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Lots of ignoring going around.


Hopefully that doesn't happen with these two surveys!

I'll be attending Conduit in late May as a dealer. It'll be my first time doing such a thing and I'm a little overwhelmed. I would love if you could fill out this short survey and help me figure out my options!

This next survey is mainly for my international readers!

I will be in Ireland for a short while in June and, since international shipping is so pricey from the States, I thought I could bring some NAV books with me and mail them from Ireland. According to my research, it looks like it'll cost €4.50 to ship to Europe and elsewhere (including Australia!). That's about $6, waaaay better than the average $16 it's now costing here in the States.

I'm simply curious if anyone would be interested in this shipping option. If you could fill out this survey, whether you're interested or not, that would be of great help. Thanks!

Also, if anyone is an expert in shipping things from Ireland, please contact me. I have a bunch of questions I'd love to ask!

Thanks everyone!


Kat looks somehow sad when Danni says they’re not friends. If she had a different opinion?

Filled out the International reader survey! What a pity that I was in Ireland last year and can’t visit again this year…

Fire Hazard

Is hair appearing as behind eyebrows and such a flaw in your animation, or an intentional decision on your part to represent flaws in the Game?


Neither is true, transparent hair over the face is a common comic and manga feature. I think it is done to allow the full facial expression to always show.

Stomme poes

It’s for some reason a design thing seen usually in manga/anime. You see it in other comics and animation now and then. I guess it’s, how can we show expressions while still having hair all in the face? I can’t make myself draw that way and I notice there’s usually less hair on the face because of it.


Now that Danni mentions it, I would like to know too.

Also, Anneka? It would be great if you could put some of the more recent incentives in the extras. there’s still a lot of them I haven’t seen and they’re probably hilarious. Just a suggestion.

No way Dude, she’s not going to hook up with a member of the evil empire! Plus, you’re friends with Bandit! On top of that, you are a guy. Men are all evil in this world… Except possibly Julius Sander and I have my eye on him too. For all I know, he’s just trying to build an Outsider army and that’s why he keeps helping the newbies. That said, Dude, you seem like a decent guy. You did try and ban Bloody Mary and I respect you for it. So *maybe* I can support your efforts if you drop… Read more »

Haha, she is famous, infamous, just in a ‘bad’ way.

Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special

“We’re not exactly friends” coupled with Kat’s sad face when that is said…

That’s so sad. Kleya thought she had a friend, and just got rejected.


Kleya isn’t being rejected here, Danni is just being insensitive. I doubt Danni doesn’t care about Kleya after she offered to drop out for her.


that might be the most reasonable explanation. which still isn’t that good but…well, it -is- Danni…


It’s slightly possible that Danni is actually trying to help Kleya by deflecting attention away from her. The Dude isn’t being very casual about his attempts to get information from her.


I like that theory on the merit it credits Danni with more consideration than the original…but its unlikely. Danni hasn’t shown much guile either so far, she is quite direct. of course they have known each other maybe a couple of weeks, so its not hard to believe Danni doesn’t really see them as friends yet. although its obvious that Kleya was hoping she might want to. I say the group gets nearly slaughtered in its first real confrontation cause of the trust issues they seem to be breeding like bunnies.


I think it’s been a few days, a week at the most actually.


Just filled out the international survey. Hope the information helps you Aneeka! 😀