever the browser hijacker is.


I only get it on this website. And only when my Cookies are clean. I also don’t get it when I set I.E. to block all Cookies.

That implies that whatever it is, is something on the Webserver side. More specifically the Add-Provider’s side.
If it was really a browser hijacker on my side it would not use the Browsers Cookies to remember when it already used that trick on me.

Hi, I’ve just read NAV from beginning to present time, and I just want to say, sorry for being late to Kickstarter, missed it by an hour :(, furthermore, WOW!!! I might not be reading that much sci-fi since a couple of years back, but I love your story! The characters are really interesting and I love the setting with reality badly damaged and a game the safest way to live. Scary thing is I had a similar idea for a game maybe 3 years ago, but I must say, your story makes me a bit afraid and highly excited… Read more »