YES! I’m not sure why learning Bandit’s name is so exciting but it is.


he seems yet more human with a real name. before he was little more than an avatar, now you can see him for a person.


I am astonished how many conversations in my life have ended with the words ‘shutting up now’. 😉


“Dude… you didn’t tell me she was a blondie! I love blondies!
*Slap* “It’s an avatar, you moron.”

Cracks me up every time.


He really does like pushing peoples’ buttons >x-D


Hahaha. +10,000 points to the Dude.

Incidentally, Aneeka, you did a good job representing how men joke around with each other.


I was unable to phrase it properly, but I wanted to comment exactly the same.

When John Updike was asked ‘How do you write woman so well?’ he responded with ‘I think of a man and I take away reason and accountability.’.
Of course his woman were mostly stereotipical characters that let their emotions control EVERY decision they take, assuming they take a decision and not give some ItCouldMeanAnything-response. (I refuse to accept all woman are like that, or I’ll be ForeverAlone 🙁 ).

Aneeka: How do you write men so well?


Given that all people’s personalities are at least slightly different, as well as cultural variations on acceptable personalities in relation to gender: In fictional settings, personalities do not have to be as they would in the culture that they’re written. But, having characters that the audience can relate to helps to draw in the audience.

While I can affirm that this is how “most men” act, only about five percent of those that I’ve known would act like either of these characters.


I have yet to be disappointed with one of “the Dude”‘s appearances.


This page made me like the Dude. xD He’s so cheerful and relaxed. The voting incentive was just as funny as the real page.


notice he gave up denying she is his girlfriend? is it the knowledge that Dude wouldn’t believe him, or starting to admit he still has feelings? DUN DUN DUN!



So are Jake and Brandon always in their game avatars even when they’re just hanging out, or do they just look the same in the Game and and in Life? Jake has appeared a couple times as a dark haired guy but that could be a disguise like Dr. Grace used. I’m just a little confused as to where they are, maybe some internal part of the Game only TENka personnel can access?


I think your on the right track that being TENka has something to do with it. I suspect they can choose what avatar they use regardless of whether its LiFe or the Game. company perks I suppose.

It likely is some kinda of private server for those two clowns to use. but I use clowns in the most loving sense. they are as funny as clowns should be but are not.


I think the dark haired guy is Jake’s normal LiFe costume. I think these places are private rooms that they can use their own avatar.

Also, if you look in page 39 (http://navcomic.com/archive/page-39/) you see the same dark haired character (hair style and shirt color are the same) and he is not a blob. This is right before we meet him with the twins. He is also talking to another person. I’m betting that this is Jake and Brandon in their LiFe personas.


Nice catch! I wonder if Aneeka would be willing to confirm that?

But of course, what I really want to know is what they’re like in Reality. 😉 The side story suggests that people’s avatars tend to look like them, but Jake points out that Kleya’s appearance is “an avatar, you moron,” so I’m left wondering how common it is for users to change their avatar appearance a bit.

And of course, we still don’t know Kleya’s real name, because unlike most (supposedly all) L.i.F.e. users, she’s logged in under an alias….