No Dude, no!!!

I don’t know why the lake is dangerous, but obviously Kleya does.


“the lake is a fake” 😀


“what’s wrong with a lake?”

Well, it’s a MMORPG lake, so probably:
– venom snakes
– piranja’s
– ‘nessie’-like water monster
– murderous mermaids
– suspicious ferryman (the kind that takes you to the OTHER side)
– poisonous water plants
– dudes with inappropriate intentions

More suggestions anyone?


Forgot the most probable one: a sweet water KRAKEN!!!

The Dude won’t even touch the surface, a tentacle will grab him from the air and (try to) turn him into pulp.


Can’t have a lake without a watcher in the water. it’s a fact of nature.


Some type of deadly parasite
Wild water Pokemon
Water that makes him forget, like the River Lethe



“Deh, what was dat? Deh, who am I? Deeh, who am I from? Deeeeh, forgot how ta breath.”

*Collapses to the ground*

‘Uh, I forgot how my muscles work!”

Mr. Random

Not actually a lake. Just a lake texture, i.e. like the ground only tricky.


My first thought would be acid. Were it not for the laughing.

As such, and given the dramatic leap into the lake (rather than a dive), my guess would be that it will behave like a trampoline and he will bounce back up into the air!

Reed R Gale

Chances are there’s a wall. You know, can’t walk in water in a lot of games.


And here I thought it would be like in assassin’s creed: you instantly die if you touch water deeper than 5cm (rougly 2 inches)…


It’s a water hazard. Like playing golf in the Grid.

If you’re score is the highest, immediate Derezolution.


The lake is a lie!


What, indeed, could be wrong with a lake?

Especially when both Kleya and the Bandit are aware of whatever it is…

The Aussie Bloke

It’s just painted on. Calling it now.


that was what occured to me first. bet he does a loony toons and ends up face first and spread eagle.


So they both find it weird…iiiiinteresting…


Can’t help it.

The lake is a lie.


Darn, you beat me to it!


Poor Dude, jumping into the water when he doesn’t have any points invested in his swimming skill…


Too true 😀


Does their rendering engine handle water? i’ve never seen water in LiFE before…


I’m guessing both Kleya and the Bandit both know something about the lake…


Kleya probably spotted something odd with hacker-vision. But the Bandit? Why, it’s almost like the guy who just got into the game for the first time has been here before!
Or maybe he has hacker-vision too, since he also noticed something weird.
Or maybe both :3


Or maybe he got insider information through his boss

my money is on it being texture only – visually nice, no other effect but a sore a** from landing


Well, it’s hard to tell tone from text, so I’m not sure…
But the Bandit told Doctor Grace that he and Kleya both tested The Game on older characters.
So maybe they recognize this scene, or they might both have some type of hacker vision. Hard to tell. 😛


It could be possible that Bandit was part of the development team for The Game, as well, or at least has some sort of insider knowledge…


Both of them looked upwards when the odd-part was mentioned. So I’m guessing something off with the reflections of the non-static part (eg clouds)which leads both of them to the conclusion of textures as several here mentioned.

Tim C

I’m pretty sure the Bandit does have hacker vision. Way back in the first round of trials, he was able to hit Kleya perfectly, leaving her at less than 3 (out of presumably >100) health, while blinded, without missing a hit.


Now see, some kind of lake-monster is going to jump out at The Dude and Waterman will be watching to point and say “BET YOU WISH I WAS THERE DON’T YOU!?”


It’s a picture of a lake, Dude.

Maybe that’s what both Kleya and Jake are noticing… This is an unfinished scene.


What did they notice about the lake…

Smart Kleya.

Poor Brandon.


Smart Jake, too.

I just love how Brandon’s scream of joy is cut off: I think he’s either going to hit an invisible wall or be eaten by something very dark and scary.


Wall. It’s a wall.

Anime fan

Not to be cliche but, IT’S A TRAP!


Either the lake is just a graphic “painted” on the ground, or it’s what’s known as “impassable terrain” (a.k.a. “surrounded by an invisible wall”).


I’ve though about a few possibilities, but that is by far the most hilarious to me: him smacking face-first into a invisible/illogical “level boundary”.


Aaaand it happened! xD


Clue : Bandit is laughing.
Conclusion: the outcome is embarrassing, not hazardous.

I see a sharp stop in someone’s future.


Since the Dude likes to joke around so much, another possibility is that he, too, knows that something silly is going to happen, and is trying to please the watchers. :3 I really look forward to the character interactions of this group.


I like this theory. I don’t know if it’s correct, but it’s fun.

Maybe what Kleya and Jake are wondering is, “where’s BlooJane?”


It’s going to turn out to be an RPG-style lake protected by an invisible wall.


I like how the immediate response for both the Bandit and Kleya is “huh, that’s weird”. I don’t know, I think they’re a cute pairing.

Also, I have to say… I am normally understanding of webcomickers who can only update once or twice a week. But I love NAV so much I want to beg you to somehow increase the upload schedule. It’s sooooo good. I want more now!

Okay, I’m done whining. Keep up the good work!

m is for wolf

@Hanmac: The lake is a lie!


Oh, shoot. Other people thought of this.
The lake is a hologram! I think there was a Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? episode like that.


The lake is a lie!!
The painting of the lake is not a lie!!


Wait, why do Bandit and The Dude have shading, but neither of the girls do? Danni seems to be good enough at art, if that’s what it takes, but I can’t see why skill at 2-D art would affect shading anyway… Or why someone has to create a 2-D picture to generate a 3-D avatar, for that matter.

Is this a logical inconsistency I just need to ignore for the sake of the story, or will it turn out to have meaning of some kind?


Maybe shading costs more

Mary Shoup

I think it had been mentioned before that their avatars were not as detailed as others in the game (hence the lack of shading). I think in the game trials one viewer said something like “Her avatar is so plain! Not even shaded!” Referring to Danni vs. Scorpion dude.


Oh Dude, you look so utterly happy and free in that last panel. A child of reality rejoined with an unspoiled portion of his homeworld. All bliss. Something tells me, thought, that the joke will be on you in the next panel. And I’m looking forward to it 😉


And then there were only three players.


whats going to happen when they realis Kleya noticed whatever it is?


It’s either going to be A) a bottomless pit that looks like a lake or B) a shallow point with a water surface overlay.


Well, that answers one question, at least. Kleya has programmer vision, but we can confirm (by virtue of the Bandit noticing it right off the bat as well) that at least some of it is not just limited to her hacking skill

(Though I imagine it doesn’t involve code-reading)


He’s going to land on the shore, then keep trying to jump into the lake to find that the laws of physics won’t let him past the shore.

Or maybe the lake’s just really shallow. It does kind of look shallow.