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Quick scene change...


Also, cool news! After much wrangling with code, I finally succeeded in pulling off this fun addition to the AneekaChannel: members can now see the comic 6 hours early! Yep, new pages will go live earlier for logged in members. PLUS, all logged in members's comments will no longer be held for moderation. They'll be automatically approved. Huzzah!


So many scene changes O .o


Okay, that’s actually not evil. Or at least terribly evil, if the kid is what attracts the fiends.


Even more likely it’s that card of his that attracts the monsters,


Hey, is he calling Kleya a wimp!?!? heh.


And here Bandit takes an inadvertent shot at Kat. 😆


Really enjoying seeing the Game in action. The tutorial is remarkably difficult and deep, if this is the very first mission, with so many options of how to complete and what the reward is, not to mention the NPCs trying to argue players out of various reward options!

Somebody Someone

Dana, don’t forget that real life s*cks hard since the devastation, so the best chance they have to get entertained / interested in staying alive is playing the Game, and generally fooling around in the virtual reality. Which means giving as much depth and complexity as possible is probably the best the developers could offer. Also, they probably don’t have anything better to do. 😉


Somebody replied to me! What an honor, and a first. I had got the impression that the Game was created before the disaster. But I am sure we will find out!


Yes, the game had been created before the disaster (The Ending). It was called “Final Paradise”. There has been at least one known modification to The Game since The Ending. That modification was for groups.


The name is kinda ominous when you think about it. Final Paradise…


Aha. All fiendi go after the kid. Bandit’s sudden move toward child trafficking makes a bit more sense. At a guess, he’s now moving the village out from under the jungle. A relatively non-violent solution, but not a “wimpy” one, since he gets to show off his karate chop. 😉

And it seems Kat may have been harvesting malerve. Interesting.

I still want to see what Jane is up to….


He prolly had no intention of keeping the kid, just needed the abilities that having the kid would grant. Bet once Bandit no longer needs the kid he returns the kid to mommy and all is rainbows and unicorns. Bandit affects a tough guy persona, and doesn’t seem to always favor socially acceptable ways of doing good things.


Well, we have a name for what Kat was collecting, “malerve.” Which appears, based on Bandit’s half of the conversation, to be a way of dealing with Fendi without fighting.


More “we’re now confident that what Kat was collecting is indeed malerve”.

See the comment at navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-265 by Stig Hemmer.


Interesting that the child as a prize would be an option.


You should play some non-MMO RP games to see that a child as a prize is far from the oddest thing NPCs can give you. 😛


I’ve only played one mmorpg (SW:TOR) and many of the games I have played have had unusual items given and found. Everything from a rat tail to cow dung, all of which were ultimately useful for something. I don’t recall getting a living person though… except this one time I received a live pig, which I eventually turned in as part of a quest for a 500 gold reward.


I can’t see any of the pages anymore, since this update, did you change something about the site?

Stomme poes

I can’t see images in Opera anymore since the update, but some of my other browsers do. Not sure what kind of setting was added…

Stomme poes
I’ve checked everything I have as a setting in Opera, even allowing all cookies, all 3rd-party everythings, and I still don’t get the comic image. When I load the page with my profiler open, everything loads, including project wonderful images and craploads of tracking images and stuff from I think livejournal. But no comic. When I try to select the image itself at address navcomic.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/2-Page142.png and “Show Resource” the server tells my browser that the image has moved permanently: 301 Moved Permanently Moved Permanently The document has moved [link] href=”http://navcomic.com/ here [endlink]. However if I try to Show Resource for,… Read more »
I have been really enjoying this comic from the beginning, but I do not normally post comments on things. I know that you are constantly improving your art skills. This is very admirable, and in that vein, I offer the following critique, if it even is one because I do not know if it is a style choice or not. In “Reality” “Life” and “The Game,” all of the characters hands are too small in proportion to the rest of their bodies, but it is especially noticeable when their hands are next to their head. I do not know if… Read more »