In the last panel Kleya looks ready to bust out the eye lasers. The prospect of her possessing eye lasers is making me giggle. “Topic: avoided.”


I bet she could make an eye laser special 😛


I’m glad I chose Mae for my sketch, she seems dependable.


and her personality is probably naturally inclined this way, but being in danger of dying has probably strengthened her dislike of being left out of the loop.


Hmmm, she must hate/dislike real life a lot/substantially if she waited for Kleya rather than log off.


Mae can’t/don’t want to log because her real life body is baddly hurt or alike, I guess she could not move at all or like that.

You can check about that here ^^


I’ve personally never believed in treating kids like kids. By which I mean that I never, EVER patronize them. Kids don’t understand everything but that doesn’t mean you can’t engage them without making them feel stupid or that you are too good for them. I find if you just get past some mental preconceptions, it can be a lot easier to talk to younger people then ones around your own age. Unless you are the parents anyway.


I feel the same way. I only patronize people who I feel need to be patronized. Interestingly enough this tends to mean I have to patronize adults more than children. Adults have had a chance to learn how to be ignorant and close minded; kids have not.


wow, well said. although be careful about it. easy to get into a cycle of feeling superior, then you patronize all. just how was humans think, we don’t do thinks by halves well.


I’d love it if you could expand a bit on how to do that. And what mental preconceptions are you referring to?


wonder if Kleya is thinking of what to say. or to say the polite version of “piss off”.
thoughtful or rude, either is possible with Kleya. part of what makes her interesting, her faults make her three dimensional. ^^


“I’m practically sixteen already!”

OK, so she just had her 15th birthday…
Love Kleya’s expression in the last panel, could have been me when I hear someone complaining about their petty little problems when there are REAL issues and troubles in the world.

Nice incentive 🙂 You are taking it serious. Seems like I hit a nerve… was it the ‘Challange! I dare you!’ part? Don’t like to lose? (where did we hear that before? :P)


Man, every time i worry this story will have a really dark ending.


It will if we ever get to see The Ending 😀


Okay, now I’m excited to see how much Kleya is willing to share in a (supposedly?) empty apartment save for her and Mae. I think that if she has someone to talk to, without fear of judgement.


Oh, and when I clicked the vote incentive and saw the “Check back on Nov. 1 for a new blob!”, I automatically gasped, and now I can’t wait.
I didn’t even know that I had a gasp as an automatic response. Usually I just grunt.


gasps are involuntary. grunts general are not. you might not think about it before doing it, but some degree of self-control is usually involved.


Could she tell the truth? Would it count as harbouring a fugitive?

Had a dream last night, involving Kleya. It was a rather wierd dream, and a long one. She was going to a camp (in the system) with a ton of other people. She was still cold and all, of course. Later, they went to a place with a ton of people in it for dinner. She decided to leave early. As she was leaving, suddenly the place between areas was a highway, and she was on a motorcycle. Some giant hand from a user somewhere (a higherup) messed with the bike a bit and let her go. She was skeptical… Read more »

Thanks for sharing that interesting dream!
I never dream nonsense :(, only plausible events that are physically correct (so no flying 🙁 ).

(may I suggest you implement the use of paragraphs next time? Might make things easier to read).


I tried, though they don’t show up well. My favorite dreams involve stepping outside of the realm of plausibility. Some are where I’m doing extreme free running, running through swamps and jumping into bottomless abyses only to be saved at the last minute by an albino pterodactyl.

Annaliese Lemmon

Funny. I had a dream about NAV this week too. It involved Bandit and Kat v8 sitting across from each other at a large table in a restaurant, and they were arguing about why the other should win some battle between the two of them. Found it funny since it was so out of character.


Sounds funny!