I love the vote incentive!


I see now why Kleya was so surprised to learn where Danni was… this isn’t a hospital, it’s a derelict building about to come down on their heads. I suppose the system won’t really look here to kick Danni off, but on the other hand hanging around here is passive avatar suicide. As well as physical suicide, if she doesn’t log out to eat. Though I suppose her body may already be on life support…

BTW, the thumbnail for your vote incentive goes directly to the image, not to the voting page. (I voted anyway, of course.)

Michael Corley

Really enjoyed that first panel.


A wild Danni apears!

BTW laughed a lot on the incentive comic of today! =D Well done!


I want to know what would happen if one walked on one of those “alert” paths.

I also want to know how their programming is structured so that errors like this are even possible, but considering that their society reacts to anyone with any programming ability by labeling them as criminals, I guess it shouldn’t be surprising at all.


My thoughts exactly 😛


This is when you remember you’re reading a webcomic. It’d been doing great so far, so let’s just overlook this small detail.


Haven’t you ever seen websites with links to nowhere? Or played games where you fell through the floors? Or walked through walls?

Anyone who’s been playing computer games in the 1990’s (or, if you’re too young for that, to have played computer games FROM the 1990’s), should be familiar with what me and my brothers dubbed a “virtual error”, in which the game graphics bugged (sometimes very spectacularly, other times merely causing a game crash) one way or another, or where you could “slip into” the landscape due to a slight error in the coding… of course you had to know practically the right pixel to poke at for it to happen… now I really want to know if someone’s made a… Read more »

Actually I work with building video games, so I understand exactly why someone could fall through a floor, and that specifically came to my mind. I’ve made maps that have that exact problem. But if the system as a whole is operational and solid then it doesn’t make sense for “one map” to have that problem, or else that problem would be very easily fixed.

I’m not going to “take points off” from the comic (unless they were to try to use an illogical explanation, but no explanation is acceptable) but I’m just saying that I’m curious.


Kleya says it’s a “patch.” That may mean this area isn’t using the same code base as the rest of the system.

Maybe it was a prototype for embedding skills in someone’s avatar, or even directly into their brain? Maybe Danni is there to try to heal neural damage, or something like that– highly risky, but not simply suicidal.


Or maybe she just wanted a place to pratice and to be fully alone when she wanted, a dangeous place like that would be perfect for that.

Like now after having “almost” got to the game, and being her last chance to stay on L.I.F.E. lost, so she run to her special place to be alone and all =/


So sad I discovered this comic late and missed so many incentives. But they totally make it worthwhile to take the time to vote. Hilarious.

The Merry Lurker

Go to the “Extras” page up top– the old inscentives are posted there! XD


Bahahaha, that vote incentive made me crack up!


Kleya should fix the broken bits, surprise the entire game with a finished university.


repeat after me class. “Hacking is not magic.” There you go, just keep repeating that to yourselves until you believe it 😛


Dark have a point, and also, she would need proper acess to be able to work on the broken code, sure she could also just hack for it but, considering that people fear and hate hackers, would be a bad bad idea, just think about, she do a LOT of hard work on that, and when she go show to the people they look angry and start running after she and try to kill her for that! Not good >.o


Basically, what Darkening said. Just to demonstrate, here’s the simplest program you can make in C++.

01 #include
02 using namespace std
03 int main() {
04 cout<<"Hello, World"<<endl;
05 return 0; }

All that did? Was print "Hello World" on the screen. To the console (think that window that pops up if you run MS-DOS), actually. If I want to create a window, or actually draw something on the screen, it gets far more complex.

Programming is hard. Kleya's a good programmer, but she's no miracle worker.

Stig Hemmer

Hacking is not magic.

As somebody said on a previous page, Kleya is not an artist. This area needs lots of graphics work.

As for the programming work, she could do that, but it would be a *LOT* of work. In an ideal world, somebody would pay her a lot of money for doing that. This is very far from an ideal world.

She might disarm any “land mines” in the area though as a nice community service.


That was actually me on the last page.


If they keep it active, but don’t work on it it may be that it holds some unseen properties that they find useful.