I wonder what would happen if more attention was paid to making people’s lives better, rather than dumping resources into the game. Some made the comparison to Rome, but seems to have forgotten that the germanic barbarians sacked Rome after 300 years. A sacking which may have more in common with the end of days than not. Rome also collapsed from its rotten internal core which seems particularly accurate with the current status quo in the story.


…I think I’m starting to like Jane πŸ™‚

Techno Gray



anyone else read that like the rhyme?
Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.


considering the theme Jane seems to have…that makes sense. I can hear the cadence of her voice as she scorns poor Brandon.


Yesssss I’m not the only one! πŸ˜€

The Merry Lurker

I’m liking Jane more, the more I learn.

She’s the crazy villian who plays dirty in the all-important Game… but she’s also doing it to freaking SURVIVE as an outsider. Then we learn that she has kids to support, too, in all that… and with that kind of pressure on her, you KNOW it’s gotta be satisfying to knock down people like Dude and get paid for it.

Kind of cool, too, to think of Jane as the RL good-guy having to be the bad-guy in The Game, while the RL bad-guy (Kleya) uses it to try to be a hero.


I mostly agree. Jane/Bloody Mary isn’t really mad, it’s an act to scare her opponents (and it’s pretty much working).

The only thing on wich I don’t agree with you is that Kleya is the RL bad guy. I think she probably was at some point but is’nt anymore, that’s why she is trying to be good, or at least normal. She is struggling with herself to get better.

Of course I may have interpretated your comment too strongly, maybe you are calling them good or bad only on an “inside the comic” point of view.


Like two little Lillies that look like her dolls?


Sounds like Calamity Jane (I don’t care, I’m sticking to that nickname!) lives in a Miracle Area too. (Or, well, perhaps not PRECISELY a Miracle Area, since she allegedly has kids, but something not too far off from one…)


It may be a reclaimed miracle area, perhaps?
She seems the type who might rebuild and till the land,
While being completely mad at those incompetents
whom led it to ruin in the first place.

I could see her working the land
with sickle in hand,
her kids working beside her.


That rhyme’s quite nice,
a read it twice,
and had to comment after.


How clever of you.


Rhyming your words,
So they fit,
Quite well with hers.


Go Jane!


Did she rhyme that on purpose?

Sir Read-a-Lot

Yeah. It’s based off of the nursery rhyme “Mary, Mary, quite contrary”.


seems Jane also has a bone to pick(hahahahaha). also, that reasoning is just that, reasoned. seems she might be more sane then you would see at first blush.


“mind-maddening?” lol


Angry gray cat is angry, no?


She said comfy chairs! (I can not be the only one who gets the reference people…)


It sounds familiar, but I can’t quite remember…


Dr Who


Also: Monty Python’s The Spanish Inquisition has “the comfy chair” as a torture device.


An episode of Dr WHo, Eleventh Doctor, where Amy and him are surrounded by (or more accuratly, fleeing) Sweeping Angels in a planet/asteroΓ―d/ship full of them.


LOL get a grip πŸ™‚


We have no need for comfy chairs.
I made him say comfy chairs.

You are not alone.




Haha, the Dude made her say comfy chairs!


I suppose it all depends on what the physical conditions are. Back breaking labour could result in death after a time, but mind-maddening suggests that it is merely tedious.
A better argument for the game would be for those who have no access to the luxury or comforts, who have no other way of making money to pay for supplies.


This is probably about her kids.

Shiori Tsumi
Jane makes her point very clearly, I think. Not everyone has the same luxuries he does. Jane really isn’t as crazy as she acts in the arena, she has a strange style and a bit of a temper, but she’s not crazy. And taking into consideration the possibility that she’s a mother with kids in a terrible miracle zone or something similar makes her point all the clearer. Someone complains about maddening work in the fields when they have water and air and places to sit while she might possibly work all day and the threat of death hangs over… Read more »

On the other hand, she is making her incredibly dark point with /nursery rhymes/ and living through the apocalypse cannot be good for one’s psyche.


she is likely in the worst mental state she can be in. sane and surrounded by the horrifying. not enough to drive her over, but enough she isn’t really balanced. after all, all sanity is the awareness of the normal rights and wrongs for your culture. she can be -very- aware of what is right and wrong but not be right in the head cause of the situation she is in.


