Wow, Kat has a Psychotic smirk while saying “I’m nice.” The side smile is there! Lol.

Beautiful page again, Aneeka 😀


Yep, we know she means it. She desperately wants to be nice.

But the viewers probably think more along the lines of “my evil scheme is going along perfectly. Soon, all of Game will belong to me” xD.


Hm I see it more as a ‘I can pull off being nice and STILL be awesome’ smirk. Rather than anything evil. Sort of a victory despite the handicap thing.


I like panel 3 as well. Don’t worry Kleya, even though you suck at being “nice”, I still love ya anyway! 🙂

Besides, the nice guy stereotype is seriously boring. Embrace your ruthlessness.


okay i love this page, she is talking to all of us, lol that is her breaking the 4th wall…and that smile..simply AWESOME!

Why do i have this feeling Danni is going to muck this all up lol


Actually, she’s talking to the L.I.F.E. players watching her.

I agree on the smile part though. Despite going the ‘nice’ route, I’m sure all the viewers will think she is an evil bada** because she tamed the scary evil creature instead of just kicking its a**.


Doubtful as the white blocks have always been inner thoughts for her rather than her talking to anyone other than D. And it’s in her head.


i agree,t he white blocks are her inner thoughts, its why i kind of think its a tongue and cheek moment just for us readers (which you have to admit is pretty good)


“I’m nice!” She says while riding away on a beast that I could swear I’ve had nightmares about before -.-


I’m fairly certain that being nice and doing nice things are different. Methinks our nonvillain has a bit to still learn about being a hero.


Wow, that’s one heck of an evil smirk!


Kat and the beast smiling as they head off and I am more afraid of her smile than the fang filled maw of a murderous beast.


nice? not with that face you aren’t.


that said, i think you have outdone yourself with these pages. keep up the good work!


Kleya, nice people don’t smile this way! 😀

Go, Danni! You’ll make it!

Owen Smith

I agree with the “I thought this was supposed to be a tutorial” comment, there doesn’t seem to be any help or advice.

What’s the big eye in Kat’s hacker vision?


“What’s the big eye in Kat’s hacker vision?”

My guess is that It’s “D” looking over Kleya’s shoulder. 😉

Awesome page! \o/
I really like that smirk of hers as she takes off on the beast. 😀


It’s the watchers. She knows that people are watching her and so she is commented to herself how she’s shown them that she is nice.


It’s a tutorial that teaches you the fact that “You’re gonna have to figure it out yourself, bud”

Owen Smith

“It’s a tutorial that teaches you the fact that “You’re gonna have to figure it out yourself, bud””

Which is why I don’t play console or computer games, since I’m useless at that sort of graphical figuring it out for myself and I have poor hand/eye coordination. The last games I was any good at were text based adventure games, because I was good at the puzzle elements and mapping and they don’t rely on subtle graphic clues or hand/eye coordination.


‘Cannot get ye flask.’
That’s all I have to say about text-based adventure games.


go play adom.


They specified that they were only doing the ALIGNMENT part of the tutorial, not the simple movement and leveling up parts. So this is the part determining if they’re a hero or villain group.

The big eye is Kleya being able to see the code and hence the fact that of the 5 in the team SHE is the one being watched currently.


Heh, when she says she’s nice what goes through my head is Dr. Evil saying he’s “hip” and “with it.”


The viewers probably like the flashy explosions and all too. When it comes to games,people don’t like to see nice. They like the brutal, the violent, the evil. I heard a few people complain about how they weren’t able to join the bad guys in FFXIV. I think the general populace is certifiably nuts and the populace of this comic even more so.


Being survivors in the bleak landscape of an after-the-end-of-the-world scenario does inspire some amount of instability. But I think in a harsh world they have reverted to an old human vice played out under different set of circumstances and rules. Gladiatorial Games.


I feel that the harsh world would not necessarily revert us. It may draw some people to enjoy watching people being nice. True, there hasn’t yet been much indication of that, but there hasn’t been much nice which people have been exposed to.


Saisuke is supposed to be really nice and he is really popular so it does look like there is a large fanbase for nice players.


It was my understanding that Sasuke is “good” which is not the same as “nice”. His character also appears to be based on the archetype handsome/pretty forlorn lone hero. Though the forlorn thing may not be intentionally part of the character.


Everyone else is on to round 2, Aneeka is just arriving at round 1… I wonder if the fiendi has eaten the villagers yet…


They probably have to be a certain distance before the event triggers. In mmos today you either have to enter an area (pass through a barrier or doorway) or speak to an NPC to trigger an event like that.


so then, I wonder what item Danni will get.. O.o


How will she save the woman even? It doesn’t look like you can use specials. No one has yet. And doesn’t the dude only attack with specials? He beat the first part of the tutorial by using a kid as a weapon…