‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 252


Yay! Their new outfits are revealed at last!


It's actually just one panel (out of 7) blown up. The page didn't split well so I figured the first panel would do well on its own and you could all enjoy the outfits in a larger shot.

It's now a full page! My first splash page. Awesome!!

Also, the fan comic and the deletables will be moved into the Extras section. I just don't currently have the time to arrange it all quite yet. But don't worry! They'll show up there eventually.

Oh, and the vote incentive shows a poster I did two months ago of Danni's new outfit.

I think turning the panel into a splash page works really well. I appreciate the larger view of the outfits Kleya looks really… adorably cute in this. I am not sure about anyone else but *I* find that incredibly disturbing. Kleya couldn’t pull off the personality implied by those looks if her life depended on it. Making her a tiny little small breasted thing with short hair and puppy eyes. Not to mention an uncharacteristically happy look just make her seem so appealing… I imagine that will only last until she starts talking though. Then the ice queen will emerge.… Read more »
Techno Gray

I agree with all of this.

I think you kinda have the wrong idea about Kleya, Toma. She is standoffish because she is afraid of giving herself away. As testified by Bandit, she was a way more happy and outgoing person before…things. I suspect that with the influence of actual friends, and other people who care about her, she will start acting something less like an evil overlord and more like a real person. The rare sad smiles she allows to grace her face are proof she is a better person than she is letting others see. Think of her as a wounded baby bird who… Read more »
First off, while Kleya was happier when she was younger, she was NEVER a cute girl. Not in personality or looks. That is not who Kleya is. Even if all the problems she currently suffer goes away, she still will not have a cute girl personality. She isn’t some meek and agreeable person that needs or wants someone to take care of her. Which is what her current look would suggest to me. She’s a gamer, with an overbearing personality that gets her own way. Even back then, Kleya was utterly obsessed about winning, just like now, and I doubt… Read more »
I think you are wrong. Kleya was a cheerful and happy girl back then, and kind of cute, even though with the whole post-apocalyptic thing going on, humans might not look as cute and healthy than before, as seen here: http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-243/ Also, the whole post-apocalyptic thing might change the point “You don’t get to be one of the greatest hacking geniuses in the world before getting out of puberty by having an active social life”. Social life is quite different in this society. She lost her parents, we still don’t know how. It’s said she somehow killed her mother. I… Read more »
I prefer this photo. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2105962765/not-a-villain-book-1/posts/247398 Author’s Quote: ” She also has no qualms showing her natural devious side since everything was still going great at that time.” Devious side. Because she likes doing things her way. So much so that when fighting in the game, no one could touch her. Like some untouchable queen… She’s a type A personality. Not type B and I don’t know what you mean by social life being different. It means hanging around people and not letting your job/hobby become your life. There is nothing in the link you provided that said she does much… Read more »
The Merry Lurker

I don’t think the smile is from the Avatar, I think it’s in response to seeing Danni.

And though the sweet and nice avatar may not be the best reflection of her usual attitudes, you have to remember that the whole point of her even being in the game is to prove that she can BE someone who IS so sweet and nice. She wants to be a hero.

As an aside, I can’t wait to see Kleya’s Stubborn Look on that adorable face.

I never said otherwise Merry. I’m very aware that Kleya has an emotional investment in Danni at this point. Danni is the very first person that Kleya has managed to save in the entire time she’s been down here. First by partnering up with her to become contestants with the game, then saving her from those wretched twin-bots, making a special for her, helping her get a spot on the Game and defending her from fans that feel she took WaterMan’s spot. All this makes keeping Danni’s good will to be extremely important to Kleya. So when Danni is happy,… Read more »

It doesn’t fit her actual personality, but it fits the personality she wants to portray.


It’s very beautiful.

This seems to fit very beautifully as a page by itself.

Will it stand alone? It would be a shame to lose the blown-up detail. Kat/Kleya’s cloth’s wrinkles are very well-drawn around the waist.


Awww, Kleya smiles. <3


Kat… she has… FINGERS!
*DUN DUN DUUuuun…*

Danni looks very dynamic, in both the poster and the above comic. These outfits fit them very well, Kat’s outfit doesn’t ‘scream for attention’, which I think is exactly what she wants. Pink, yet somehow not showy.


Danni looks so hay and Kat’s smile is so cute. X3
This is adorable. πŸ˜€
Single panel blown up for the win!


Hey, look at Kat smiling, don’t see that very often


Dani looks good, but Kleya look wonderful, especial the hair and her smile. πŸ™‚


Nuuu where’s da tail?!


