Helpful Kat is helpful. Mind you she has to explain how she knows this. I really hope Danni isn’t all, I don’t need your help I can do this all on my own.


Given her incredibly low popularity score, she probably can’t do it on her own…


Kat knows the Tutorial?! I wonder if she developed the game…


I think that is what’s been implied she was one of the early testers of The Game before The Ending. mentions that they did test fights.


I can’t get over how CUTE Kat is. These last few pages are more addicting than usual just because I wanna see more Kat 🙂

Loving the new design!

Techno Gray

I agree with this.


😆 Ha! I love Kleya’s little sidle up to Danni to give her a clue. Well done, Kleya, keep being a good friend. 😀


Yay, comic 2^8. It’s alsmost like 200 or 300, just in binary.

And apparently Kleya tries to help with small hints. But I guess a hero can cheat, if it is for a friend.


I think Kleya is just helping a friend. She has prior knowledge so she will use it to help her friend to success. Its not like she won’t use said knowledge to her benefit as well.

The Merry Lurker

It’s nothing Danni wouldn’t know if she’d played the tutorial before. The Dude, Bandit, and Jane are all obviously second-timers. Would using their meta-knowledge be cheating?


Doubtful. Its the same as reading a guide in my mind. Takes some of the fun and adventure out of it, but makes things easier.


The Game is also broadcast to the public.
So, it is feasible to say it is public knowledge.


Oh my, Kat’s revealing that she knows more about the Game than she let on. Did she help to design it?


Maybe she is sharing her knowlage of the tutorial with Danni? She did have to go through it at one point


Was it deliberate that Kleya waited until Sandra logged out to start giving hints to Danni, or is the head twitch in the second panel her belated realization that she had a way to help? She is risking her cover with these hints, after all.


She was waiting till everyone else was distracted. Remember, Kleya trusts few and cannot afford to have people she doesn’t like/trust suspect how deep her knowledge goes.


Everyone is so pretty and I’m enjoying this storyline so much. Eee.

Kleya’s breaking the masquerade~


Is that considered cheating? Also, I think Keyla and Danni will do heroic stuff, while Jane does villina’s stuff. It definitly would be an interesting conflict if Keyla and Danni were hero’s in a villian group


Jane will prolly be a villain. Her outlook seems too dark for her to be helpful. Dude and Bandit…Dude will prolly flop around like a carp and get a random alignment. Bandit likely knows just as much as Kleya so he will get exactly the alignment he wants and look good doing it. Kleya will go for hero alignment. Danni…that is the real question, now isnt’t it? Which way will she go?
I think they will end up being a band of misfits. Just seems to be the only thing that will…fit.

I think it would be more interesting if Jane acts like a vigilante hero, and Dude ends up cast as a selfish, small-minded villain. 😉 It will be interesting to see how Bandit decides to play it. I’m betting he’ll end up on the hero side, as well… I think at heart he wants to be doing the right thing, even though we’ve seen him in several ethically questionable situations so far. Kleya will likely have some trouble sticking to her heroic intentions if/when she comes up against aggravating challenges in the tutorial that she never agreed with in the… Read more »

Hahaha, I remember that one. Kirk would be a vigilante hero for sure. Bandit and Dude are actually a bit to ambiguous to nail down right now. But I have to wonder if Bandit won’t go villain thinking Kleya will as well. I like your assessment of Jane. She does seem like a vigilante, doesn’t she? Kinda like Batman!


Dude should have a new name: Doomed. Or maybe the “Doomed Dude”.


I LOVE the Dude. He is THE BEST comic relief.

Also, I went to vote today, and since I never registered, I had to tell them the name of a character. Guess who it was?

Kleya. I think that is a little funny, considering I was voting for NAV.


that is interesting, but every hero knows, to do a good thing helps you score points but man…Kleya was too specific. i have this feeling that Danni is goin to find out with all these little helpful hints that Kleya is more than what she says. She probably will find out and keep it a secret, and why? They are becoming close friends


It is predictable, but it won’t go smoothly. Remember Danni’s outburst about hackers.

John Tippin

The author might pull a twist and Kat has to choose between throwing danni under the bus or being exposed!


That is a possible scenario, or something like that. She will always be balancing what she wants to do to help with what is safe for her to do and won’t break her resolution.


I *really* like Kat’s haircut.

A Fish

I really like how you’ve developed your art style over the course of the comic. It looks awesome!


Ha! Kleya has a cape!


I thought Jane said that her weapon wouldn’t stick to her back in this server. Why can we see her weapon on her back then?

Techno Gray

Good question…