Yea, we were right.
Waterman/aquaman/seaman was just cannon fodder.
ready to be blown to shreds to add a touch of drama, or to progress the storyline.

I’m glad Danni heard that Kleya was willing to forfeit for her before they got this news.


Sounds like Jane got *somebody* kicked off, anyway….




As expected. Now the question becomes whether or not WaterMan bot banned because Kleya didn’t vote on the ban. I’d imagine that, in the instance of a tie, the leader gets a second vote for the tie breaker.

If so, then I call bullcrap. Miss “Hero” makes sure the psycho gets a free path to stay on the team while the ONLY potential ally/decent person on the team, got banned.


Dude seemed like a decent guy =P


I can’t think of any evidence we have about Waterman’s personality other than his petition, which seemed like a pretty hostile way to start on a team. Are you perhaps thinking of The Dude?


that or nobody wanted him on the team and the other two member decided to vote him off 🙂


Wow… so “Jane” managed to get Waterman booted out of the Game?

Lucky save, if you make it out in time. Here’s hoping!


As expected Waterman gets kicked out and Dani gets in.


Sweet, sweet justice.


Nice incentive. I like how the comma in the first panel moves as well 🙂


haha, seems nobody likes waterman. at least we assume its waterman. anyway, assuming its waterman, he deserved it. his first action as a member of the team is to try to boot the leader? bad form.


im very happy for danni, i mean she just got a huge break lol

as for waterman…..wow sorry bud somehow i wonder what his story is like? but, u would think Kat V8 would be on ur side but she just doesnt care for being vindictive lol


I love the low-res pixelated look on the bot.

The Merry Lurker

Yikes, Danni! I understand you’re running off happily, but PLEEEAASE let Kleya lead the way! Dashing blindly through a glitchy minefeild gives my geekness a heart attack…

The Merry Lurker

happily/hopefully/for your life.. but still!


Love the incentive. Reminds me of my favorite episode of Clone High. “Say Whaaaaaat?” Also, I love this turn of events though I hope we see some of the impact on Waterman since it might impact him just as much- I love how we constantly see the feedback for Kleya’s actions.


well well well it seems that nobody like waterman since kleya never voted lol


I LOVE how Danni is shaking he head bot thing. that just made my life awesome. at least for the next 24 hours.


If anyone got kicked, my bet’s on The Dude.

Dr. Grace was pretty pissed about The Dude forfeiting, even promised to fire him. So that’s my guess as to what happened.


But the robot says it’s due to Jane’s successful petition. I suppose she might have petitioned kicking Brandon (a.k.a. The Dude) off the team, after the petition about Waterman, but we have absolutely no evidence of that.

(And I am also worried about the way Danni is charging around recklessly in an unstable area, but having her go pfft because she steps on a bug now would not be in keeping with the rest of the story… at least, I hope not.)


When dashing through an unstable area filled with lethal bugs, always remember to bring your super-hacker best friend along. 🙂

Tim C

Waterman wouldn’t vote The Dude off. Also, we-the-readers haven’t seen anything to suggest that there was a third petition, so it’s unlikely that there will suddenly have been one, just by the rules of narrative.

Seems a bit strange that The Dude and Bandit both would vote Waterman off, but I’m sure it’ll be explained.


good point but the dude seems like, well, a cool dude i am definitely hoping that aquaman/blueguy/waterman is the one that got booted.


I since we know a petition that jane made went through, and we know that the petition jane made before kleya went into university of the unstable was about waterman…it stands to reason that it was likely that one that went through. keep in mind that bandit and dude prolly don’t want drama of two team members bickering. since jane wasn’t booted, it was prolly waterman. I can see them getting rid of him just cause they realized he was gonna be a problem in the future. remember, they are TENka. no way they will let anyone slow them down.


Kleya just left without voting…
she could be the one booted out


unlikely. bandit couldn’t keep an eye on kleya if that happened. been hinted that in the past he was not a stranger of such 😉