I think this makes a perfect splash page on its own. Any chance you can fill in with something else the rectangle it would otherwise have occupied, before posting the next page?


First comment for me, and all I have to say is wow. Just…wow. Both of them look awesome, you did a really good job. Bravo.

Long Time Lurker

Just here to say, they look AWESOME!!
*fades out*


Actually this “panel” works perfectly as a page on it’s own.
Danni somewhat steals Kleya the show, but then again Kleyya does not really want to stick out too much.
Any chance we can get a group shoot with all of them at once? Maybe as a poster/background graphic?


I also have to say: Really nice Art Evolution (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ArtEvolution) since the first comic.


Kleya… so… cute…

*Hnngh* (collapse)


Aww. πŸ™‚ It’s great to see Danni so happy.

Kleya’s avatar looks a bit plain by comparison to the others. At a guess, Paddy got frustrated with the design constraints…..


Makes me think of the water benders from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Like what they would wear if they lived in a warmer client instead of at the north and south pole. And kat’s looks like a nice update. She looks… kinda oddly shy actually.


Cause she is being shy. Just cause Kleya is proud doesn’t mean she isn’t worried about how she will be received. Bet that if she gets compliments she doesn’t outwardly acknowledge them in a positive manner, while being secretly pleased.


Kleya looks pretty cute and white-magey in that outfit πŸ™‚


Kat is sooooo cute!

Phil B

D’awwww.. cute kitty!… umm.. Kat… umm..Kleya.



Dropping by to join the voices saying it looks good. Because it does.


I really love how Kat turned out.

Also, is she short? Nice touch!

Techno Gray

Can we get a side-by-side of the old avatars vs. the new ones?


That’d be cool to see actually.


Gaaaah, so perfect! Well done!


This page is great on its own, really gives you a nice detailed view you can think of later when looking at the smaller panels.

Cubic John

Love the new avatars! Nice job, especially making a decent-looking outfit within Kleya’s ridiculous restrictions!


Oh, my! SOOO CUUTE! *Brain explodes*

I really love the new look for both of them. They both really fit the characters!


Sooo Cuute!




I agree with everyone, for a reveal like this, the splash panel is great. They both look great, glad to see Danni is happy with hers.
I can’t really tell if Kleya’s smile is genuine or a design in the avatar (Paddy did say he’d make her the ‘nicest’ avatar). And I see Paddy managed to work out a compromise with the use of white in the costume. Can’t wait to see what Kleya’s real reaction to the costume is.


This is so amazing! They both look great, and as much as I love the outfits, I think the hair is the best part for both!

Mary Shoup

Can we get this panel as a background, sans text? Please?!

I was worried that the guest artist design would spoil the official new design for me. It totally didn’t!!! The guest artist (I don’t remember the name and I can’t find the page where the comics are stored) gave us something that really fit everything we know of Kleya. But this design makes perfect sense! This is the design that Paddy sees in her. And the design that Kleya sees as her goal. In other words, the guest artist did an amazing job, but the official design is perfect fit for the plot! Awesome job nailing it!!!!
Techno Gray

You know, to paraphrase Doctor Who: “It’s funny. You don’t know what [the new avatar will look like] until you see it, then you realise it could have never been anything else.”


It’s wonderful! Danni is great and Kleya is cute!

But will there be no changes in the outfit of Bloody M… I mean, Jane?

Techno Gray

I forget where it was said, but no, Jane does not get a redesign.


Out of curiosity, is Kat/Kleya’s costume at all inspired by the classic White Mage robe from Final Fantasy? Don’t ask me how, but I’m getting that kind of vibe from it (it’s probably the white-pink pattern of the torso piece).


Their feet seem small in proportion to their body. Is this intentional?


Hehehe! Kleya looks like a kitten!

I realize it’s probably a perspective thing, but Kleya looks tiny compared to Danni, especially her waist. Her head seems just a little too big for that *tiny* body.


I went to look back at Kley’s first outfit Paddy designed for her and I can’t find it or the one where Dude teases Bandit for his attraction.
Where is it?

Bubbleing Mud Heads

Awwwwww……. You didn’t keep the tail…. The tail was nice! and it went so well with the ears…… ah, well…..



1 issue: Kleya’s feet are really small (to quote Julia Roberts: “… your foot’s as long as your elbow to your wrist.”)


(Sorry this is a late comment.) I am definitely loving what you did with their outfits, and Danni’s hair! You can’t exactly have two girls with pink hair, the red color looks very nice with the flowy blue dress.