‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 234


Lots of ignoring going around.


Hopefully that doesn't happen with these two surveys!

I'll be attending Conduit in late May as a dealer. It'll be my first time doing such a thing and I'm a little overwhelmed. I would love if you could fill out this short survey and help me figure out my options!

This next survey is mainly for my international readers!

I will be in Ireland for a short while in June and, since international shipping is so pricey from the States, I thought I could bring some NAV books with me and mail them from Ireland. According to my research, it looks like it'll cost €4.50 to ship to Europe and elsewhere (including Australia!). That's about $6, waaaay better than the average $16 it's now costing here in the States.

I'm simply curious if anyone would be interested in this shipping option. If you could fill out this survey, whether you're interested or not, that would be of great help. Thanks!

Also, if anyone is an expert in shipping things from Ireland, please contact me. I have a bunch of questions I'd love to ask!

Thanks everyone!