Doing something charitable entirely so somebody will like you again.

I wouldn’t be calling it selfish if I thought Kleya gave the slightest crap about money


Well she should give more than that about money, after all by what has been showed everyone still need to buy food and suplies for their real bodys outside L.i.F.e.




She wants D to stay?

“D” is HackerVision?

Anneka, is D Hackervision?

Woaaa. O_O

So that would mean that her ability to predict moves is related to that. I thought that D was just a program she made, not something she was directly interacting with. Wow, that changes a few things, if true.

Also, good to be back to the LiFe game.


Actually, think she was going to say, “D, stay away!” but then saw the ‘university’ and did a double take.

(Gathered from the ‘–‘ after ‘stay’)


Indeed. It could also be interpreted as ‘stay!’ like a chiding command at a pet.

The Merry Lurker

I thought maybe “D” meant Dani, but that makes more sense. Now I’m not sure.


I think “D” is Danni, and your seeing Danni’s wisp of code as she leaves.

As for the ‘university’, text on code webs have been buttons for options that Kleya could do, or Message boxes alerting Kleya (see page-107 for a good example)
to current events. In this case I’m guessing that in this case its alluding to where Danni is going.



Daemon. That’s what it is. A background program around to perform a certain function or help out.

Uh oh… Now, I’ve never actually done it, so I wouldn’t know, but I’d say that talking to someone you just crushed the hopes and dreams of is ever so slightly awkward. This following discussion is probably not going to be an exception. Also, I find the message numbers interesting. Sure, it’s hilarious that Mina left 11 messages, but I’m somewhat distracted by the fact that the person who beat Kieya’s partner and Kieya’s sponser herself both have messages for her. If I had to guess, I’d say Sandra is annoyed by her not telling her fans how her Special… Read more »
Alex C

Waterman is one of her teammates in the Game now. It would make sense for him to congratulate her and introduce himself.

Eh, let’s see… Danni is out 3,5k, but got a reward for finding Kleya, money for reaching the quarterfinals and a special from Kleya that she can continue to use since it just boosts her stats. However she is depressed because she’s out the easy Game entry, and may be disturbed enough at the moment to think Kleya won’t help her in the future and just forget her for the Game. Still, if she kills herself it’s pretty much her own fault, she’s made a big step towards joining the Game and probably a handsome profit even before Kleya shows… Read more »

What makes you think Danni’s going to kill herself? The only piece of evidence I can find in this page that hints that that’s her intention is the fact that she has messages disabled, but that could just be because she’s upset but not depressed enough to commit suicide.


well, she probably won’t kill herself, but I’m prepared for the worst. At any rate she’s probably really upset and not wanting Kleya’s attention, hopefully because she doesn’t want the pity and not because she thinks Kleya almost let her win on purpose or something.


Anyway, I don’t think Danni is ready for the game, some more specials and tutoring in combat instincts from Kleya and she might be able to win a Life tournament in a year or so.


Still, I feel sorry for Danni of course. Hopefully she won’t go all psychotic, though given that she’s turned off messages she might even think Kat did that on purpose.


Oh good… She didn’t really rip up BlooJane’s avatar. (I guess that’s good….)

So D is providing Hack-O-Vision? That’s interesting to know. I hope Danni isn’t in a suicide ward at the university hospital or something.

I don’t think money is going to make Danni like you, Kleya…. And the fame and popularity of the Game are illusory. At this point my best hope is that Bandit (who I’m still thinking is Saisuke) has a better plan, like some kind of underground rebellion against TENka.


D is autonomous? Iiiiiiiiiiiiiinteresting.


I can’t really say much on this update. Too little information.
But, speculation is in order. Could we assume that D is an entity on his own that likes Kleya (like a pet?) and just told her where Danni was. I mean, this is what I can gather from what I see.
Or maybe that was just Kleya complaining to D meddling with her information gathering.
Now, let’s hope things go right for once… shall we? I really want next update :\


Check the Characters page guys, it’s on there for some time u.u

“Name: Many names. Kleya calls him β€œD”

Info: He (technically an β€˜it’) is an AI who does a lot of stuff in the background and interacts with Kleya quite a bit.”

D it’s Kleya faithful companion for the quest of being a hero, even if he usualy is making that hard for her with the temptation to hack most of the time heh

Thanks for pointing that out, D’ravem. I’m sure that this info wasn’t there when I started reading the webcomic but seeing that took care of the few remaining doubts I had. I’m super excited to find out that the mode that I dubbed “HackerVision” is in fact D and I think it makes the previous page even more enjoyable now that I know that it was a super powerful entity that was tormenting Kleya. D, it seems, has a dark sense of humor. Reminds me a lot of Castle Hetrodyne from the Girl Genius webcomic, actually. Anyway, D is officially… Read more »

But I must confess that I also din’t know D has the “hacker vision”

PS: In truth D is from D’ravem u.u

PPS: Not truth (I guess XD), maybe Dragon?


