Heroic intervention needed within half a second. Any takers?

This is viewable for the public, thus Jane must maintain her image of insanity…

Sir Read-a-Lot

Seems like Kleya is doing a little sequence breaking.

Also, Jane and Kleya have different opinions on what kind of team this is going to be.


Kleya has nothing to do with this


Read a lot means that they disagree with each other. Not the other way around.

Sir Read-a-Lot

What I meant was that Kleya is probably going after the wild Esone. Of course that means she’s skipping the part where she finds out that she needs to get the Esone.


Well, I’m not too proud to say I was dead wrong on this one.

Yes, the first panel did turn out very well, I agree. 🙂 Love the eyes and brows expressing her concern, the tilt of her head. The last panel…is scary. The eyes of the NPC are well-done with showing her sudden fear, and make me think of the way L.i.F.E. is drawn…which makes me think this isn’t a reaction the NPC makes very often. It also pretty much confirms (as far as cliffhangers go) that Jane’s picking the Villain’s Path. I am honestly curious to see how each member of the 5-man team reacts to this NPC’s request, IF each one… Read more »

*I just realized you did a really good job… Blrf. Somehow a word got erased, there. I’ll blame it on a super-volcano erupting. 😉


Yup, looks like the calls on her going for evil alignment are adding up.


you and the npc misaprehend. she is saying she’ll help. jsut creepy


Shouldn’t it be, “I, Jane….”? (I’m assuming “can give no mean” translates to “can’t put up a fight.”)


I think it means an NPC can give no meaning for Jane


Mean is a term that is this case means resources, or an advantage. ie, do you have the means to do this.


Jane needs to take some lessons.


I think when Jane is uttering her rhymes she is speaking a more archaic form of English. Don’t take what she says on the value of today’s definitions.


So that’s where she keeps her blade.


Betwixtd? Lol


Well someone isn’t doing what she probably should do.


Somehow, I get the feeling that Jane isn’t going to get to keep being the leader.


I just knew Jane was going to pull off something like this.


Looks like she is attacking, but hopefully she’ll be stopped. Bad Jane! I feel like someone will say “Well durr” to that, but I wasn’t sure if she had standards or not.


Ah, now it becomes clear. Glorious sequence breaking by Kat, I’m sure that won’t cause problems.


Jane obviously keeps on doing her own way.

Those will be interesting adventures this group will have. Of that I’m sure. 😀

Actually, considering this group is NOT agreeing upon their party alignment by mutual consent, but rather discerning that alignment on a purely individual basis…this may actually make their group far, far more interesting than the standard groups already in the game. We *know* there are lots of Hero groups, and there are some Villain groups (a la “there’s too many hero groups already!” from one of the game-entry-point crowd scenes earlier), but Sandra’s speech made it clear their alignments were set prior to entering the game. Everyone knows that all 5 members of each team agreed to go Hero or… Read more »

Silly Jane…NPC’s are exactly where everything comes from…You can’t get quest rewards from players.


Depends on whether or not player-characters are lootable…a very Villain-aligned act. >.>*


Good point. But we have next to no information on what is entailed in playing the Game. Best to wait and see when hints and such are dropped.


Me Jane, you Tarzan.


Man, jane is mean lol yes they are NPCs but i always help them out, i think my d*** morality meter kickin me in the face every time i play a video game. But i think she is going to leave the little boy alone, i have this feeling….well, i hope so


“bewixt the two of us”… I say she gives the NPC the blade and tells her to go do it herself.


I wouldn’t have thought of that myself, but I
think Syn’s comment is right on the money.




jane seems more neutral than evil mostly




I am more of the mind of Jane enslaving the NPC to get a party started so as to better do the quest. Maybe I am wrong, but I kinda see Jane as being an anti-hero. Does good things in a way that makes you question whether she is worse than the villains.


Oh PLEASE don’t be evil Jane! Be good but scary as all out get out! To the point where people aren’t sure they WANT you to save them!!!

Love the little rhyme… Scared silly, but for all the wrong reasons. Can’t wait to see what happens next!


jane has means to do quest but doesn’t care. npc cares but has no means.

now npc has the blade and can do it herself 🙂


I can believe this.

Well, I understand that there is a certain type of MMO player who gets their jollies out of killing quest-giving NPCs when it’s possible to do so. I admit the mindset eludes me, but it seems to partly having to do with not being willing to ‘play along’ with NPCs and treating them as background scenery at best and targets for sadistic urges at worst. Plus there’s the whole griefing other players deal. The more I see Jane the more I wonder about her. Is she really as crazy as she looks? Because she seems to have cultivated the persona… Read more »

Sanity is just the ability to recognize and understand social norms. So, as Jane has said, it is relative. But I believe Jane is definitely desperate. To the point where she is unstable. A person pushed into a corner, put in a position to lose everything, is the most dangerous.
Now that I think about it, more than a few members of the party fit in the desperate category, don’t they?

Stig Hemmer

“We’ve run out of malerve” Want to bet that the stuff Kleya was picking up under the floating island was “malerve”?


I just discovered this comic a few days ago. I’m looking forward to seeing how the game pans out.

Orange Blossom's Violist
Orange Blossom's Violist

Hey! She continues with the bewitched nursery rhymes.

It took me a while to remember it, but here’s her rhyme this time:
“Jack Sprat could eat no fat.
His wife could eat no lean.
And so between them both, you see,
They licked the platter clean.”


Good catch! Confirms what others have noted, she likes to speak in nursery rhymes.

oo! I like where this is going. A quick correction if I may, it should be “I, Jane” not “Me” – even with the sing-songy childrens rhyme going it seems strained. To be honest, this rhyme feels pretty strained over all. It took me a while to understand what “give no mean” meant. I see how it was all meant to be a play on “give a care” but it didn’t quite fly if you asked me. Considering this is a character that talks in all rhymes, I’m impressed what you’ve done with her thus far, and this is honestly… Read more »

Question. Weren’t they not supposed to have weapons for the intro?


weapons only, no specials. but you can complete it without fighting


I hated Jane’s ryme in this one, sorry mate would be happy if at some later date you thought of a better one and fixed it. Love the comic though, one of the few i still regularly check for updates.


After reading the context i feel better, but have no way to remove previous comment. I still say it sounds rlly stupid if you don’t get the reference.