‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 251


I'm frantically getting this up before my flight leaves since I doubt I'll have much of a coherent brain when this finally posts. But I got two panels done! Yay me! 😀

EDIT: Okay, I removed Bandit's random Yoda mod speech. He should sound more like himself now.

And, during the fan comic, some asked about Osaaru's other work. All I know is that she has a DA page that she rarely updates. She's also sent me a variety of fan art found here.

I think there were other questions asked but I can't remember them right now. I'm operating on about 4 hours of sleep in the past 36 hours at the moment. Whee....

EDIT AGAIN: Full page is up! Yay!


you may want to fix Bandit’s sentencing…. “Ah, so they have to the crowd fight through.” I really think it should be “Ah, so they have to fight through the crowd” period or question mark behind it, not sure…. could be a statement or a question no clue how you wanted it…


I believe there’s a syntax error in Bandit’s last speech bubble in the first panel. “They have to the crowd fight through”, seems like you were halfway between “have the crowd to fight through” and “have to fight through the crowd” and wound up mixing them by accident.


Unless Bandit is suddenly going for a Yoda vibe, you may want to change his last line in the first panel to “Ah, so they have to fight the crowd to get through” or something like that.


In the first panel like Yoda does Sandra speak.

Awkward does “Ah, so they have to the crowd fight through” sound.


*bows* I am, as it happens, a new reader. Loving the comic so far!


Yay! Update! I liked the fan art. It was very good. But I’m glad the comic is back too. 🙂

The Merry Lurker

Welcome back, Aneeka!


Wow! It’s been a while since I checked out this comic. I love the story so far and the information about this event slowly filtering through to us is great. I can’t wait to find out more. 🙂

The faces in that last panel look… awful. Maybe they are slightly more ‘realistic’ but I don’t think that it’s ‘better’ art by any stretch of the word. I can understand if you’re trying several style shifts in an attempt to pin down a happy medium, but if THIS is actually the style that stays I’ll probably actually have to quit reading this comic… or figure out how to do it without actually looking at it. Pff… Since I feel like I should also give some constructive criticism beyond ‘don’t do this’ I’ll say this: The outlines in the later… Read more »
I don’t think it is nearly as bad as all that. In fact, from having read a -ton- of other long running webcomics, this actually seems to be roughly the style that someone gets into as they’re trying to make a switch from a fairly simple art style, to a much more impressive one. The transition usually takes a few months as the artist gets more comfortable with the new style, and while that transition might in some ways be worse than what it was before, the end results are generally quite impressive. I would however agree, you might want… Read more »
Clarification: The upper portion of The Dude’s face (above the cheekbone) does appear odd somehow. Perhaps the eyes are too large, or out of proportion. The curved, left section of the nose/nostrils did seem fine at first glance, but covering them up, the faces do look far better or more aesthetic without them. The Bandit’s head is positioned oddly because it is tilted too far downwards-reminiscent of a shy person holding his/her chin too tightly/close to the neck. Bandit’s hair is also falling slight strangely. Or, the curve of his face is strange – more feminine than usual. (This could… Read more »

The latter “half” of the page does appear to be drawn at a particular time, though. It’s got a rougher quality to it — perhaps when you returned? (The former “half” is fairly high-quality,)


:-). No harm (or very little) done. The flow is still beautiful. Like a small log-jostling eddy within the drumming of the river. Beautiful next page.


And you’ve still found another way to put off revealing their new avatars


I’m guessing the one laughing is Danni….


blast you and your catchy cliffhangers! *shakes fist* :]


had to laugh about the alt text. Yay for him being tall enough to reach the ground?


Aneeka, you little teaser you…


Ugh, I give up. That’s it; I’m seriously giving up. I’m never going to get to see the new avatars, ever. 🙁

Unless… that’s the whole point? Did Paddy just get so sick of the pink and yellow he gave up and made an invisible avatar? Would help with the whole nonviolence thing too.


So… Why do Danni and Kleya have to take the free entrance, but not Jane? Or is that why Jane arrived later than the others?


I don’t think Jane’s fans KNOW who she is outside of the game. Danni and Kleya both are known to their watchers outside of the game because Danni has a large following of private watchers simply because it’s the only way they’d get to see Kleya outside of the game. It should be noted, it’s likely the same for The Dude and The Bandit. So it’s probably much easier for Jane to slip into the game unnoticed around the crowd.