I’m pretty sure Kleya made D.

Also my theory is that one of D’s many names is also “The Virus” that everyone is so scared of.


Well, Dr. Grace said that if the Bandit hacked, it might cause the virus to shut everything down. When the hacker attacked Danni, D shut down the servers. That gives a lot of evidence in favor of your theory.

That was my theory, too. And I thought it was a bit disingenuous for the TENka crowd to be calling D a “virus” if its primary purpose (or one primary purpose, anyway) is to prevent hacking. As a couple of us have speculated, TENka may not like D because it prevents *them* from hacking, i.e. changing the rules whenever they want. On the other hand, if D is also the provider of Kleya’s Hack-O-Vision, I guess it isn’t quite an anti-hacker utility, or at least that’s not all it is. And let’s not forget that “the virus” apparently caused death… Read more »

I bet Kleya built in an exception for her. But yes, I have always thought D was the “virus” that Dr Grace and Bandit spoke about, and this pretty much confirms that theory.

Either Mina or her sponsor is certainly calling from Stage Left.

I’ve always been concerned about Danni’s mental health, after what little we’ve heard about her. She was so obsessed with getting into the game – willing to sell out her partner – that loss can sometimes cause a psychotic break and lead to severe depression.


Huh… I didn’t think of it as her selling out her partner… but she did tattle on her identity.


D: Hey! Hey! Look! Listen! Fight! Hack! Win! Win! Win!


With that set of verbals I guess D won’t have the same ethical parameters as Kleya.


Well guys, we don’t know Tenka is evil other than their cheating and the murderous AIs they’ve got running around… ok, that’s pretty bad. But otoh Kleya’s group Deconstruct Me might have been responsible for the near-collapse of civilization.


I still doubt Kleya ever led a terrorist organization. Those in power tend to (at least these days in the modern world) label anyone trying to upset the status quo as “terrorist”. I feel that Kleya (possibly & co) tried to change the world order, but it failed catastrophically somehow, with her ending up as (mass)murderer.


I didn’t say terrorist, as in targeting civilians, but rather being responsible for the collapse of civilization.

On your side note, governments today actually show far more restraint than those of the past; going so far as exercising catch and release with pirates over PR concerns.


Anyho, I think if I was Kleya I’d give Danni training, and give the money to Mina’s family (after eating more healthily).

The most often mention theory is that Danni is taken care of by her parents and unable to move in real life (hopefully it isn’t just that she hates fieldwork or is somehow disfigured and doesn’t want to be seen in real life), but she has time to learn how to get into the game with Kleya’s help. Mina’s little sister otoh may be dying soon.


What strikes me as interesting here is that Kleya seems pretty naive/ignorant of human interactions. Like she wants people to like her, but only understands the basic superficial things that go into it, like someone who’s seen it on TV and thinks it is good, but only has the stuff on TV to go by. I suspect that this disconnect — this inability to really comprehend other people and their feelings — may have been the root cause of a lot of her troubles as well as the troubles she caused.


Well, that disconnect is pretty common these days in people who are truly web addicts and don’t have close relationships (not necessarily the romantic kind) in real life. When you only see others as game avatars or text online, you may forget that there are living, breathing people on the other end of the connection.


Hm. Sort of like Aspergers. Or some forms of attachment disorder.

“Everyone will like me again” suggests that she thinks everyone *did* like her at some point. I have to admit that line struck me as extraordinarily immature– it’s the kind of reasoning I might expect from a 7 year old. Annie the ex-blob showed more strength of character in her origin story.


Hey, I have high-functioning (or not) Aspergers and I don’t give people presents as substitutes for proper interaction.



Anyway, as to your analysis of her wording… yeah, that shows an incredible lack of maturity. Perhaps what she means by ‘like’ is ‘not hate’ though… and perhaps with just the people around her rather than the whole world. Then again with her obsession with heroism does corroborate your idea, she certainly wants to be both positively adored by a large number of people.

Sir Read-a-Lot

I find it interesting that when D shut down the hacking attempt on Danni’s special, Kleya implied that the drastic reaction was because it was a special that Kleya designed. But if D only reacts to threats to Kleya, shouldn’t his (it’s) intervention been a major clue to Dr Grace and Co. that Kleya was connected to the special?

(Possible solution: D shuts down all hacking it sees, but only notifies Kleya if it’s connected to her, thus her reaction).