‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 263


Thanks to the Wisp Express, Jane arrives first.


Also, this page makes Volume 2 officially longer than Volume 1. Still a large chunk to go through, too!

Oh, and I'll be at Intervention in Rockville, MD, next week with said Volume 1 plus art prints and buttons. If you're in the area, come and say hi!


and Jane is Canadian!
…wait a minute …she’s the insane one


Jane has arrived first, but is she surprised about where she has landed? Or just that she got there so quickly?

Fire Hazard

Surprised by the sudden downward gravitational effect, I’d say


With Haz on this. She wasn’t really watching where she was going so when she got there and it forced her to not float she was surprised.


Aaaaand, once they reach land they can’t fly, that little detour made earlier makes more sense now.


Are they all in the same tutorial world, or is it separate for everyone? Because it appears as though Jane’s noticing something below, just before arriving to the island, as though she’d seen Kat disappear into the roots of the island.


Everyone is in their own tutorial world as it was never made to deal with more than one person at a time. This MIGHT get confusing when we really start leaping between the five of them and see each of them handle each problem in their own way so it’s something to keep in mind as we see more and more of this.

Sandra said each person would go through it on their own as an individual, not as a group…though that doesn’t preclude the idea that Jane has someone feeding her information from Kat’s trip (and the others’ attempts), or maybe she’s set up some sort of ghostly overlay/visual of what Kat and the others are doing…which is what I’d do, as a group leader. I’d want to know how my party members were faring. Aneeka, here’s a possible suggestion: if you ended volume 2 with that double splash page of Kat floating in the aether after being uploaded, it would make… Read more »

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