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Yep, Danni was famous! In the dancing world, at least.


And hey, NAV might be famous, too, since it made it past the seeding round! Thanks everyone!

ComicMix's round 1 has now started! And I'm actually up against one of my own favorite webcomics: Schlock Mercenary. The irony! lol   It's also pretty popular on its own so it's going to be a tough fight!

Also, it may be a silly popularity contest, but I think it's a great way to showcase other webcomics. Be sure to check the others out and see if you find a new favorite!


Okay I totally misread that last panel to say “It’ll need lasers and parts that fly” and my first thought was “what kind of ballet was Danni into?! It sounds amazing!”


poor Sandra, having to reign in her hubby all the time. I can totally see this being normal for them. anyone else seeing forshadowing of the formation of a misfit family?


Is Katt smiling? I think she might be, probably finds it very amusing.
Panel 3 is very good, and yeah, I think Paddy is going to make her an actual ballet style costume, funny that he finds her more impressive than all the other players who are considered popular, guess the masses just dont appreciate the arts. He is probably very happy that Sandra DID decide to get Dani into he petition with Kleya.


This explains why Danni’s parents were easily able to pay Kleya’s entry fees. They’re actually rich, but Danni was probably crippled in the ending. With scare resources, the city can’t justify supporting someone who can’t contribute in any way. However, if she’s in the Game, then she can help bring in resources from other cities, even without being physically able to do anything. Apparently her past fame and wealth isn’t enough to keep her around in an apocolypse (although it may have helped somewhat).


I’d like to see these in a bookstore somewhere. and maybe even see it as an anime on TV


Art always suffers in an apocolypse, and a crippled dancer in an apocolypse is like a popped beach ball when your trying to fish


Actually…a dancer in great shape and health isn’t exactly going to be in demand after an apocalypse. “YOU! Dancer! We need food! Go dance us up some game!” Nah, I think after an apocalypse ‘dancer’ becomes ‘physical laborer’.


Thats what I meant, a dancer is somthing which has little to no use in an apocalypse even when not damaged, hence the beachball fishing simile, a beachball has little use in fishing (fishing experts, feel free to prove me wrong)even when it is not damaged.
…Sigh, a good simile is one you dont have to explain…

No, no, it was a good simile…but you can still patch the hole and inflate the ball and use it for a bobber, or a net float. Or you can widen the opening and store the fish inside to carry it to market (um…stretch the analogy a LOT, don’t actually try to tear open Dani, here), or half a dozen other things. The problem is realizing that just because the -body- is broken doesn’t mean the -mind- is useless. …And, quite frankly, I would love to see some form of performing arts survive a cataclysm. Not just some mmorpg game,… Read more »

Wait, but… how old does that make Danni? Twenties? Thirties?


likely within a few years of Kleya, and Kleya is approx. 17 I believe. if she was good enough to get such a following, then she was likely doing it from very young. good chance she was a young teen when Paddy saw her. so I do believe Danni is in her yearly twenties at oldest.


Posssibly, but the performance in London would imply that she was older that her early teens. If tickets were booked in advance and she was a dancer to look out for, she would have been in a professional performance, likely with a solo part. And unless she was a prodigy, she would have at least been eighteen. Maybe sixteen if lucky, but more likely eighteen to her twenties.


You’ve been doing a lot of experimental stuff lately. What with the Reality pages and new game avatar/scenery artwork and now this on panel 3.

I like it. The ballerina statue looks really good.

Stomme poes

D****, no more voting for me: you need a Facebook ID to vote. I would think this would unfairly advantage web comics whose demographic is mostly non-Facebookers.

Hopefully this comic has plenty of them. This one’s really become one of my favourites, both because of the story and because I love going back to old pages and seeing how the art improved (hope you always keep the originals somewhere even if later they get redone for printing or something…).


Yeah, I was disappointed too when I found out I needed a facebook ID.

Thirded. I find it unfair that the ONLY way is through social networks, when there’s people that consciously refuse to have an account in ANY social network, and in case the event is inevitable (re: Google +), it’s essentially unused. Then again, it’s ALSO unfair to those who use alternative social networks (I guess only a few still remember MySpace still exists, or that Google has also attempted to do so), because the social networks don’t revolve over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and whatever else they invent. Some like good old-fashioned forums and blogs, y’know. It’s a shame we can’t… Read more »

I have a question: Do trolls still exist after the ending? Because if someone came to me on the internet and claimed to be… anybody… I’d simply assume they were trolling unless I had a very good reason to think otherwise.

Also, since Life and the game let’s you choose your avatar, I image trolls could have *actual* trolls for their avatars. Which would be hilarious.


while I do believe that human nature won’t change even if the world ended, we know alot of tech savvy people(even if some were only halfway so) died cause of the resulting riots. anyone who would do that either has protection, in hiding, or dead. and won’t reveal themselves just for the luls.

Squid Mushroom

I think trolling was listed in Life’s rule violations near the level of hacking and scamming if I remember correctly


I will take your word for it, since I don’t want to reread the comic to see if your right. you likely are, since it makes sense now that I think about it. I gotta hand it to you, I don’t recall even one of Life’s rule violations right now.


Here’s a list of known rules: http://notavillain.wikia.com/wiki/LiFe#Rules. It comes from a page where Jake (as a LiFe official) was talking about kicking Danni out.


ahhh, wiki. how did we live without you? this is one of those things that shapes your life a bit once it enters it.


Great comic. I see we’re getting a bit of info about Danni.

I would do my best to help you in March Madness, but I can’t really do anything on ComicMix because the pages are so full of stuff that puts a lot of stress on my computer that my browser freezes for a few minutes when I even try to scroll, though to be fair, my computer is tiny by laptop standards. Ugh.


I like how Bandit is standing aside, leaving this moment to Danni.


I think I missed this bit, but how long ago was this Ending? And while it does have the virtue of brevity and clarity, that’s the best they could come up with?


“I’m so pressed to know true art has survived the ending!”

Yeah…I wonder how he will react when he learns of the condition Danni us in. She survived the Ending, but her dancing almost certainly didn’t.


true, but she lives so the art still does. since she remembers it, there is a chance she can pass it on via the internet to those who take interest. so hope springs eternal. at least we can hope it does.


Should have been “pleased,” stupid phone


Danni, make the world shake in fear at your mighty powers of Balet!


that awkward moment when people know who you are in real life, thinks you’re imitating yourself, and that you’re dead.

Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special

I know, that happens all the time to me, right?

It’s so annoying, sometimes.


I could see Sandra wanting to incorporate Danni’s past and current situation in to the PR campaign. And Danni being very very unhappy with that idea.