‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 203


I just have to say, you are all amazing! I'm so glad you liked Reality's art style!

Alas, I can't keep this up at 2 times a week  🙁  So there shall be a change in the update schedule...

Starting Friday, I'll be splitting the Reality pages into two. You'll get the first half on one update, and then the latter half of the page on the next update. So, basically, we'll be getting one page a week but still keeping the twice a week update. This will last until I finish up the Reality pages (most likely about 5-6 weeks).

So, re-cap: Updates still every Tues/Fri, but will be half a page instead of a full one. Will return posting full pages probably second week of January.

Thanks everyone!


“Buy now! [brandname] bionic implants!
Allways have your hacking tools at hand, or log into life from anywhere!

Broadband sattelite network requiers seperate service. Traces of possible criminal activities that are recorded on the internal memory may be used against you in court.”

Nice job with the hand, those are horribly difficult to draw.
Ar those magnetic shoes?
No problems with the slower updating pace, reality simply takes more time :).


I think that’s a great idea, Aneeka. 🙂

I get to keep my normal Tues/Fri morning schedule of checking the website and enjoying this awesome story continue. 😀

(PS: I’m glad you have that AdBlock header at the top; I turned mine off only for this website because I wanted to help show my support.)


Looks like magnetic boots to me. So we’re back to weightlessness… and I’m still guessing orbit.

However, on the very first page of the comic… http://navcomic.com/archive/v1-001/ you clearly see a keyboard and a monitor – another simulation or just story-changed-along-the-way?


That is the laptop that she uses in LIFE, for the drawing of her avatars, not reality… I’m only guessing here though…


It does have the “entering LiFE” thing, though, and she wakes up without a laptop on the next page.


then mayhaps its a program in LiFE???

That is a very cool apparently full body interface type deal. XD It seems better than a Kido, which as far as I can tell, is like those beds in Avatar (the blue alien one). But maybe the stress of trying to move your body that fast would make a difference..? It seems like she’s floating (using magnets?) and copying what her avatar in L.i.F.e. does; hence the sitting in mid air deal. Also, I wonder whose idea it was to outfit her like that? Tenka when she was their programmer? Does The Bandit have something similar maybe? So many… Read more »

Or rather, half a page an update. XD
Heck, I wouldn’t mind it half a week, really, since they look like a loooot of work to shade.

*gives Aneeka a cookie*


Ooooohhh, I want to see her face!

The art here is very well done, even if the story is moving slow, its worth it. Ok, some answers, seems to be some anti-grav device, which must allow her to move freely while in LiFe (and float in reality)(also probably more advanced then a kido). Can’t see her eyes yet, so assuming that the thing on her neck is some kind of neural interface, probably plugged into her cerebral cortex (this sounds smart, but you can probably find dozens of similar sounding things in numerous TV shows, books, comics, movies etc…). Anyway, this is so in depth, i can… Read more »
I’d just like to say that I am really enjoying this story. I am even enjoying the artwork. Yes, the in-L.I.f.e art seems simplistic…but when I look at the expressions of the characters, how well they convey mood and emotion, intention and subtext, it’s actually quite sophisticated. In a way, the simplicity of the lines and colors only improves the story, because it points up the fact that it isn’t actually reality for these characters. We can all see how the art of “actual reality” is going to take longer to get through, and that this point in things, the… Read more »

With the detail that’s going into these pages (you’re really trying for “reality” there), we can see that you need to space it out a bit.

What are those foot devices? Some sort of zero-gravity boots, or at least some sort of magnetic field generators?

Well, anyway, looking forward to the Reality storyline (I’m particularly interested in the the state of Reality in the strip).

Now I get it: Not lack of gravity – Magnetism keeps he floating. Maybe some form of Quantum Levitation/Quantum Trapping (search for that on YouTube; needs room temperature superconductors). Using this setup to float is a lot more comfortablre than using a chair. And now that I look at it, I also see that this floating harness and the connection at her neck are part of one, full-body construct udner the cloathing. So sitting in a chair would propably impossible with it. Also noticed that this gear is definetily Tenka Tech. Same Logo as on page 28 on neck and… Read more »

*nods* kay. the level of detail -is- much greater in reality pages. I have seen alot of web comics slow down to nothing or have thier creators take the dreaded hiatas cause they could not figure out their own limits. don’t try to force out that last little bit that may not be there, kay? be a -BIG- freaking disapointment if you got burned out and stopped NAV. proceed at your own pace and enjoy your creation ^^

(Am I first? 😀 ) Anyway, now the comment storm is over I’d just like to say the reality pages look awesome. They got a lot of atmosphere. And they’re so different from the other pages! Did you hire someone to draw for you? Come on, be honest… We won’t hurt you. 😛 The schedule change is unfortunate, but I guess it can’t be helped. I think the splitting is a good idea, tough. Now, for the actual page; are these levitating shoes? But there’s a chair RIGHT THERE. I think they’re connected with the device on her neck, am… Read more »

Hmm…guess there were a bunch of other comments awaiting moderation. 😐


Something about this new art style makes me think of old, not-8-bit-but-still-pixellated video games, like Castlevania or contra. I think it’s the shading, maybe?