Huh, that is the most plausible definition of ‘sanity’ I’ve ever heard.
In addition to being possible, it explains why the current american definition of sanity = normality, it still fits even though normality is often an impossible conformity.
Only thing it doesn’t cover is sanity’s relation to insanity, though it implies they are not contradictory to each other.
Good Job!


you got it right that normal and sane are close friends. the social norms are what define sanity. of course some things are universal to all cultures, but in general people look to what is a normal outlook for the people around them. and insanity is the inability to make the distinction between “right” and “wrong”. you really don’t understand. it is for, whatever reason, beyond you. which allows for some interesting conjecture if you really put some thought into that.

Huh, I normally view sanity by it’s first definition the opposite of medical insanity, which could be called an average of insanities or normality, also rationality seems to be required. A rational person seems to be a rarity, an average person seems a lie. But it does in fact have two definitions, common sense is apparently the humanly possible one. And perhaps such distinctions are the original insanity, if biblical texts and hammurabi’s code are a good measure of ancient mankind’s sanity. Judging a person good/evil seems to be a focus in both, while both such judgements hold contradictions for… Read more »

“… water and air“? Wow, the world just got dystopier.


I don’t remember who, but earlier someone said ‘Oh, yeah, you Outsiders have that lack of an atmosphere to deal with.’

And in the Game Trials, when Kat’s match with Jane came up, the announcer said that they’re both Outsiders.


That was Danni, to Kleya.


i just had a sudden thought. those 2 dolls that replicate themselves in the game battle with kat…are they supposed to represent her kids?
and i apologize if someone else had the same idea, i dont usually read all the comments.


I dig it.


I wonder when Kat will ask her sponsor to leave a door unlocked and unguarded so she can sneak in and fix some servers…… That would be heroic, right?


She’d still have to get shipped in to the city and she’s not going to be taking that chance any time soon.


It depends on what needs doing. If they need software help, the “unlocked door” is metaphorical– Kleya could help from anywhere.

I do hope Kleya is not responsible for the Ending itself. As it stands, Jane is not going to be very happy when she eventually finds out who Kleya is.

And it is still possible that Jane is Mina’s mom. They are also Outsiders, living in a miracle zone, and running out of resources… And I think Mae may fall into the “about to die” category. πŸ™

Tim C

I was considering this theory again and went back through the archives. I’m not convinced on the plausibility of keeping that secret from her kids, but… hmm.

The hair colors of the dolls are pretty similar, but I think that Mina’s hair is much darker than the brown-blonde doll’s.
The dolls: http://navcomic.com/archive/page-159/
Mae: http://navcomic.com/archive/page-198/
Mina (recent appearance): http://navcomic.com/archive/page-179/

Tim C
[Addendum] Nope. Immediately following the match between Kat and Jane, Kleya (and presumably Jane as well) are sent to a staging area (pg 176-177). Immediately on exiting the staging area, Mina and her mother are already there, together, and aware of Mae’s problem. Supposing that Jane is Mina’s mother, she would have been sent to the same staging area, would have also been dumped out somewhere in LiFe, would have had to find Mina, have Mae’s problem explained to her, and then go to find Kleya (with Mina). Unless Mina were already in on the secret that her mother is… Read more »
Professor Harmless

Pardon my asking, but so far as fixing the servers go, would it be so overly difficult to do a tech support sort of thing where she asked what they looked like and told them what they could do?


she would have to reveal she is more than an amateur to do that. she wants to be seen as a very bright amateur, not a freaking computer genius with the experience to get things done. reveal too much and pop goes her head when they nuke her from orbit or some other nonsense.

