‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 205b


Once you've seen a super volcano, normal ones just aren't that exciting.


And I got fan art!! Actually, a fan logo! It's currently enjoying showing itself off up where my normal header rests so just scroll back on up to see it. After a while, I'll move it to the fan art section so if you're only seeing the normal header, head on over to the fan art area instead!

Look at the maps, it looks like Asia is gettig screwed. Kleya looks terrible, dirty, lacking decent nurishment and sunlight. Judging from her skin/lip colour she could take part in a zombie film. The art is excellent. Grewsome. She looks like an apocaliptic malnurished techno-wreck, with little left of a human being. Anyone would look like that in such a situation I guess. I’m curious to see if she actually does take care of herself now she returned to real-life. If she still has a pretty girl inside her, wanting love and joy. Or if she is a deteriorating wreck… Read more »
Squid Mushroom

Supposedly Cleopatra had a prominent nose too (^-^)


Is that what they eat? No fiber in stuff like that. But I guess fresh fruits and vegetables are hard to come by, and possibly VERY expensive. I’m going to enjoy my fresh fruits and vegetables today


There can be fiber in a liquid. What I’m wondering is whether this is the food mentioned in the to do list on the first page, or something the ship creates… E.g. out of recycled waste, or algae or something like that.


It’s driving me crazy now only hearing 1 side of the conversation, whereas before we could see the code breakdown and see why she was saying what she was. now it seems like she’s talking only to herself.


Well for all we know she could be receiving the replies in her brain. Note she hasn’t taken off that exo-skeleton suit thing yet.

Also there isn’t really anyone else to physically talk to her either, being alone on what I’m assuming is a ship


She looks a lot more haggard from the side and close up. Or more like, the haggard look can be somewhat dashing from a distance.


“Blegh! This mountain dew is tasteless!”


I thought the same thing.

The artwork on these pages is seriously amazing though, I almost wish you would put this much detail into the virtual world, but then it would both take forever and, well, wouldn’t be realistic to an escape from this sort of thing.

Anime fan

I shall call him Yoshi.


I like how you changed the style for reality.

Very impressive!!

Annaliese Lemmon

Just wanted to say I got my book today, and it looks great!


Considering how Kleya is talking to D, it would appear that D is very intelligent for an AI. Assuming this, Kleya could have possibly programmed D (or reprogrammed D, if he was made by TENKA).


I wonder if D is the code that she is trying to keep everyone else from getting a hold of, since he seems to be so heavily integrated into the things Kleya is doing.


I am thinking Kleya is tired of what I can only assume is essential amino acids in a bag.


I wonder if this is one of those comic transitioning phases that artists go through where they try to improve their skill and style. I’ve started a little comic project myself just to try and motivate myself to practice drawing more. Of course I got stuck when I needed to draw a close up of hands ha. Which means more practice, and learning!
Hurray for art!! 😀


I like the totally different style for the real world. It provides a sharp contrast between the bright, sunny virtual and the very bleak and dark real. A great way to show the contrast and how dark the real world has become.

No, I really don’t want to see the virtual world get this treatment.