I’m not expecting Jane to leave any NPC alive for the rest to help. Meaning we are doomed to be a villain team…


I had the same thought, but I think that each of them is going through the tutorial solo. That being the case, Jane can’t stop any of the others from playing as they see fit. Until they begin the game proper, anyway.


I don’t think so! Jane has kids, so I think she’ll be a big softie in this situation.


Yeaaaaahhhh…no. She would see the NPCs as having a trivial problem. Remember where she is coming from. Her situation is desperate. These people obviously are not in immediate threat of expiring.


…and then Jane murdered everyone.


wow…this looks so awesome, like an anime!


Yesssss… Help. >_>

As Aneeka has stated, this comic marks the first time that a small child appears in the comic. I have a sneaking suspicion that this will soon be followed up by the first brutal murder of a small child, next update.


And then she killed all of them.


Unfortunately, dear lady, I think you misinterpret the way this is going to go. 🙁


Ooh, this would be perfect to switch to see now Bandit or The Dude handles this, then of course Danni…and maybe Kat…and THEN get back to see how Bloo–er, Jane handles it. (Somehow I suspect she’s aiming for the Villain side of the spectrum, lol…)

….Though I wouldn’t mind continuing with this scene to see how Jane handles the woman’s request for help.


Yes. She certainly looks like sombody who came to help.

Dear Bluey

I can just imagine the “help” Jane would provide. Perhaps slaughtering the NPC’s to “end their suffering”.


It looks more like the wisp is asking for help to get away from Jane. XD


I agree. I think that is the joke 🙂


Ha ha! That was my first thought too! Thank goodness for panel 3!


Same thought here. It is bad if you can only communicate in a single word + sign.


I somehow doubt that Jane will help this woman…


Found this yesterday, can’t read I’ve finally read them all, can’t wait til Friday


I guess this next comic will show how much of a villain Jane is going for. I think there was a comic that said she was nice when she wasn’t in character. I do hope she only slaughters hostile NPCs. The wisp probably means “help me!”, not “I brought help!”.


I’ll bet Jane will surprise most of us here. Given that she speaks in nursery rhymes, I think it would be quite fitting if she turned out to be very nurturing and sweet around children. Sweet, with her own unique flair, that is.


Bellatrix Lestrange spoke childishly as well, she also had a history of violence and blood that she was convicted for like Jane along with having a few nieces and nephews. She liked torturing small children for fun, slaughtering the innocent because of racist view, killing babies, taking over the world, torturing friendly minor characters and generally being evil and insane. The way some one talks is not necessarily a good judge of character.


Run away! RUN AWAY!!


Not help for you, help for me! Help me!!

Martin Eden

The art in the game pages is so beautiful. I love the light and shadows in this scene.


Everyone expects Jane to kill the NPCs. Therefore she’s not going to.


So, I decided to look at some of the first pages ever published and then look at these more recent ones… The drawings have gotten better.


If her kids are watching, and she has any maternal instinct at all, I would say the NPC is safe from a slashing. However, it would be interesting to see her help the woman and still stay in character. After all, her battle with Kat, she seemed like she was acting in character. I would say she’ll either walk away, or something


Then again…after a second look…the last panel could be foreshadowing a massacre…


On the other hand, I don’t think we know the “condition” of her children. Depending on just how sane Bloody Mary is, her kids might actually just be two corpses or the remains of her children. On the mysterious third hand, her kids might be comatose or too young to actually help with her family’s survival. Perhaps they are incapable of watching her for one reason or another.


That’s what I’d like to see – helping in character. I see her addressing a fairly minor problem in a brutally disproportionate manner.


I just don’t see Jane as the “cut down the defenseless” type. Everyone we know of that she has attacked was a Player, able to defend themselves, and she seems to have a completely different attitude toward those being threatened by other circumstances. I think she’ll help the villagers… in her own spooky way. 😉


u know im kinda wondering if she decides to help the woman, thereby surprising all of us lol She is a mother herself (a theory that may be proven wrong)


Huh… Yah know. IF Jane really is Bloody Mary…. She might just decided to play the evil looking hero to distance herself from her old persona. I mean she HAS to realize that she’s already played the evil scary lady for all of its worth.

Then again her treatment of the wisp doesn’t inspire much hope.


Consider the situation with the vote to kick her out, the comment was “i reset as requested” or something along these lines. While the persona is creepy, what if we have another ‘reformed’ player ? Mind you, not hardcore-reformed, but a creepy-but-cool-not-exactly-pure-white-hero-reformed. Sounds plausible. 😉

Sue Doe Nym

I am so obsessed with this comic, and excitedly waiting for the next page. Why do I have the feeling that Blo–Jane is going to kill her (or something like that).

Sue Doe Nym

Oh by the way I love your art. All of it. I am worse than Kat when it comes to drawing XD I love where they are in the game (tutorial). It’s beautiful. The first panel in the page right after your loading joke (I got the joke ahaha!) is arguably my favorite panel in the comic. One of Kat’s rare smiles.


Everyone seems to think she’s either going to brutally murder everyone, or be a big softie…. there is obviously no middle ground when Jane is involved.