Here’s to hoping that it’s just a message that says Waterman got kicked out and Danni gets his spot.


Tim C

In order for Waterman to have been kicked out regardless of Kleya’s input, the Bandit and the Dude would both have had to agree to it…

The Dude seems totally casual about kicking people off, but the Bandit is mostly concerned about the numbers. Danni is not more popular that Waterman, so I doubt he’d vote him out.

I suppose it’s possible, though, so… here’s to hoping!


Maybe the Waterman forfeited?




I’m hoping she doesn’t die, but if she really does die right now, you’ve portrayed the emotions perfectly. Because even if you know exactly when you’re going to die (think of people that are executed), when the exact moment comes, you’re rarely really ready to die.


Someones plug is going to be pulled… 🙁


You have been given the fifth spot.


There’s really no much to say. There are a few things that could happen, but I’m not sure what. Way to make me feel nervous and excited about Friday!


This doesn’t bode well for Danni. But could the not-quite-complete (read: bug-riddled (software-type)) university be her saving grace?

Or would Kleya use this to her advantage to save Danni? Don’t leave us hanging, please!


Silly Danni. This plan could work in the other direction. Kleya forfeits, Danni goes into the Game, and Danni hires Kleya to continue to write cool Specials for her, a new one every week. Danni does the art, so the Specials look good and please the audience, making both of them more popular. It could work.


This, I so much hope this. It would totally be a good idea


It would be both sensible and boring. Voted down! 😉


Boring ? Nope, it only let more place for other interesting things… like the story behind all this mess of a world… the plotting between the team members and their allies/foes…


Kleya doesn’t want her specials being noticed so she would not write a new one for danni( or herself for that matter ) very often so not going to happen.


another possiblity is that waterman quit cause he doesn’t like (bloody)jane. but lets not hope on it. better to plan for the worst and be surprised by the best, should it come to that.


The announcer-bot is started to remind me of Max Headrom.


Personally, he reminds me of a Terminator. He’ll always be back.


im thinking kleya is thinking about how her hacking could be used for the good, like a vigilante kinda hero 😀


So sad.


hacking won’t help in the long run. they will find out eventually, off danni and capture kleya. which could either end with kleya dying or being manipulated depending on who in TENka got to her first.

hacking is just a bad option because it will reveal her. while kleya obviously has blood on her hands, I feel TENka isn’t innocent in the matter either. so we don’t want them getting her. at least she obviously feels remorse.

just wait and see what lightbulb head bot has to say first. maybe its good news instead of the anticipated bad news,

Fear the Swans

No matter how much Kleya hacks, she can’t save her if in reality someone comes up and executes her. Kleya can act out in revenge after, but she can’t stop them killing Danni if she isn’t physically there to stop it from happening.


Where is all this talk of dying coming from??? Isn’t she just being forced back into reality?

Anyway, Kleya could join waterman and vote out jane/bloodymary, opening up another place, yes? Then she could hack this messenger thingy, using the messed up library, to give Danni more time to take on the new spot.


The page before this one. Someone who is considered a liability and being forced out for several imported outsiders.

So basicly, someone incapable of sustaining herself in one of the cities is thrown out to fence for herself in an even more inhospitable environment. Which reads as certain death for most people here.


Well, he’s Aquaman or ‘mageboy’ with a water theme guys, he’s gone, trust me. There’s a reason he has what must be a purposefully lame setup.


As someone who’s roleplayed a mage with affinity to water, I can tell you that there’s nothing lame about being a water mage. Drowning enemy midair ftw! 😛


so your saying hes kinda like aquaman of the justice league 🙂


If I had to pull the plug on someone in that situation I wouldn’t tell them ‘it’s time to go’, I’d not tell them and just do it. Only someone who likes to hear people beg and plead makes people do that. Its why police are trained that anyone who points a gun at you intends to shoot you. There is only one purpose of a gun. To make holes in what you point it at.