Mary Shoup

Kleya? Or Danni? Either way this page is PERFECT!!


Cleya is so cool! Even when she’s doing what’s right she sounds egotistical and evil! <3<3<3

The Aussie Bloke

Angry Kleya is awesome Kleya, when she’s mad on another person’s behalf.

If other people think so, they may bully her friends just to rile her up for the entertainment value.


I’m so proud of Kleya for standing up for her right now! 😀


I think Kleya would do wonderfull on current day web forums, social media and news-site comment sections. Especially when a few creationists are caught up in some science news article.

“Pathetic. All. Of. You.” <- classy removal of the blindfold.

"Quit. Your. Whining." <- My new favorite quote (though I have said the same on many occasions, in many different wordings.)


Meh, those words are a spectacularly ineffective way to solve debates in general. It’s no coincidence that the quotes you use are also along the lines of what trolls use to stir up more conflict. (have I just been trolled? Hm, too much WIFOM…)

And yeah, ‘classy’ way of showing your disposition towards those who you disagree with there. Yep, those words will totally shut them up for good, because their totally like second-order formal logic statements.

It works here for Kleya to an extent though, because she is in a position of relative authority, of sorts.


Trolls dont try stirring up additional conflict, your thinking griefers… the line between the two is trolling is easily fixed and in the end is meant to be fun for even the trolled griefing is different as it involves completely destroying someone else’s hard work

As a forum admin in a number of sites, I can say that we typically use the word “troll” for someone who stirs up trouble “for fun.” I have never seen this kind of behavior change anyone’s mind or “make them think.” I classify it as bullying. What Kleya has done here is different. She’s not doing it for fun, or to start trouble. I don’t think this is the best strategy to change people’s minds, because people rarely listen carefully and think rationally when they’ve just been insulted, but as a way of stopping the attacks on Danni right… Read more »

1. Kleya did tell them off, but she did put a reasoned factual statement in the middle of her reply.

2. Doesn’t matter what she said. They aren’t going to listen.


Maybe they are going to do it in the future just to see her stick up for someone?

That Dude

It’s always fun to slam some evolutionists with hard facts. Good thinking.


Wait… He?


Oh right, Aquaman. I’m dumb xD


Waterman* d*** I gotta stop talking xD

Mr. Random

Please don’t.


Punctuated. For. Emphasis. <3


I love the super-villain vibe coming from panel 1. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine her as a super villain, but when she snaps at people it shows.


…I’ve been re-reading the archive, and I think of all the various L.i.F.e. expressions that Kleya has shown…I think the very last panel on page 101 is the best. The first view of reality-Kleya’s eyes comes in second, but that picture of Kleya’s avatar-face smiling shyly as she realized she did something heroic is the best of all of them. That’s the face of the heroine she wants to be. (I’d post this on the appropriate page, but the comment threads were locked long before I found this webcomic.)


I love Kleya’s reaction, of course, but it’s the expressions on Danni’s face that tickled me the most this time. 😀

I don’t need an incentive to vote, but a reminder (like today) doesn’t hurt. I suppose you could also add one of those social media widgets to your page template, so people could “Like” and “Tweet” and so forth. Let me know if you’re interested but need help setting it up.


When Kleya’s telling people off she is easy to imagine as both a villain and a hero, depending on the viewpoint.

And yay, we’re finally going to see The Game soon! 😀


You know what I really missed from Kleya’s (efficiently worded) outburst? Something like “omg so noobs”. Or perhaps I’ve just suffered too much at the hands of Internet *ssholes while gaming the past few weeks.

Mr. Random

“You. Are. All. Pathetic.” Page 99.
“Pathetic. All. Of. You.” Page 214.
I have a feeling she REALLY likes the word pathetic, when it comes to insults.


** Inside of Kleya’s Head**
>> Activate ‘Scorn’ Mode
>> –Scorn Mode Activated–
>> — Scorn Power now at 1000% of normal —
>> — Additional: Righteous Indignation at 579% —


its obvious her temper is one of her weak points. however, she is, in fact, just insisting that the crowd grows up. no villian or hero, just a person. a person, I think, who has more moral fiber in her than she actually realizes is there. cause it matters more to her to stick up for her friend then to play it safe and make sure to not do anything that could cost her popularity.


Does life have a ToS you have to agree to before you can use it with code of conduct stipulations? Can you be banned (either temporarily or permanently) like a user could from a forum or online game?


I’m gonna totally mis-use a Cave Johnson quote here “When ‘L.i.F.e.’ gives you lemons, DON’T make lemonade. GET MAD!!! DEMAND LIFE TO TAKE THE LEMONS BACK!!!!”

Well it seems to have worked for Kleya…

Mr. Random

Based on how skilled Kleya actually is… I think she could make Lemonades.


when life hands me lemons, I give people paper cuts then pour on the lemon juice. 😛


nice, I would just throw the lemons at people


or just hack the system, and put the lemons back in the system for someone else to be given.


but then you lose the experience of A) pouring lemon juice on paper cuts or B) throwing lemons at people = as fun a A. 🙂


true that! cause what great online adventure doesn’t involve experience? :3


You forgot the most important one Make Combustible lemons to burn (replacing “Life’s house” with “Teckna’s Servers”) down!! oh wait ignore that one….


I feel like anyone she would lose from this outburst would fade anyway once her initial burst of fame wore off.


Wild KLEYA used RAGE. It was super effective! ANGRY MOB is now paralyzed it may be unable to move!

Tim C

I don’t know that it actually had any effect on the mob – but it had an effect on Danni, and that’s what matters (to Kleya).