Good news Kat! EVERYONE ON YOUR TEAM IS EVIL….except you. Now don’t you feel special?

Love this comic soooo much. I kinda hope she ends up being the only good person on an evil team – it’d make for good ratings for sure.


Bobby nails it on the head: We still don’t know how Danni will handle the fiendi attack, etc…so we only know that 3 of the teammembers are arguably evil/selfish/immoral.

As much as I’m eager to see more and more and more of the Game, I am quite enjoying these “re-takes” of each teammember’s initial visit. Each time we see something new, something different; even Kat’s perspective, while a repeat of dialogue, is freshened by her awareness of the underlying code. (I also love how it’s nothing like the streaks-o-raining-characters like in the Matrix. Indeed, the few times we have seen the actual underlying code, it looks more like modern coding languages, offset paragraphs of parsed instructions.) …I’m also tempted to start laying bets on how long it’ll take Danni… Read more »

Is it just me, or does that forest have an eyeball in hacker vision?

The way those vines are coiled, it’s possible Kleya/Kat was looking for some non-lethal way to deal with the Fiendi, like tying it up. She seems to have a self-imposed ban on attacking anything…. At least this will probably be an unusual enough solution to get her some positive viewer attention.

Random guy

Or negative, since pacifists aren’t what spectators of fighting matches, adventures etc would like to see. Or at least not for long, once novelty will pass.

Orange Blossom's Violist
Orange Blossom's Violist

I don’t think that’s an eye. I think it could be the forest’s Wild Esone that the Villager talked about earlier.




Sounds like she wants to skip the tutorial.


Did I miss something?




I’m calling that she tries to befriend it coz it’ll be harder and be more heroic. 🙂


Kill it by hitting it with the boy!!!

Harry Fox

That 1st panel is amazing!


My. She sounds bored! I wonder whether she will get over her hero complex later in the story. Probably or at last modify it.


How surprising that Kat isn’t surprised by the tutorial being exactly as she remembers it being scripted. Kat’s enuii is totally palpable.


Nooo! In the future, game devs still make use of the same dreaded method of making you pay attention to the story! …It’s… it’s… unskippable!


Don’t sweat the art quality too much. Remember that a lot of your readers started following this comic back when the art was a lot worse – ie not for the fancy backgrounds.


its crazy how a majority of everyone on the team is evil or borderline evil lol we dont know how Danni did and i assume that Kat is going to be GOOD. So im thinkin this team right smack dab in the middle of neutrality.

I do believe that by going this route, individually assigning alignments instead of pre-selecting it as a group, it will spike viewer interest. Particularly if Kat and Danni are “good” aligned and Bandit, Dude, and Jane are “evil” aligned, for this means that there will be constant conflict between the members of the group; they’re not acting with a premade cohesive agreement. Danni may be self-focused upon the troubles of her own reality-situation (who wouldn’t be, if they had just this one chance to stay alive), but I don’t think of her as selfish. She doesn’t want Kat to lose… Read more »
Iron Ed

@Jean – I like your logic. Interesting read.


I’m loving being able to see your improvement in drawing every page, this one is especially pretty for some reason…

Librari the Wizard

Mhmm, backgrounds can be a chore. But you’re doing well, keep at it! 😀


Easy to kill, but Kleya is trying to be nonviolent…