Awww and her little Mae and Mina dolls!


Nice vignettes– they sum up the personalities of the different players so well. 😉

Can one be a Hero “for a fee”?


Yes. But it’s not very heroic.


Think of him as a hero for hire. He will help, but will expect a reward for doing so.


I just found this and read through the whole thing. I love the story and can’t wait to see more!

Okay, so Bandit is being a Mercenary, which could go either way on the alignment of Hero vs. Villain… and Jane is being…well, a titch Villainous… The Dude seemed to be chillaxin’, but he could go either way. Danni will probably strive for a Good Guy personality, and we know that’s Kat’s aim in the Game, to be a Hero instead of a Villain. I can see this group being a Hero group, but there’s still wiggle-room for it to turn into a Villain group (and if it does, Kat will probably Have Problems With That)…but I’m hoping for a… Read more »

I don’t think Jane is being villainous. She’s “following” the same wisps as Bandit, presumably because she’s agreed to help them. She just has this very dangerous persona to maintain.


Grabbing a wisp doesn’t really decide your morality. Although it may help get a boost on the process. I am feeling that the group will end up being…like the weirdest adoptive family ever. Each one will have their own morality and not a one will lead to being either “hero” or “villian” as a group. Which may be for the best.


How about an anti-hero group? One that isn’t exactly all good-guys but still on the good side…..


Ooh, I like the way you think! That might actually draw even more interest, because the viewers would constantly be on edge, “Are they gonna act heroic this time, or are they going to do something dubious??”


ok that sounds like something closer that is going to happen, i dont get the entire good angle from this group. As most of them look neutrally chaotic lol


oh, oh that does sum it up rather well. Chaotic alignment for the win!


A group that would end up with a chaotic good alignment should get a bit more popularity. Randomness and suspense does drive ratings.



Cyberpunk Eevee

Die! Die die die die!



I think that sums up my reaction to the Wisp Express 😀


Same reaction 🙂


I wonder how well the Game reacts to the random, violent or players who think ‘creatively’? Do NPCs react in a human manner or are they locked to a set script?

Orange Blossom's Violist
Orange Blossom's Violist

I would assume that they react to random, violent players the same way that they’ll react to Jane.
With the only difference being that Jane isn’t randomly violent; she’s intentionally violent and random.

I think they also have very detailed scripts. Being NPCs, they do have scripts and situations to which they respond. However, D and The Bandit’s Trollbots are both NPCs with insanely complex coding that allows them to have their own personality and even pass off as real people. I imagine the NPCs would be exactly the same – detailed, complex, and with their own personalities.


Well based off what we’ve seen so far I’d say it’s too high to tell. The wisp has the ability to react creatively and with the fact that the players have full control over their body you’d need everyone to react creatively to be able to deal with players. There is also still stuff out there that we don’t understand like that brief glimpse of a golden dragon trying to get Kat to hack once so it’s likely intelligent ai are real in this world.


I like Jane. Serious comical morbid relief.


Hmm. She has her dolls – I thought specials were disabled for the tutorial? I’m gonna guess that her “messy programming” exploited a glitch in the game. Badly written software has a habit of breaking the boundaries set by their host processes.


Her special uses the dolls, the dolls are not the special. There is no spoon.

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Hello! I have just discovered this comic thanks to a shiny “click me!” at the top of the Minecraft wiki’s main page. (Ads are wonderful sometimes, aren’t they?) I’ll be coming back here to keep up with the story, definitely. :3 It’s amazing how the contrast of detail level makes clear which world we’re looking at. I really like the gritty, much more realistic art style for Reality. For some reason, it takes me back to playing Chrono Trigger in my childhood. 2300 A.D. was always my favourite time period, even though it was a bleak and depressing setting. Oh,… Read more »
Librari the Wizard

Wait, that was the Mabinogi wiki. They both start with M :<


Wait… That’s it? Nooo…. I just read through the whole comic… I guess I’m now stuck waiting for the next upload like the rest of the world.
Just wanna say it’s been a great read so far, and I love it. 🙂
Great comic.


Hey! I just found your comic this weekend through the project wonderful ads that run on other comic sites. (I came here either through Girl Genius or I Want You to Feel the Pressure.) Fantastic stuff!! I couldn’t put the story down- it’s really addictive!

Can’t wait to see more of The Game and Reality! 😀


I hear the wisps as the birds saying “turn back” in Raven’s head from that one episode of Teen Titans.


Like, the highest pitched one is the voice I hear most often for the wisps.