Never mind “not happy”– Dr. Grace is a moron.

OK, I know that isn’t fair. She almost did hack, after all. Bandit’s expression is priceless.

But now BlooJane is the team leader? Blech! I feel sorry for The Dude and the rest of the team!

Oh good, she lost. Now all we need to happen is go get Bloody Jane disqualified and then not only will Kleya become the leader but her friend can be added since she just missed the cut. Seriously, why is Jane even allowed to compete again when she was just kicked out of the game already? Anyway, you go Kleya! Now you can see how cheaters never win. “But I lost” Trust me, you won by losing! 🙂 Also, character growth! Now we don’t have to worry about Kelya being obsessed with winning all the time as this incident probably… Read more »

If only mental problems were fixed that easily 🙂

Alex C

Jane is allowed to compete because they can’t prove that she’s really Bloody Mary.


Alternatively, doing a complete reset with a new avatar and going back in is a legal move.


Man Kleya must have been a SERIOUS problem for Dr. Grace to be THIS considerate of her being that kind of “perfect” and “infallible”.


Well from what I understand, her desire to win all the time ended up getting her mom killed. That is some serious issues, considering it’s also pretty obvious Kleya loved her mom. The simple fact she even still wants to compete and win after doing so got her mom killed and Danny out of the game is a testament to how important winning has been to her. Sad really that it could have such a high priority.


“Wait, it couldn’t be… is she trying the no-cheating tactic? How devious!”


“Wait… what? No cheating? B-but that’s CHEATING Dx!!”


I love how Dr. Grace is so sure that Kleya is the one he wants that even if she does something completely different, he explains it away as a new tactic.


When you want something to be true, especially something you’ve wanted for a very long time, you grasp any straw rather than believe you’re wrong and you still haven’t got what you want.

Although, to be fair, Dr. Grace is 100% right. XD


Well… maybe not. Maybe it’s not Kleya he’s after but someone else, with a similar mind-pattern.

I know, it’s more and more difficult to defend this position as time goes by, because he knows her so well, but I still want to believe in some sort of ironic fate…


I guess it’s safe to say he really doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. Grace should read more, starting with Sun Tsu. I wonder how much this era has lost in terms of literature and does anyone still read beyond text messages?
A question about the site, did you make the alterations to the webcomic template yourself?


Ah Dr Grace you’re slipping up, it sure doesn’t sound like you at least didn’t think it was her.


Virus… he must mean her D4 dragon AI or whatsitsname.

Squire James
And now the shame of Not Winning will set in… that may trigger its own traumatic episode or a flashback or something (which if so I hope is kept brief). Those silly Game rules seem to indicate that one’s tactical ability in solo combat is some indication of leadership ability. In a way, this should be good for Kleya… at the very least she will likely have Bandit and Dude’s help in keeping Bloody Jane in check. Waterman has “instant victim” written all over him… no investment in his character at all except he was the guy lucky enough to… Read more »

Whoa, she lost. Didn’t expect that.

So now I guess we get to see more Jane.


Eh, we were going to anyway if we do actually see the Game. (something tells me we aren’t) Jane was already in the team, they were just fighting for the Leader’s spot


I love the look on Dr. Grace’s face when Kleya loses.
You draw expressions wonderfully.

Kind of underlines that the rules of the Game are more geared to ‘what will keep people watching’ rather than what actually works. Case in point, leadership based on a fighting tournament — even though the ability to lead is not related to that at all. So now we have Jane, who may be very good at the stabbity stuff but is an a-grade psycho when it comes to people, in a position of authority. And based on what we’ve seen, the runners of the game see that as a *good* thing, because people will be watching to see what… Read more »

On the other hand Saisuke is the most popular in the Game.

You need your mix of psychos and mentally stable characters ; )

that one guy

What category does Kleya fall into then? I mean sure, she’s not a psycho, but I wouldn’t call her mentally stable either.

Tim C

Is Saisuke sane, though?


The Bandit is so cute when he’s worried about Kleya. Tehehe.


She’s a wild card. 😀