Anime fan

First time I’ve commented, but. RL Kleya is really pretty. O.O


A split page per week? That’s going to be… awkward depending on how you split the pages.

Jonah F-G

Waiting significantly longer than a week would be worth it for this level of art.


Wow the difference in art style is amazing here! You did a really great job, especially with the hands as someone above said.

My personal opinion would be that I’d rather see one page a week, on Fridays, rather than two half-pages on different days. I read plenty of comics that update only once a week and I certainly don’t see a problem with doing it, especially for such a difference in how much you have to do with the pages. =P Ultimately it’s your call though!


Personally, I think I’d probably like it even more without her wearing the big, clunky shoes, but maybe she has a good reason to not be barefoot.

Loving seeing this. I have been looking forward to finding out about Kleya’s situation, from the beginning. And, have to confess, being in space was not something I had speculated on! Really liked the vote incentive too. Interesting seeing the evolution. My only problem being that Not A Villain and Grrl Power have been neck and neck for the last couple of months on the Top Web Comics list. Being a huge fan of both, it makes me feel guilty when my vote pushes one in front of the other! Even if my next vote restores the status quo. I… Read more »

on the subject of where she is…my guess is either under the sea(now you all must compulsively sing the song) or underground. either would offer fair amount of shelter and prolly not be worth looking at with the probable depth she would be at in either case. but as story progresses we shall see what the truth is 😀


On the schedule… I don’t know how you’d do half pages without messing up your process. Maybe the inked version Tuesdays, no text, and the final versions Fridays? Or you could go to once a week if you need to.

Hint to Kleya: if you don’t want hair in your eyes, grow out your bangs.

I’m halfway surprised she doesn’t have an IV and catheter arrangement, as well, but that would be risky to manage solo. And her body would still need to sleep sometime.


perhaps being half machine gives you super bladder powers?


Beautifully done comic. And I would also like to comment on your new “remove adblocker” sign… thanks for the reminder! I usually turn it off for sites like this but sometimes I forget, and I will support this site in any way I possibly can.


Wow. Coming from someone who hasn’t seen your other work besides this… D***. You took a huge step toward realism, and it looks great so far! I like the design on those shoes too, even if you don’t like drawing them 😛

Also, since I haven’t actually commented until now: I really love your imagination. You’ve developed such an amazing story, and it’s a feat to be proud of! Someday I plan on finally getting to work on my own story, then making a comic for it. Thanks for the inspiration! I look forward to the rest of your comic 🙂


She escaped to orbit?

Hah, that’s what I told everyone – that Kat is a supervillain, maybe I was right. 🙂
Honestly, I think it’s all the more awesome if Kat was part of destroying the world, or even the leader of doing so, it makes it so meaningful.

Anyway, yeah, the artstyle is gorgously detailed in reality. 🙂


it makes her road to redemption meaningful that is

She seems to have aged a bit btw. Hmmm, she’s got multiple implants; cool!


no wait, it’s probably not space. That’d make her food deliveries very obvious (unless some cities are in space which it seems they aren’t) and expensive.


oh wait, she is floating. Huh, she must either be in a very special facility, or in space.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… so either the food delivery was just to underline that she’s hungry or they have ways of making such extreme deliveries, or the special facility or space station is close to somewhere other vehicles go (like a mining colony or a research base close to town).


anyway, love the sci-fi!


she seems more subdued in real life. Guess this is part of why she’s escaping to LiFe, other than needing human contact.


I like the bookmark sold on Paypal, the art is great and her worried look is touching.


if you want to build a buffer, you can always take a week or two off to work on them and post fanarts instead or something? Other web comics I read do that sometimes, readers are often happy to submit art or comic snippets, and that way you don’t have to worry about pages 🙂


I just bought the ebook, so of course had to sit down and read it immediately. Then I came here to read the rest again. ^_^
And it occurs to me now…the symbol on her hand, and near the red button on her leg…that’s Tenka’s symbol, isn’t it? And Kleya has made insinuations that she worked with Tenka a lot the first time, before she came back with a new avatar…

Schedule: As has been pointed out, if it works for you, go ahead and do it, but if a page seems unbalanced or unwieldly when split, save it for a single update, I, at least, wont mind. Still speculating on location, aquatic is much more believable than orbital. As for the rig, beautiful reaction-tool style. I don’t think its cyberware (implanted) as others are positing, though I doubt its easy to take off or put on. Definitely has some neural connection as I’m not seeing any kind of headset, but its definitely lacking a reticular-activation system (RAS) override or similar… Read more »
well.. I know what I want for christmas.. fancy Tenka shoes, for one.. 😀 take all the time ya need, the sudden increase in quality is worth it, to me at least.. and everyone else you hooked as well, I’m sure :p observation time.. seems she has 3 pieces of equipment linked together, from this angle at least.. brain-stem and upper body going to the hands, 2 upper leg pieces, and then an attachment for her shoes allowing her to levitate.. Bluetooth is a h*** of a tech, assuming that’s whats being used to keep em linked together.. course, i… Read more »