is there any reason that you try to kill your female leads?


Because there’s less suspense if no one is trying to kill the lead?


Marvelous! Especially and made better by the vote incentive – I almost fell out of my hair laughing at that one!!

Artwork’s looking snazzy too 😀


hmmm, some typos/brain things there… obviously I almost fell out of my *chair*. Still, the other image works nicely too :p


Have the typo-of-the-month award. XP


Loving the ongoing story. And great to see how your art is evolving. Keep up the good work!


And… Off to the TV Tropes page to look up the Bechdel Test. (Are you *trying* to make me late for work??? That site is like the La Brea Tar Pits! 😉 )


When I read: “She’s not my girlfriend” in my head his voice became that of Sheldon Cooper. 🙂

Mr. Random

It became Chowder’s voice for mine.


Oh no! Waiting the whole week to see what makes Danni go “Woah”, and now we have a scene change!

But this time I learned something, too. Very interesting idea, this Bechdel test. I’ll totally try it out!

The Merry Lurker

Wait a tick….. is Danni the Dude’s alt? Kleya will burn him to dust if she was tricked on this.

Tim C

I’m pretty sure that’ll get found out pretty quickly, since they’re in the same Game party. I’d call it “Unlikely.”

Too much of a coincidence; Danni and Kleya met long before anyone had any reason to notice Kleya.

Tim C


And actually, presumably this scene is happening at the same time as Kleya and Danni are talking in gameverse, so that would rule it out completely.


I’m willing to bet that it was an accident. She was writing some sort of code that got out and killed people when it was supposed to do something completely different. If she really was a killer, then she wouldn’t be trying to redeem herself right now.

Squire James

My hypothesis is that she did indeed want to “kill people” until she found she killed someone she didn’t really want to kill…

Mr. Random

I’m guessing the whole ‘she hacked the geomagnetic field of the Earth’ had something to do with a lot of people dying.


I think she did something that was misunderstood and caused alot of anger. people when scared strike at the thing that embodies thier fear. so they did. with an army. she hit back, harder. I beleive the field thing was coincidence, or maybe motivation for her actions in the first place.

My guess is that whatever she did…she knew what she was doing and did it perfectly, and it was directed at TENka. But either a) she didn’t consider all the consquences, have all the information (like, she tried to take out TENka’s systems without realizing much of the power grid relies on it or something) or realize the enormity of her actions, or if she did consider casualties it was in the abstract and she wasn’t prepared for the reality of it. Or b) her actions somehow coincided with another, maybe natural event (polar switch? Solar flare?) that together caused… Read more »

I think we all would like to know the why of the matter as well as the what, exactly.

Seros Senric

It’s amazing how many webcomics don’t pass the Reverse Bechdel Test.
Seriously, choose any five story-based webcomics that aren’t focusing on a male homosexual relationship and count how many pages it takes for two males to talk to each other about something that isn’t a girl.
It’s like webcomics have the opposite problem that movies have.


I JUST now realized how close Kleya’s history is (so far) to Breaking Bejamin’s I Will Not Bow.

I’m a rock girl, I know…


Ooh, you’re so right.


That dialogue was awesome. Especially the vote incentive! 😀


wait…what the poop happened to Danni? She goes “whoa!” and then logs off! Grah! Grah I say!


She’s no longer in LiFe. She is in the Game. That’s what it means by logged off. The Bandit doesn’t get to see her say “whoa!”. The last thing he sees is what we saw two pages ago. You’ll notice that the very last panel there is almost identical to what the Bandit is seeing. It looks like you can’t watch a person in the Game through the normal watcher mechanism.


Vote Incentive Brandon is so right. This is one of the first comics I’ve seen where the women all pass the Bechdal test, but NONE of the guys would pass. At all.


So, back to what’s actually on this panel… What is Bandit making The Dude do? Push Kleya’s buttons how? Is he going to outright accuse her of being Public Enemy #1, hacking the geomagnetic field, etc? Drop snarky hints that he knows who she is?

It’s interesting seeing Brandon back stage. His public persona seems all nice and inoffensive, but that’s clearly an act. On the other hand, Bandit’s outrageous arrogance also seems to be an act….


I think its not so much an act for Bandit. he just filters out the parts of his personality from his public persona that would cause him to look human. can’t have idols that appear to be anything lower than greek demi gods.