I didn’t quite get it, was kid the one to grab that pole?


Those are Bandit’s legs.


i think what it was that when he landed the kid grabbed the pole. one of those gotta save my life because this guys crazy type of things.


Gravity. It always gets me down. 🙁


“–Hi, Gravity! How’re the wife & kids?”

More moremoremore more moremoremore more moremoremore pleeeeease?


Ha, utilizing fall damage to kill the fiendi. A fun tactic in any game that supports it.


That’s clever! But now, how are you going to get down,bandit?


The Fiendi fly low. I think there is going to be rain.


So the kid sits at the top of the pole and attracts fiendi so they fall into the gravity field? That’s kind of a weird solution. The fiendi normally drop in from the jungle without trouble. Why does falling bother them now?

Or maybe it’s just that they then circle the pole, since they only seem interested in the kid, and Bandit can go off and grab the Esone in the jungle without losing any villagers while he’s gone.


Incorrect. Bandit still has a hold of the kid. Also note that the Fiendi can’t fly now that they have entered gravity. So who has the advantage now, Bandit or the Fiendi? I think the answer is obvious.
Bandit is just showing off, both his knowledge of the tutorial and his skills in playing. Even with the handicap of holding the kid he will beat this thing hands down.


That’s actually a pretty clever idea: the fiendi either fly in, fall down, & perish (or are wounded at the very least), or they fly in, fall down, & circle the pole, unable to climb (one hopes; they do have claws, but we don’t know yet if those are climbing claws & limbs). Of course, Aneeka could have other things in mind…which means we’re stuck waiting. Which is why I was busy chanting, “More moremoremore more moremoremore…” up above.

Blob Bloberman

Maybe. Or, maybe they usually enter closer to the ground. Guess we have to wait and see!


The kid grabbed the pole, bandit has the kid. My guess is that because the kid has the pole, it’s alignment has not changed.


I don’t think grabbing the pole would do anything, I think you’d actually have to touch the esone up at the top to mess with it.


Okay, Bandit’s done a lot of great things over the course of the story, but this one was really clever. I’m guessing that with so much damage taken from being knocked over, the fiendi aren’t going to survive that long fall.


The bandit has to touch the stone for it to change ownership the kid should be able to without that happening. What use that has is still a bit confusing to me.


the event was triggered while they were in the mists… thus the flying fiendi
the bandit then postioned himself over the poles and flew down into the gravity well of the area causeing the fiendi to follow but they had nothing to land on once out of the influance of the mists and thus fall to thier doom


I started the series today and now im sad cause im up to date


haha welcome to the comic then. waiting for updates stinks but aneeka always makes ti worthwhile


I really like this comic, so I always check for updates. I just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed the recent updates (after entering the game and such) and that your art is noticeably improved from when you first began the comic. Well done!

I found and finished reading this yesterday. WOW! Just wow! I found it because I was looking for another webcomic and searched for the best ones for IT people. That search’s top choice was the voting site. Needless to say, I’ve already voted with two of my devices, but I’m probably going to do it on a few more. My favorites have been (most to least favorite) XKCD, Dr. McNinja, Least I Could Do, Looking for Group, The Noob Comic. Honestly though Aneeka, as a Sci-Fi and IT geek, this story blows all of them out of the water! I… Read more »