Hey wait a minute! The Dude was still in the tournament during the Danni vs Bloody Mary fight! He couldn’t have been able to watch it unless he was cheating. Like the Bandit was.
Come on Kleya. You’re smart. Pick up on this!


The only explanation I seem to be able to come by is that the Dude watched the fight after the tournament was over. Still, alarm bells were ringing in my head there.

Squire James

Did he draw the Bandit that round? If so, he might really have been watching a different much like Bandit did on his “loss”. Or L.I.F.E. has some kind of DVR service for those with lots of money/connections. Or he’s simply lying.


Everything, or very close to everything, is recorded, so yeah, I’m pretty sure you can watch and watch again about anything if you have the means… It’s a digital world, after all.

So, Bloo Jane is back I assume, and it seems Jake is quite happy to see her. Or maybe it’s because she’ll be perfect as a distraction ?

By the by, am I the only one that can’t see the last fanart ?


He’s implying that he saw the Special during his “fight” with Kat, so I think he’s simply lying, in a very obvious way. He’s a button-pusher, as we’ve seen.

So is Bandit, who might be about to provoke BlooJane….


Odds are good that Kleya doesn’t need hacker vision to see that The Dude is up to something…


Which reminds me, haven’t seen any sort of code or anything so far. Of course, she hasn’t had a need to hack so far but usually she sees code anyway where it’s important. So either it’s about to come up, or the Game is programmed in a very different way…


For some reason the first person i think about is Dr. Grace but I have a a feeling i am wrong.


Should be Jane, though Bandit seems kind of cheery about the arrival, and Jane doesn’t seem to me like someone who inspires cheer….


You’re probably right, but the Bandit is the sort of person who would at least look cheery even if he was meeting the greek lord of the underworld.

Squire James

That smile stuck me as one of those nervous smiles one gives to someone with a bad temper and lots of power. Such as The Incredible Hulk, or Bloody Mary/Jane.


or the kind of smile that the sycophantic give everyone. face it, the bandit knows how to work PR exceptionally well.


indeed, he’s not scared (but wary, as he seems to always be), though I do think he’s putting in some extra effort


Love the vote incentive. (You’re not fooling anyone, Jake….)


Loving the character interaction! I tried to look at the guest art, but it seems that it’s not linked properly. Thought you’d like to know 🙂


Haha, I love the Dude! I’m curious to see how he fights though. He forfeited against Kat, but he must be pretty good at something to have gotten that far in the first place.


I think the Bandit isn’t that scared of Jane actually. He may be slightly nervous, but he did vote against throwing her out. He probably thinks of her as a talented and slightly to moderately unpredictable player.


I think The Dude is more dangerous than Jane. He’s kissing butt so no one will see it coming when he stabs them in the back. Oh and by the way, a subscribe button would be a nice feature.


Whoops, just found it *face palm*.

Tom R

So, is Kleya really going to have to go through the Game with mitten hands? Can’t her sponsor or someone spring for a better avatar?