Interesting, I thought that it wouldn’t be timed. Poor NPC kid. Well this should actually be more interesting than most of the others to how she deals with it. I must say, so far Bandit’s and Jane’s were the least interesting.


I feel bad for the kid too, hey look perfect splitz


Aw, rough start for Danni. 🙁


somehow i dont think they are playing a complicated version of Peekaboo


I wonder if she gets a Bad Ending route. D:! Or because the mom died, the son doesn’t care anymore so he gives up the enzone orb thing that was keeping the world together and they fade into nothing.


I hope she’s still alive…but I sha’n’t hold my breath.

Owen Smith

Jane hasn’t finished, she still has the monster to deal with and she’s killed the woman so no scope for being given the flower there.

Stomme poes

Ha, I see NAVcomic is #1 this month at TopWebComics.com!! Congrats

Blob Bloberman

Well, if she wants to take one of the routes that involved taking the kid it should be easy for her.


oh s@%$ shes to late


So much for following Kat’s advice.

Panel 1 and the volume 2 cover are lovely.


Poor Danni. She is probably the player with the best heart of the group, but she keeps getting thwarted by her inexperience.


She did follow Kat’s advice. Just too slowly.

Dang, though, harsh strip. I half expected to see the fiendi dismembering her.

But, yes, the first panel is awesome.


Interesting… maybe the event start triggered the moment everyone loaded into their particular instance?


Prolly proximity trigger. She got too close and it started. Of course she has no clue how to move quickly so she gets the downer ending. Doesn’t mean she will get bad points, but maybe not the best score with the easiest way through the tutorial.


Quick, she’s down, now she can’t tell you not to take everything!


The cover looks awesome, panel one looks awesome, and I’m sure whenever book two with Ki arrives, it too will be awesome. *shifty eyes*
I want it so baaaad. D:
*pretends to have patience*…*fails*


I’d be willing to wager hers is the most interesting, if for no other reason than she is going to be the only one to “role play” properly. Also i’d put a bet on the game programmers ‘fixing’ her scenario to of made her arrive too late due to Kat being the person they most want, and Danni being the “only” reason for her to play (To their view, Kat doesn’t go around telling people she wants to prove she is nice)


Kat kind of made the most boring run through. I mean she didn’t even bother to pretend that she didn’t know what was coming ahead of time.

Danni might have saved herself by displaying comic incompetence combined with a sort of honest naivety that lets viewers re-experience the world of the game as if it were their first view


You have a point in that her complete noobness might work in her favor. People love the underdog. Will bet on the dark horse. But there will be just as many who will condemn her because she is clueless. She is not of the elite and thus must be scorned.


From what I gather of how the mechanisms of the setting work, only positive attention matters: It doesn’t matter how many people hate you, just that enough people like you


$20 says that Danni will get the most heroic points for this for coming to a tragedy stricken kids aid and doing the best she can with her level of ability.


The only score is audience appreciation, I think.