Kleya certainly doesn’t have a perfect life, but I really don’t think she should give Danni all the details…. I don’t know what she could say that would help, though. If they had had any real friendship in the past, Kleya could just keep insisting that she’s there for Danni, and after Danni gets the hurt out of her system (probably by being pretty darn unpleasant for a while), they might be able to talk. But that doesn’t fit Kleya’s personality (or maturity level) very well.


covering her bases there šŸ™‚


the best thing kleya can do is just be there for her, even if its just to listen. Sometimes that is enough to feel someone’s pain


murder is the only solution. ban waterman or blodyjane




anyone else get the feeling that those two are way too similar for their own good?


Need more. Scenes like this are why I love this comic. Had to stop talking to friends I’m hanging out with when I saw you updated. I’m addicted.

I get the feeling that danni is really Kleya’s mom in the real world and survived by some freak experiment. That’s why she suddenly stopped and had the scene with DANNI and her MOM and her saying, ‘sorry, mom. I only wanted to win, or something like that. But you know, It could just be the fact that she realized nothing and i’m an idiot. By the way, the rate of comic is too slow… šŸ™‚ I know other authors normally get the books out first, and then post every other day, or 5/7 days a week, which is a… Read more »
[RANT:ON] A lot of webcomics don’t have a printed version, even if it’s their author’s wish… Digital copies are more common, but seldom you’ll see a FREE webcomic having a sellable copy. When there is a book, it’s more often than not an anthology of what was already online, because a book is expensive to produce, and you must be sure it will be bought by someone. Usually, this someone is found in the ranks of the ones that already know about the story and love it. I don’t know a lot of already published books/digital copies that are then… Read more »
“Iā€™d love to know about the webcomics you read” I don’t know if you were talking to the public in general or a specific person, or if it’s okay to post them in a webcomic posting thread but here’s a number that I read (By the way Aneeka Not a villain is my favourite comic out of 21 webcomics I’ve read to the most recent update, so this should not be interpreted in any way as me saying “check out something better” because I like this comic the most) Anyway for Dralou’s convenience here’s a list of webcomics I’ll recommend:… Read more »

Doing the web version first allows the author to see comments. The author can make corrections or improvements before the final version is printed. Or the author can decide there’s nothing worthwhile in the comments and close them.


The speed of updates doesn’t bother me, to be honest. Sure, it would be great to have an update every day, but I know that’s usually not doable. Two times a week is already nicer than some other webcomics that I faithfully follow, and if it allows Aneeka to keep up this pace without completely stressing out, then I’m all in favour for it. šŸ™‚


i get the feeling that waterman is about to get burned.


Who don’t love to be worried with someone and get a “oh you…” look on finding she heh