Mr. Random

When you say left hand…do you ‘our’ left or … ‘her’ left?


So far, your depictions of Reality do not paint a pretty picture.

I can see the amount of detail you’re giving this part of the storyline. Can’t wait to see where it leads!


Ooooooh, does this mean that there is massive volcanic eruptions going on and recking the world? o.O


Wrecking. Like Wreck-it-Ralph.


D didn’t record any that shot ash into athmosphere this time. Progress!

Ok, magnetic poles moving, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes (we heard about those when the server crashed a while back) , that’s all consistent with a natural event. Normal solar flares would also be much worse with a weakened magnetic field. (Those were also mentioned in the server crash scene.) So, assuming Brandon/The Dude is wrong about Kleya hacking the geomagnetic field, it looks like the sequence of events (based on hints in both the web comic and the book) is: 1- TENka invents The Game 2- Kleya becomes one of the top players, ends up working for TENka, designs some of… Read more »

I have to wonder how you got that series of events.

Mary Shoup

Little clues here and there – in one of the first comics it indicates she hasn’t played the Game/practiced since before the ending. That implies it was already in place before the world fell apart and people retreated there.

Most of the clues are from the main comic, some are from the Annie storyline, some are from notes in the Kickstarter project and book, and a few are drawn from scientific references about magnetic pole shifts, which have happened many times historically. We know specifically that the Game existed before the Ending, and that people used it to connect after the Ending, until the non-game version was created (L.i.F.e.) We know that Kleya has a history with the Game prior to the start of the story. Bandit and Dr. Grace refer multiple times to her hatred of losing. The… Read more »

My reading of events is that Kleya’s showdown with the army happened before the Ending. Of course, I might be wrong.

There also the question of whether or not Kleya volunteered for anything she did with Tenka. Did they just decide to fix this experimental computer on her one day, without her consent, which sent her into a roaring rampage of revenge? Which ended with a showdown against the army. Perhaps during which the Ending happened, leading people to believe she did it?


Her causing the End of the World, or causing the Hacker War… both are very meaningful things to atone for, the first is more grandous, the second more personal. It depends on the flavor what would suit her best, and I’m sure our good author has planned it out very well.

Personally after reading both theories, I agree with you, I think Kleya’s group were at least connected to the downfall – people seem to hate Hackers so much it seems like they’re connected with the End.


That sounds like it’s very close to the plotline, whatever it is, I’m glad Kleya didn’t cause the end of the world – and it’s just as meaningful path to redemption if she caused everyone to want to kill all hackers which killed most hackers, but not her…


I think that what happened with the army was that she used that thing on her spine, which seems to be some kind of telekinesis device, to defeat them.

Drakanor Dream

I believe that by the looks of things 3 probably happened after 8. Just from what I have read and remember. Other than that; yea that looks about right considering Kleya apparent age. Most likely this happened within a several month span, hence why so much hate is directed at her.

I can understand how that series of events could occur to someone but I don’t think that’s very close at all to what our author is attempting. Well, glad to see I was right, ships are so nice for disappearing on, submarine is still possible but I have reservations there. GU food, it can keep you alive just about indefinitely just about anywhere (though you’ll probably regret it eventually). Hmm, this does change my view of what The Ending was. I’d been assuming a hacker driven corruption and shutdown of critical systems (Dr. Grace’s comments about the virus had me… Read more »

Maybe the polar destabilization, and volcanic eruptions were a result of the ending. I have my theories about what occurred. But will wait until I have more information to say anything.


That’s a great timeline, but given the level of hatred against the Hackers they were probably at least partly tied to the end events that led to the Ending.


Dunno…All it would take is for people to be convinced that they were tied to the Ending.


Really, all it would take would be for people to be convinced that hackers had been responsible for a lot of deaths and destruction. In a way, I think hackers would be in for even more hatred if they caused trouble after a global natural disaster. That’s a time when it’s important for people to work together, or no one is likely to survive.


Aaaaaanyway if ash is no longer being deposited into the athmosphere at alarming rates it should only take like a decade (or a few) for things to get properly warm again. Yay!


That sounds like a long overdue natural disaster happened (pull shift) do to a large gravitational disturbance (planet x theory anyone) the strength required for of which could EASILY trigger super volcano eruptions on the side of the globe the gravity welling object passed by. the only thing hackers could possibly have to do with it is sabotaging mitigation responses or perhaps merely delaying them and claiming credit to instil fear for power.