D*** it its taken 2 days but I caught up and now I want to kno what happened


Until Kleya can recode the movements that don’t require Mae to move?
If she’s forgotten, I assume that means that she’s had her avatar modified, and when they reset it, it also reset the mods.

I admit I’ll at least slightly miss Reality, the art was awesome, but I still like LiFe, and The Game. :]
*cheers on*


Seems suss

Some Smartass

Well, comparatively. I can see why everyone wants to stay there.

sophia the wolf

WOW this comic is so funny and has a lot of suspense. I love it!

Oooh! Can anyone say awkward? Reminds me of some moments logging into a MUD in the early 90’s. I was an immortal, so we didn’t auto announce when we joined, could log in not in the user list and our spawn point was settable. So I popped into an area well off the beaten track with a couple of people discussing privite thoughts. I was expanding that area as part of an upcoming quest. They couldn’t see me arrive in the room, but the discussion stopped when when I left and came back in. At that point I suggested the… Read more »

leprosy, she is losing her harm to leprosy. No cure for that. it’s ben describe to be very painfull due to having your limbs root doe to corrosive bacteria. Poor girl.


There is in fact a cure. The question is if she can get it. If she can’t she could still transmit it. I know there are plenty of people in 3rd world countries who lived through it and got a cure. They just need a care taker as it leaves them crippled after in all sorts of ways.


How do you know it’s leprosy?

S***, I can barely remember who she is. She’s the mom of the friend of the random chick or something, right?

I would say it was just a educated guess. but then we don’t really know what is actually is going on. she could have scurvy for all we know. or small pox made a come back. or a thousand other dieses most people don’t even know exist. perhaps she has gangrene and is gonna die of the resulting blood poisoning while stuff rots off her. point is, we don’t know. and its always worse when you don’t know. especially when you do know unless something changes the kiddo’s experation date will be real soon. let us say a lil prayer… Read more »

Mae Lilly is the one with the broken avatar:

Mina Lilly is the sister who likes to sing and is Kleya’s “Manager”

We don’t have much information about the mom and dad. We just learned the dad’s name a few pages ago. That still needs to get added to the wiki.

See, things like this are why I follow webcomics. I don’t need college or paid classes to learn how to write my ideas out in that certain way to capture the imagination and attention of the reader, as a self-taught artist I’m sure you can appreciate that. Yet my writing still remains something less than what is in my head, missing a spark of originality. So, on top of various daily writing practices and peer reviewing, I go out and see if I cannot FIND such sparks, and see what they do right. You have captured my attention as a… Read more »

Thanks for posting it here, or else I would have missed a fun read.
On the topic of (evolving) quality of webcomics, have you read TwoKinds by Tom Fishbach? Starts cliche and predictable, later he even (sort of) changes the protagonists since there is a better story to tell.

PS Obervation #345, we could really use a forum

^imma word ninja that’s why everybody likes me ;P I have, yes. I had heard about it from my friends, and it was one of my first webcomics alongside Bittersweet Candy Bowl and Girl Genius. Tom Fishbach is kind of entertaining, he has a sense of humor and he uses it, and yet of all the sexualization of the comic there are elements that would suggest that he’s somewhat sexually suppressed. The elements lessen dramatically after a certain point, but they remain. As if he was told, and tried to not do it anymore, yet just couldn’t completely quit because… Read more »
Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special

There is a forum on the wiki page. ( It’s just that pretty much nobody has posted there.


…Does Mae not have a left arm?

no idea. we don’t even know what is wrong with her. only that she is very not well. even if she has it, her condition may not let her use it. annnnnnd this page makes me feel ill. not because its bad but because you can see the cracks in thier facade. they put on a brave face, but how wretched their lives are is fast becoming obvious. kinda makes you realize why Kleya lets Mina use her in the ways she does. Mina is a decent friend, if somewhat opertunistic, and -reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally- needs to get into a city. for… Read more »

I liked your webcomic a lot! I can’t wait for the next pages :D!


panel 2:
So I assume the whole time she was logged out here character just sat there looking like it was passing gas?

I know its just her digital eyes adjusting to the game (which actually makes sense given here controller set up), but I am sticking with my original verison.


I have the feeling Mea is gonna have to wake up to the nightmare


The funny farm?/where everythings WONDERFUL ALL THE TIME