Tim C

I like the Dude, too. Normally I just find the male co-stars in stories about female protagonists annoying, but The Dude and The Bandit are both awesome. So’s De.


The Dude is a boss monster. He calls other people “dude” in an attempt to make them his minions. Also, Bandit looks very amused.


I busted out laughing the moment the page loaded. SPLAT! Heeheeheehee.


I think Reed called this one. Was a wall.

Now of course my question is, does this mean L.I.F.E. is based on SecondLife?


don’t I get partial credit? while I’ll admit I thought he would be horizontal, he did indeed go face first and was rather close to spread eagle. ;D

Ok, the box is funny, but I really want to know why the Dude looks so surprised in the last panel. He and Bandit/Jake had a plan that seemed to involve pushing Kleya’s buttons to get her to reveal her identity. Either Bandit has just changed the plan, or this is part of the plan and the Dude is a good avatar-actor. Since the Dude is presumably using a Kido unit, this might involve some acting in his real body, as well. But we’ve seen that he’s putting on a bit of an act as it is…. I think we… Read more »

Presumably because he’s not sure what the Bandit is referring to.

Jane probably hasn’t uploaded just yet.


How about others start calling him “the fly”? Because he just seriously ran into a glass window.

And if the team needs a name, how about “The dude, the other dude and the not-dudes?”


birds do that too. what small and yammering bird shall we name him?


My million dollar question:

How was it obvious to the Bandit (Jake? are we going to call him Jake now?) that this was a box instead of actually The Game? I mean, for Kleya, D could’ve told her — even if we didn’t see D-Vision on the panel in question for obvious non-spoiler reasons — but does the Bandit have something similar to D that allows him to see the code for what it is? Or am I overthinking this and is it something graphically obvious for the two already familiar with The Game?


Texture quality.
To one who has made 3D models or created texture maps it is fairly obvious that a High Quality “environment” map placed on a small box looks different than (6-texture flatmap)
a “High Quality” environment with individual textures on *different non-flat* objects (many maps w/ texture-wrapping)


not sure everybody would get your explaination, but I endorse it. we know Kleya and Bandit(I plan on refering to them as such whenever they are using thier game sprites)are rather perceptive. since they both programmers and have likely had a high degree of exposure to things like this, the probability they could figure it out just by looking normally is rather good.


The multi-texture + multi-surface map is still rendered onto a 2d screen. So… Take a screenshot of the 2d result, set it next to the multi-texture version and tell me which is which.

Granted, there are differences, they are most apparent when you start moving… Unless the model above in the comic is not representative of the actual setting — a small room with invisible walls, with nearby detail as in game but more distant detail as screen caps used as texture in flat surfaces to simulate distant detail.


To someone bothering to look closely, it becomes quickly obvious if you’re moving around, and they have been moving around at least a little bit within their box.


I guess it’s the same difference between an old point-and-click with beautiful backgrounds and a game with a 3D map: in the former, the point of view on details never changes, when in the latter, a step in any direction usually means slight differences…


Jake works for TENka, so he may have inside information. It could be something as simple as recognizing the scene.


I’ll be honest – i thought it was going to turn out that the lake was a solid surface. =p


If you look closely at the third panel you can see a texture change


Called it.

That was really hilarious. And after all that OTHER stuff the Dude did to the Bandit (chatting about how annoying he can be, for example), I can’t blame Bandit for that.


Could be worst, it could be a Game where you instantly die hitting the water. XD