Sounds like someone has trouble accepting some of the effects of life.

And BWAM, the prettiest avatar is proven to be the biggest lie. Sounds a lot like our showbiz ‘reality’.


Well, her pretty avatar and confrontational attitude may very well not be lies. Ok, so the youth of her avatar probably. But still, even though we know little of her yet, I think this ‘display’ reflects a part of Sandra’s inner self, even if it is idealized/iconified to whatever extent.

So how old is everyone else? I mean seriously… Never thought of it like I do now!

The Aussie Bloke

Because every adventuring party needs a bad*ss grandpa/jolly fat man


Well, Sandra did invite him…. Is he a player already in the Game, or is he helping out in some other capacity?


Note on that, Paddy has a point. If you survive an apocalypse at the age of 62, then you have every right to brag about it.

Also, Sandra might be older than what we (or at least I) first thought. Much older.


So he survived the disaster at age 60. Most males only live to around 80ish years. So the disaster happened something like 20 years ago.

Unless people can live longer.


Disaster (The Ending) was about 2 years ago.


the flaws in your logic make me cry.


No, that means he’s 64.


The top of his head barely passes her shoulders. In the previous strip the top of his head was at her eye level. Of course, the phasing-in graphic might distort his height, or there might be some bizarre trick of perspective going on.


I really like how nearly everyone is different from their avatar, just like in real life.


Even the L.i.F.E. avatars don’t look like the regular people.



It’s a mass-made ICONSPIRACY!


You would have thought someone would have drawn him a more realistic fat avatar. I mean, finally not somewhere where breasts are artificial orbs grafted on a body, and now this…

He looks like a kid with grey hair, dyed or a wig, a fake beard and a fake belly

If he turns out to be a henderson-style guy, it’s fine with me though


HA! I had called the fact that she doesn’t look like her avatar already!

But to be fair, it is kinda obvious since this in all online.


Is it just me or does Paddy look like a dwarf?

Gauron A

no I thought that as well


keep in mind, in regards to Sandra’s avatar, that she just wanted something that was closer to her real appearance. she never said it looks exactly like her. assuming showing age is something not standard in avatars, then we can see why the jolly fatman sees being old as showing off, and why Sandra doesn’t look that old with her avatar. she maybe didn’t want to go to the trouble of making it age accurate. where as her hubby, with his greater capacity for humor, felt it was worth it.


“I beg your pardon.”

…Yup, Sandra’s definitely getting up there in years.

Turrosh Mak

She could be relatively young compared to her husband. It wouldn’t be the first May-December romance.


With how much he looks like a dwarf, the leaf brooch on a light-colored cloak made me think of the Lady Lorien’s cloaks from LotR. I don’t know if that was intentional, but I’m going to enjoy the thought that he did that anyway.


It does look a bit like he’s got a baloon inside his clothes as mentioned above.

Really like the conversational exchange 🙂


also, he does look a bit like a hobbit, a child with a wig on. It gives a LOTR feel though, which a lot of people like.

Really like Sandra’s avatar.


and Lol, yeah, like Macaroon says, “I beg your Pardon”, didn’t catch that myself, but clever choice of language 😀


Woah major plot twist there.


I would just like to say…I think it’s brilliant how the avatars reflect the people they represent, graphic-wise. On the one hand, you have Sandra and Paddy, who are older and obviously talented artwise (based on the realistic proportions, the more in-depth shading, wrinkles in clothes, etc.) versus the younger, less-talented/untrained Danni, whose avatar is very two-dimensional and cartoonish. Great work on those details!