u know she makes it all sound like she checking off a list like when i go food shopping lol


And now back to The Cooking With Kleya Show.


Whats the last item I can’t see… 🙁


The last ingredient seems to be a bit of the grass/reed that grows up there.
See the dark green fuzzy stuff Kleya squeezes in (left of the flower’s bud)?


Hmmm, kick starter wasn’t as horrible an experience as I feared. Here is hoping it all works out 😀

I am curious what kind of “stew” Kleya is making. Perhaps something that makes the fiendi docile?


I would guess that the “Flower that only good people can hold” + Malvere + the last Ingredient + the Lake produces a light that makes fiendy docile. Or at least keeps them at bay.


…a light? Where did you pull that one?


There is a light glow in the lake, as Kleya puts the Flower in.


Hmm. Malerve keeps hostile creatures at bay (temporarily), the flower represents peace (remember, you can’t force it), and the grass and lake are natural to the fiend’s habitat, although I am unsure what they do.

Overall, this is supposed to be the “nice” way, so I assume it turns the fiends from “hostile” to “friendly”, saving the village from this threat while also giving them protection after you are gone.


I’m expecting no less than a magical transformation of the fiendi and the jungle island and all that, and a huge pretty fairy turning up to thank her for freeing her and giving her a priceless jewel… I may have played more video games than is healthy for me. XD


Oh sure Kleya, make it blatantly obvious to people watching that you’ve done this before.


Well, everyone but Danni has played it before. They’re all taking shortcuts.


But Kleya is supposed to be trying to be incognito. She is risking more than she realizes.


It’s possible that there’s nobody watching her. She specifically referred to this nice route as the ‘boring’ route earlier, and Paddy’s apparently keeping the camera on the ones who are doing the most-interesting things. Seems more likely that it’s either Bandit or Jane who’s in the public eye right now.


…that’s a good point! It’s so hard for us to consider Kleya as boring to us readers. Yeah, I totally see them not watching her now!

And Hanna does have a good point also. We’ve never been specifically told that the tutorial / single player version was a big secret. So it does make sense that it’s been explored by everyone already. And if Kleya does something unique, they will just assume that she discovered it on her own and not that she read the source code.


But she hasn’t done this before. This is her mom’s way. She is somewhat surprised to find that the ambush scenario is still active. It seems she hasn’t done this before, just knows what to expect. I’m waiting for the twist.


The implication I got from the previous thought-bubbles was that she has done it her mother’s way at least once or twice before…but ended up preferring the “exciting” way with lots of action and violence for her to effortlessly dodge and roflstomp her foes via.

Doomsday Machine

…Wait… Run, little fiendi! She’s gonna eat you!

Owen Smith

I think she’s just thinking “ok, still the ambush scenario” and isn’t exactly surprised. I think she’s also a touch disappointed that it hasn’t been changed.


Wow, this comic is so awesome! A part of me wants to be a part of this world!!!


And she cooks too! Truly a model for all good heroic girls out there.


Ambush scenario…doesn’t sound too good for Danni =(.


This might be weird, but I find it interesting that the wrapping direction of the malerve switches between panel 3 and the insert at the bottom.

It looks good, so I figure it must be one of those subtle artsy tricks that makes the layout nicer, sacrificing consistency for readability. Which is neat.


I’m curious how taking the wild esone and thus pulling the fiendi’s island apart will be considered to be “nice”.

I also find it extremely annoying how non-obvious the whole scenario is. So far only Danni and, to a lesser extent, the Dude have shown the need to react to the situation. (Using the kid to knock out the fiendi is still my favorite part of this section.)

Perhaps its a reward for doing good in the “nice” scenario? As for Danni and the Dude…Danni has no clue what to do so is just floundering about. Dude is used to being able to use specials…which he can’t use right now. Also, he doesn’t remember the other ways to do the tutorial. So while he is experienced he is outside his comfort zone right now. The more I think about it, the more I think the Dude is gonna being losing popularity. He might be awesome with specials but he is otherwise a one trick pony. That will cost… Read more »
There’s a lot of games where the simple/obvious path is not the best path. A lot of times, you have to go out of your way to find the better solution. Considering that we know there are 6 alignments that you can get from this tutorial and considering that the Dude mentioned how he doesn’t remember some routes, I’m betting there are at least 6 routes. Probably 1 or 2 of these routes are obvious while the other 4-5 are hidden/special. This game was popular before The Ending so lots of people played it. If you tell a bunch of… Read more »

Bandit and Kleya both worked as programmers back in the day, so I assume they both know all the paths. I suspect Jane does, as well– she consistently chooses the actions in keeping with her persona, and she needs to know what the choices are to do that.

However, none of this seems like a “tutorial” to me…. Not since we lost the wisps, anyway. Especially if “the clock is ticking.” A first level, sure, but not a tutorial.

(Ok, the kid with Bandit might also be functioning as a tutorial component.)


Wow. I can’t even remember how I stumbled over this comic (a picture of evil-smirking cat-eared Kleya caught my attention… where? Kickstarter?) but when I saw it in my tabs a few days later… I couldn’t stop reading it.

What a great story! I’ll go back the kickstarter for more updates and hope AneekaChannel comes back some day. 🙂


It’s addictive, I agree. Some people might be put off by the early art, but Aneeka is very much like the artist behind A Girl And Her Fed, K.B. “Otter” Spangler–the storytelling has everything you could want…and you get the wonder of watching the art improve as each new page appears, and the joy of cheering the artist on. <3