Oh gosh, he’s bringing back all of my Barney nightmares! D:

The Merry Lurker

Paddy just loooves to mess with people. I get the feeling that Paddy’s present for his wife is going to be either really embarrassing (Like.. fig-leaves and steam embarrassing <_< ), or something nice and mild and PR-friendly made to spare her poor nerves.

Also. The Dude's outfit… *like* So classy, I'm not even gonna' make fun of him for wearing an ascot. ^_^


Don’t judge Paddy by your standards. I suspect she will be very embarrassed, but it will be totally work safe. They obviously love each other, and teasing each other is apart of such.


a gift for his wife… please let it be safe for work…


Hahahaha, this proves to be quite interesting. Wanna see his avatar~!


A gift for his 60+ year old wife… probably what he looked like when they met (the man she fell in love with)


“How many avatars do you got?” Does The Dude has bad grammars, or is that a typo?

Just wanted to point that out. 🙂 Great comic as always.


People tend to lose their grammar (and possibly other things too) when shaken up.


Yeah, yeah… We want to see the other new avatars! 😉

Funny, I sort of expected tails on the back of the Dude’s coat….


I guess Paddy watched a lot of The Great Grape Ape episodes.


After seeing your artwork for the real time Kleya it’s so much more emotionally grabbing (I don’t know how to say it) not to know the real time appearance and environments of the other characters. More facts about Paddy’s health, for instance, and how he and his wife live. Amenities in Cities, and how they keep order (eep). oh wow


Holy mother, what in the name of the beholder is that thing!?