I just imagine Kleya thinking: “What the heck! I’m hacking her so she shuts up.” ^^

Hm. I used to think Saisuke and Bandit were the same person. Dr. Grace mentions that Bandit’s player was allowed to create Bandit as a new character, and Saisuke has been on hiatus. Now I wonder if Saisuke is Dad, who also has limited connectivity…. Nah, I still think he’s Bandit. 😉 I don’t really blame Mina for trying to get Kleya to hire her mom, and I don’t think Kleya does, either. Mina could probably do better in life with a softer approach…. But in the back of her mind she has to be thinking that if they don’t… Read more »

Well, being famous for someone else is better than being famous for yourself, for solving all those problems.

You don’t hear about all those rich people’s stage managers getting into so many problems, right?


Whoa Mina, getting a teensy bit ahead of yourself (and Kleya) there…
Still the question remains as to if Saisuke is daddy, or maybe even a step-brother? Obviously he’s some sort of higher up in TENka, because there’s no way that they’d just let someone unaffiliated get to the top under normal circumstances. The suspense is killing me!


Still not sure if Saisuke is connected to bandit, or a relative of Kleya’s, but I’ve thought since both characters were introduced that Seva is Saisuke’s equivalent to Kleya’s D…


I was thinking that today, too. Funny that I hadn’t thought of it before…. But Seva would need to be a pretty complicated program under manual control, an AI, or another player. I’m leaning toward AI at this point.


Well Bandit was able to program the twins, and they were perfectly passable as players, so I imagine they wouldn’t be the only realistic NPCs in either L.i.F.e or The Game….So I’m gonna go with AI too…


People tend to get ahead of themselves. And I’m annoyed by it. Yeah, this proves you’re doing a good job.

However, why is she saying it’s “slow as ever”? It seems it used to be faster/should be faster, but isn’t. Is this related to the methods she is using to move/her physical condition? Will we see reality pages of their family?


See this, this is why you don’t get involved with people. People are nothing but trouble.


haha, Kleya is not so happy with Mina deciding everything like this. I suspect her passiveness in this instance is because she knows just how badly they all need the money and popularity to get into a city. still, Mina is being rather selfish at this moment. hope it doesn’t strain things too much.

Well being famous solved Dannie’s problems for the moment at least. At least for now. The cities don’t seem to care terribly about Outsiders, mostly cause they’re likely buried in their own problems caused by the end and the hacker lynching. If Mae’s in bad shape, a city probably wouldn’t even bother to dig them out of whatever hole their in because they want able working outsiders to help out. So them wanting to hop to fame as fast as possible, well they may not have any other options. The more people care about you, the more larger governments will… Read more »
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Geez, girl, let her get a word in, would ya?