Yay, another natural, real smile from Kleya!

Love your comic Aneeka! Keep up the great work!


Gee, wonder if two people with similar life outlooks might become friends 😀

Danni might just be starting to understand Kleya a little bit.


Awww. 🙂

Maybe next time the subject comes up, Danni won’t be so quick to deny any friendship with Kleya.

So is this the real Game entrance? First time in? With new avatars? Will the whole team be in pink and yellow? 😉


IS… THAT… A… SMILE? o.O First time since I remember!


Ooh, is that the first real smile we’ve seen on Kleya’s face in the last panel? And by real smile I don’t mean the “gotcha!” smirk.


Nah. Remember when Mina thanked her for yelling at her own fans the first time around?


Sorta. It is not quite a smile, but more real than the smirks. And a hundred times more painful to look at. A heart felt expression reveals much of the person who offers it.


I like Kleya’s smile in this one a lot more… just seems more normal, more genuine.


I agree. I really like Kleyla’s face on this last page. Might be my favorite image of her so far. Definitely an ‘awww’ moment.


oooh love that smile.


What sane person?

Commen mistake, Danni. Kleya is not sane.


Have you learned nothing? Sanity is relative!


Only Jane is sane.

Mary Shoup

Not lessened at all – maybe even heightened by the fact that the last one was “She can smile or she used to” and now she’s proving she still does 🙂

Interesting sketch for the vote incentive…. There’s something interesting about Kleya’s phrasing here. “I didn’t want you to walk it alone” is probably not the way most people would have said it– “I didn’t think you’d want to walk it alone” would probably be more common. Kleya’s phrase is about her own wants, not Danni’s, and I think we tend to automatically reference the other person’s feelings in cases like this. Yet, I think Kleya’s phrasing is both more honest and more appropriate here. “I didn’t think you’d want…” both assumes the speaker knows the other’s wants, and puts the… Read more »

Bravery is not feeling fear(which is what fools do), but acting despite it. To know the risk, to know the very real chance of failure, and reaching forth anyway. Kleya is indeed very brave.

I agree with you train of thought on Kleya’s choice of words. She was simply stating how she felt, offering nothing else. It’s an incredible action for anyone, not just introverts like our Kleya. She revealed part of herself to Danni. Danni could have rejected what she saw of Kleya. She didn’t


Reading from the beginning. Pages 146 thru 153 appear to be missing.


That was a great little moment at the end. A real culmination of everything she has been trying to do.


Just a guess, but I think the vote incentive is Bandit’s and Dude’s reactions to Kleya’s avatar once she enters the game. I’m betting it looks ridiculous. Either that, or some other avatar-related mishap.


Pretty Eyes. <3