‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 227


Last chance to guess how Kat's Special worked.


We passed the first round in ComicMix's Webcomic (Facebook) Contest. We're now up against Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. In the spirit of the contest, I read through several strips but I'm afraid I still prefer long form stories to gag-a-day comics *shrugs*   You, of course, could have a different opinion. Make sure to give it a try (may not be suitable for kids, though) and go and vote! It's going to be a very tough battle for NAV but shall be fun to see how we do!


very funny^^. he is riding in has her white knight already. been a bit more than two years and he is quite firmly wrapping himself around her pinky in the handful of minutes they have been in the private server. 😀


The image that put in my head may be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.


I try ^^
although on reflection its more like saving her from herself. she was gonna clam up and make Danni pissed.
there isn’t a good reason otherwise why he should reveal he understands what its underpinning were. taunting Kleya with it will make her more wary of him. so I think he is shifting the spotlight off of her so they don’t look at her too hard. as they would if she got all closed like she usually does.


he’s just being funny and spilling her secret, that’s not serving her. She does have him going, but not right here.


It goes in and alters yoru settings? Or takes the same amount of damage you give your person’s appoints or locks up the controls on your motor functions?


Ohhhhhh! Does it use protection against bullying that’s probably built into the practice areas? Protection that doesn’t exist in the big bad world of the Game?


Sorry, Aneeka. I can’t figure out how to vote for NaV. As far as I can tell, you need a facebook ID to vote. But if a L33t haxxor like me logs on with my facebook ID, I’m afraid TENka will find me. I guess I could just rig the vote so you win, but that would be cheating and heroes don’t cheat.

Do you know any other way I could vote for you?


I thought it was simple? It’d take the damage you did to an opponent, then hit you with the damage, except the damage wasn’t the point. It also hit you with some kind of emotion point increase overload thing(MAYBE happiness, but I have my doubts on that) and, if you did enough damage, overloads your emotion stat.


The emotion stat always baffled me… Emotions are a part of the real people behind the avatars, but can they be manipulated through the game? It would require some creepy brain control. Or do the avatars have some kind of a separate emotion score that affects the way they can move (for example if they are hit repeatedly, their anger goes up and they strike back harder or something).

I can’t remember the exact scene with the emotion stats, but I think Bandit seemed really happy and confused about it.


I’m guessing it determines how much your avatar can show that emotion. Someone with low happiness, for instance, wouldn’t be able to convincingly show fits of laughter. And if there is an angry stat, someone who is low in that might not be able to convincingly show anger


In the lightnovel/anime Sword Art Online they use that kind of brain control on a buncha people.


Doesn’t matter how far this webcomic goes; they got noticed, and they beat out a fairly popular and rather long-running strip in the first round. People will be reading NAV to check up on why it beat out SMBC.

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I wonder what that look exchanged between Paddy and Sandra means…

Squire James

There’s a pretty thin line between “genius programmer” and “hacker” – if there’s a line at all. The look suggested something like “OK a Really Big Fish is on our line. Now what do we do?”


hehe, you have the right thought, but I think you are understating the scale. It’s not, “we have a Really big fish”, it’s “We got a Whale!”


I like how Danny and Kat don’t have any shading, but the others do.


Does her special exchange the user and target’s hp in addition to the double damage?
Or does it simply alter the hp restrictions on both players?
(I hadn’t noticed the remaining hp discrepancy before…)

I think Kleya’s Special was effective because of what amounts to meta-game reasons. The metagame was focused on physical stats, to the exclusion of the “emotional” stat. Kat’s special specifically targeted the “Emotional” stats (page 68 reveals that there are multiple emotional stats), and due to the focus on stats such as speed or strength everyone else practically had no resistance against the Special. Rather than exploiting a flaw in the code of the game, Kleya exploited a flaw in the design of it. As explained on page 68, panel 3, it isn’t actually to posses an avatar which can… Read more »

Hm, yeah, in a team battle, that would be a useless special, since your teammates won’t be able to attack or anything, and don’t have your build.

Also, I’m betting that the special drains the speed stat as well as does damage. Since we know that the speed stat is real and it doesn’t affect talking speed, so it’s basically the most likely confirmed stat.