Tim C
I don’t think that’s necessarily true. She can look like a brilliant and experienced programmer without looking like herself. Apart from chessmasters like Dr. Grace, I’d think people are more likely to assume that she’s “just a programmer” from before the Ending, who who got caught outside a city when it hit and then wasn’t found, or someone who fled during the hacker hunts. If she had a little more cleverness and a little less vanity (of course, Vanity is her greatest flaw), she’d be cultivating the idea that she’s actually a 40-something (or older) professional programmer rather than a… Read more »
and how would she get that experience, why hadn’t TENka already snapped her up before things went south, was is she very much opposed to joining TENka? if she is experienced and gifted, then shouldn’t she want to get to a city and maybe hook up with TENka or at least the leaders of a city so she can live it up? instead she is deliberately exiling herself. less suspicious if she is an amateur, cause she would have reason to not be affiliated and not want to move into city if she is not good enough to have top… Read more »

So is mind-maddening a new metal disorder or something?

So some areas are lacking water. And even air.
Hot d***, looks like this apocalypse was a bad one.


We’ve speculated that the Earth’s geomagnetic field went unstable in a particularly chaotic way. Real world evidence is that the magnetic poles flip every so ofen, usually without much impact to the planet, but we know from the comic that the South Pole still hasn’t settled after whatever happened. (Dude seems convinced that Kleya somehow “hacked the geomagnetic field,” which Bandit summarily dismisses as impossible. I’m really hoping that whatever else she may have done, the destruction of the Earth’s magnetic protection against the solar wind had nothing to do with her.)

no need to fret about her involvement there. only way she could have had a hand in it is if there was a machine with a computer and internet connection that somehow controlled the geomagnetic field. I find this highly improbable. only deaths I am willing to attribute to her are that army we know attacked her. and that is only because any modern army is sure to have lots of computers, particularly ones that are sending and receiving information. I really think Kleya is just being blamed for it cause she was a known “bad element” before the End… Read more »

It’s fitting because her name is Bloody Mary, but she’s going by Jane


After killing off her teammates and being forced to reset, she seems to have chosen a new name and abandoned ‘Bloody Mary’ to go with ‘Jane’.


But now it’s not as fitting anymore.


Depends on why she choose Jane. I am not familiar with a lot of folk tales and nursery rhymes. so I have to say its possible there is a reason that ties the name Jane into her theme.


I see Jane disapproves of Dude’s first world problems…


her kids are about to die :*(

Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special

Or just one kid. Probably one is perfectly healthy, although distressed, while the other has death sitting at the bedside.

Then, there’s the whole Outsider issue, where all of them could die at the same time if something goes wrong with the shelter they’re in.


hmm wonder if jane/mary/awesome-crazy chick got invited to the city like keyla. also one of her sickles have disappeared being that she said she cant stick them to her back right now. . . magic, shes a hacker too.


sorry she didnt lose a sickle. but my curiosity about the city still stands.


It’s kind of weird, I keep on reading back-breaking and mind-breaking, not mind maddening. I should read more carefully, my mind is trying to get to me


Forget about the other groups. I give Jane’s group two days before they devour themselves alive. Kleya and her non-offensive happy specials are probably the only thing that can keep them alive.

Of course, she’d have to use them on her own teammates…


unfortunately in the game the happy stats min is 1 so they wont freeze like they did in the preliminaries.

I beg to differ. From what we know thus far, it takes 2 things to survive in the game: skill, and popularity. Bandit, Dude, and Kleya all have the popular aspect going for them, as does Jane (though hers is more suited to infamy), and even Danni to those who knew of her before the Ending, and all 5 of them clearly have some skill (we’ve seen all but the Dude fight, but for him to make it so far into the finals, I think we can assume he is a decent fighter). On top of that, they all have… Read more »