Really? She got impatient after that short time? I have to wait three times as long as that to view some particularly flash-heavy websites, and this is A: 3d. B: Using ones sense of touch as well. C: On a server probably getting a considerable load. I guess internet connection is WAAAY better in the future.

Tim C
“Fans are everything” is so oversimplified. Kleya’s fanbase already is just “the people who liked seeing the Bandit go down.” If people wanted a typical game hero, they’d be rooting for The Bandit, not for Kleya. Looking at the Starcraft II pro scene (in the early days), there was a player called IdrA, who was famous for raging and being a jerk to his opponents. He actually admitted in an interview once that he was playing up his own temper to make himself a villain and “make people care” about the SC2 pro scene by making it a drama. He… Read more »
Mr. Random

Are you hinting you want to see Kleya’s fans? Cause we kinda did. In the library. Before she went crazy at them. ANEEKA we need more fanshots!!!


Kleyas’ fans are probably like the 10,000 people enjoying this web comic. little could be done to get them to not like her . . . well unless they found out shes a hacker but that would have little effect on the readers I’m sure.


I don’t think Kleya will be losing fans over this anytime soon. (at least not by popular count)
Pissing off griefers / protecting the bullied is how she gained most of her fans anywho.

This of course won’t make her worry any less about being a ‘villain’ nor about being less than a ‘hero’


On the contrary. If she wants to act like a hero, sticking up for people is the way to do it

Open letter to Danni. Dear Danni, this had nothing to do with ‘sticking up for you’. This was all about pathetic anonymous acid pissers doing their thing. Their own version of attention-whoring (facebook anyone?). And Kleya pointing that out to them. If anything, it would make her more popular with people like me (never subscribing to anything, but I am donating whenever the cause is right). Anonymous commenting should be allowed for the sake of free speech. But you should also ignore such comments, like you ignore the dirt and mud underneath your shoes while you walk about. Regards, a… Read more »

How meta, a note of semi-anonymous self-awareness on semi-anonymous self-awareness!

…But then Kleya herself is playing a game of pretending to be someone else while loading her consciousness into a virtual reality–which we, the readers, would treat like a game in our own reality–in order to play a game within the game-like virtual reality, isn’t she?


Woah indeed…

While Danni is right, I think Kleya is also right. Yeah, she could have been a bit more tactful, but still.

Sometimes the right thing is the wrong thing to do, I suppose…


Or maybe the wrong thing is the right thing in disguise


Is it irony that the page isn’t loading for me right now, or is that what the note below the comment is actually supposed to mean?

Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special

Irony takes many forms. The only certain thing about it is that it always comes when it would be most ironic.


NaV in HD?

Also kinda like Danni’s reaction.


But does the Game play the Jeopardy theme while it’s loading? πŸ˜‰ (Or is my crowd the only one that hums that while slow pages are loading?)


And then it turns out the fans love it, just like we do. :3


She should keep sticking up for Danni in my opinion.
The hero does so even at the cost of there own

Some Smartass

I dunno, /I/ like Kleya more for standing up for her. πŸ˜›


You know, I don’t know why everybody is on Kleya’s case about the grumpiness. Even in the future I doubt that we’ve completely gotten rid of the ‘I hate my fans’ niche. A -different- persona seems like it would have its appeal no matter what it actually was.

“Woo! Treat us to your bitter indifference snarky blonde lady! We love you and are glad that you don’t care about that!”


She doesn’t hate her fans. She just dislikes the concept of fans: many wanting to know everything about you isn’t as good as it sounds unless you like the attention — Kleya does not.


You know, I’d think any fan of Kleya’s by now would be accustomed to dealing with the outbursts.


Any fan of Kleya’s is likly a fan because of her outbursts.


HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! sometimes the comments are better than the comic, and I love NAV. I like how most are defending Kleya for having a spine, but she is a big girl(figuratively). she will manage :3

I do applaud that most people do seem to believe Kleya did the right thing. indeed, all too often doing right has no reward but the one given by your own conviction. and also there are often no right choices, just a choice of which evil will be less heavy on your conscience. I believe we know which evil Kleya feels is the lesser.


She doesn’t just have a spine, she has a CYBER-SPINE!


What amazes me is that Danni completely doesn’t have a clue about Kleya’s motive for telling them off. It wasn’t pity for Danni, Kleya doesn’t suffer fools gladly. LOL – She doesn’t suffer then AT ALL!

Techno Gray

Oddly this page took me longer to load than usual. Go figure.


Jeez, Kattleya…(or is it with a C, Ms. Aneeka?)

Being a hero isn’t doing Good things, it’s standing up for those who want to do Good but can’t. That inspires people to do Good.

I mean, if you don’t want to be a villain anymore, the least you could do is wallowing in your self-pity about trying to follow the straight and narrow. True heroes rarely stop to think about it; they just DO.


Kleya did have fans who would be upset by this kind of thing, but she shook them off when she raged on the people being jerks to Mina.


Her near speechless expression in that last panel is so epic. πŸ˜€