Warning: Possibly Spoilers! If you do want to guess then skip this message! ********************************************* I thought her special was explained piecemeal through previous comics. At the cost of halving her HP when used it created Mr. Smiley. If anyone wasn’t ‘nice’ then Mr. Smiley would hit them for the damage they just inflicted. But that damage wasn’t what was dangerous. It also attacked the character’s social stats, something often ignored or treated as dump stats by most. As such, it would kill you with happiness. Raising those social stats would provide a defense to it and nullify it, but raising… Read more »

And I bet it would be useless in the game as what it targets doesn’t exist in the coding of mobs.


Uhh… That has been confirmed untrue in parts. For one, it INCREASES her HP (she said something like “without Nice to up my HP, this will take me out” in her fight against Danni), and it was never said that it attacked social stats. Her previous special attacked happiness, and didn’t make people just feel paralyzed, so it’s not happiness it’s attacking at any rate, though Bandit DID theorize that it attacked an emotional stat (whether he’s right or not is yet to be seen).


Remember the “didn’t have the second number”? It only attacked the second stat if the defender didn’t have their hands up.

Also, wouldn’t it be pretty much useless because the opponents would know to have their hands up?


well, various games use either some extra stats

I know several games where they have for example fatigue. Either you get very ineffective or you can’t do a thing, “too tired to move”. That or damaging some other atribute, or overloading something. Pacifism stat?


My guess is that it hits will, draining it to the point where the character doesn’t have the will to do anything, thus being incapable of combat and losing the match.


I thought I knew how it worked, but maybe I’m completely wrong (this happens to me too often 😉 ).

What I thought: if Be Nice is up, and someone causes damage, Be Nice hits them for the amount of damage they caused. If Kat put her hands up when the damage was caused (or we could think of it as, if the recipient of the damage was trying to surrender) then the Be Nice hits them for double the damage they caused.

Tim C

Your guess mostly aligns with my own, but it’s not double damage. The second number is stat damage of some kind; I would guess “Speed.”

IE: If Kleya is hit for 50 damage with her hands up, the attacker takes 50 damage and loses 50 speed.

Since stats are close to a 1-20 scale (I seem to recall that being the case; forget where I saw that), -50 to any stat would reduce it to zero. Zero speed means the target can’t move, and Kat wins by default.

That’s more or less my guess as well… Though I don’t know if it cares if anyone else’s hands are up, other than Kleya. The remark about t not working in the real Game is interesting– I think it just wouldn’t work because everyone knows about it now. Admitting she could just come up with another Special on the spot probably gave away her ID to Sandra and Paddy, if they didn’t know already. Their City probably desperately needs programmers, plus they seem to not like TENka running everything, so they won’t turn her in, but they are going to… Read more »

It wouldn’t work because it would affect EVERYONE in the battle. Allies and foes. So it would turn the entire combat into a battle of waiting, because nobody could do anything.


Congrats on reaching Round 3 of the ComicMix tourney! I honestly thought you were doomed against SMBC… glad that voters have more taste than that!

….but now Girl Genius? Can’t you catch a break??


Have a little faith! We toppled SMBC, so we should be OK taking on Girl Genius — as long as we continue rallying behind NAV!

What worries me is the following round — one of the two has been unstoppable, and the other is another favorite of mine. (Not that, when the time comes, I’d change my vote — there’s only one webcomic left that I’d have to do some serious soul-searching before voting either way, and it’s in a different bracket.)


I still don’t get how Kleya could be declared the winner when her opponent still has HP without her being accused of cheating somehow. The people she beat in that way, along with their fans, should all be openly accusing her of being a hacker.

My prediction is as follows: I am assuming that the bandit’s words in the last few panels are significant clues. I believe the Nice Special alters the battlefield conditions so that, not only do those that deal damage to an opponent take the same ammount of damage in return, but it also alters the parameters of an obscure and likely forgotten ruleset: Good Sportsmanship rules. If one was trying to make a system needlessly complicated, putting in rules that govern good sportsmanship, and perhaps utilize some sort of infraction system, seems like a step in the right direction. The Area… Read more »