‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 200


Mae is referring to her left arm that hurts quite a bit.


Several items to note:

#1 - Today's update marks my 200th page. My mind is blown.

The Wanted Child by Aneeka#2 - To blow my mind further, I'm taking a big step and releasing a book I wrote. It's called The Wanted Child and would probably fall in the YA Fantasy genre. Though the genre may be fantasy, my storytelling style is pretty much the same. You can find samples and/or buy the e-book at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, or Smashwords. I'm currently pricing it at $2.99 for you all to get an 'early-bird special'. Enjoy it while it lasts!

#3 - For the vote incentives, I'm doing a concept-sketch-series-thing of when Kleya took on an army. This will probably last a couple of weeks. I hope you'll like them!

#4 - You guys are awesome. I would never have gotten this far without you. Thank you so much for reading my comic!



Fire Hazard

Wow, Aneeka! A book? D***. I’m buying it now!

Tim C

At first, I was sad that it was only sold in Kindle format.

Then I remembered that I got a Kindle three years ago for Christmas and still haven’t opened it. Now, I just might…


Actually the Kindle Cloud Reader lets you read your Kindle books in a web browser on your computer. Also, this marks my second Kindle purchase (and there’s a third I’ll probably also pick up in the near future), my first was Behind the Masque – A Megatokyo Endgames Story as I’m a long time fan of the webcomic Megatokyo.


“files you needed last time”? “helping our Mae again”? So I’m assuming Mae’s avatar has glitched before then. interesting…
I’m with Mae. I wanna hear about Reality. I am intrigued.
Oh and happy 200th page! 😀


Yay, congratulations!!! \o/ Thank you so much for making an awesome webcomic!

Well, I have only one thing to say about this momentous, momentous update that involves not ‘only’ the 200th page (where we discover that Mae’s arm hurts a lot and no one will tell her why) but, also, a brand new book. That one thing is… Aneeka is your ACTUAL NAME??? O_O I was sure it was just a pen name, lol. But, seriously, picking up on my comment last update, this is certainly the sort of thing I would want to be honest about. Kleya can’t tell the whole truth (well, she could. We still don’t know her version… Read more »

yeeeeeeaaaaah, anyone else feel impending doom for poor Mae? the list of crisis’ seems to be getting longer.

haha, love the personality of the blob. so spunky.


#1 Congratulations!

#2 Will look into that, not sure if I can order it here though (unless it’s digital)

#3 😀

#4 You’re welcome, it is/was a pleasure


*reads better* it IS an e-book.


Congrats on your 200th comic! 😀
Honestly, I was in a bit of a bad mood and this and a funny picture I saw just before I came here have helped cheer me up. My thanks.
And something tells me that Mae is feeling phantom pains. O_O


Yay, page 200! 🙂 I’ll check out the book, too.

Back to Wild Speculation about the story… The timing here suggests that Kleya might feel an obligation to try to get Mina’s family into Sandra’s City. I don’t know as her clout with Sandra extends that far… Though it might if she’d be willing to help fix the programming in the City.

I wonder what the “transporters” from the previous page are? Probably not teleport technology, since Mae seems to think their building being buried in rubble prevents her family from having access. Big pressurized buses? Like an APC, only larger?

Seros Senric

Something I enjoy is all the times Kleya reacts to something just before it happens due to hacker-vision, such as this time her looking towards the entrance before the person entering actually enters.


Congrats on the 200th page.

and… I WANT TO BUY THE BOOK! But… never bought anything trough the internet (never needed to…), so, guess I’ll have to work on that.
Writing a book is way cool. I hope I get my book ready, some day…

The Merry Lurker

Happy 200th page! And congratz on the book!


I almost posted a lengthy rant about how the DRM on your book is making it impossible for me to read it exept on my notebook. But realized in time that would kinda kill the mood.

The book is pretty good so far (chapter 10) and I’d like to congratulate with this fine debut as a writer.

(*cries* just WHY?! You make a comic full with dangers of the modern digital world, and then force us to use ereader apps/devices that require full access to our most intimite details to work???)


O_O… Wow. 200 pages. I’m amazed at how far this comic has come(I started reading around page 62). You’ve done an amazing job so far and I only hope that you can keep it up for 10 more sets of 200 pages(That’s 2000 more pages, or about 20 years at the current update rate(A bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point(parentheses)))!


Aw, i thought i’d get to see De within the excerpt. Tavk is my favorite god already (the raincloud was hilarious). I just hope he’s not completely malicious towards Ki. She’s really unfortunate though, i hope things work out for her!

It’s really a pleasant surprise that you wrote a book! I wish you the best of luck with it. I’m nowhere near shopping online at the moment so that’s all i can say. You should consider publishing an epub version too.

Congrats on the 200 pages!!


Awww, I was hoping she’d tell Mae a bit, or at least that she doesn’t want anyone to know.


Congrats on page 200. Not sure if I have commented previously but you have a great comic. Yes, the art is getting better, but what I really like is the complexity of the plot and the multiple layers of what is going on. Great job. Keep it up.


Its like my parents live in their own separate world or something.

Also: yay for 200 strips.


OMG!! 200 pages that I’ve already read here?
Feels just like was last week I finded the comic and started reading, on the very start “Oh cool, look like a comic about VR, let’s take a look” and before I could notice I was almost everyday coming to vote while waiting the new pages @.@


HA! The family is eating her arm, that’s why it hurts. Sucks.


nah, bet she tastes bitter. that whole being a teen thing would throw off her flavor I bet.


Congratulations! I have been a silent fan since darn near the beginning. Your story and setting totally hooked me on the first visit and raving about you to all my friends. Really nice you have a book out too. And Aneeka is a lovely name!