glad she didnt hack that will mess up evil bald guys plans lol

Justin Allen

I <3 her for not giving in, even if it's just because her conscious guilted her. 🙁


Aww… Kleya! Being confronted with your past at the worst possible moment. She needs either some urgent flash of inspiration, or a miracle…


Thanks for your answer on the last page Mary. 🙂

It’s a big difference on whether Danni is crippled or not though, it’s rather childish to commit suicide in real life because one can’t engage in one’s profession of choice.

I think she stated something about the Game being the only place where she could really earn money. Hmmm, I’ll go through the archives. : )


No problem!

It does seem kind of childish, but even her parents mention that they have no other way to make money (when lending the money to Kleya for the Death Match), so maybe the injury also prevents field work and her parents are too old? There’s a lot about Danni’s past we don’t know.


Hmmm, no it seems she just wants to stay in Life. Kleya could save others who are actually starving… but then again she knows this one personally I guess. : ) (Nice way to run out of money though, but maybe Danni can get in eventually if she’s subsidized by Kleya… – I hope she’ll start feeding herself properly first though.)


Wow, I’m reading through the archives and 359 is almost two week’s worth of food, which means the fine for napping, 3500, is almost 9,75 weeks worth of food.
That’s… harsh.


Poor Kleya, scammed her friend for a while instead of hacking an extra zero… might’ve been a good idea though, they’ll be looking into her finances I guess.

Her friend’s also taking care of her whole family.

Danni can probably get in, in the future if there’s 5 open slots and she’s subsidized… but not if there’s just 1 or 2 or even 3 slots I think. Well, unless Kleya makes a better special for her, but she’ll be quite busy in the game I imagine.

Welp 4 posts, I’ll stop filling up this space.


Oh one last message… I was wrong about the earlier conclusion. Danni’s parents state ‘she can’t make money in real life’. 🙁
And then she says ‘dont worry. I don’t lose.’ mwahahahaha!!




Sorry, turns out… Danni did already get paid!! By turning over Kleya to the social group offering a reward for her ID!


If she activated her special right about now…


OMC??? Are her hands up? Is is that “the posture”? HAS HER SECIAL BEEN ACTIVATED???

Or did she hack? So confused what’s going on here…


That is, in fact, the posture… but she deactivated the special, so I don’t know if it’s dormant or not.

I guess we’ll find out.

However, if this is a killing blow, it wouldn’t matter, as the special doesn’t protect her from damage, only issues more to the other guy.

Regardless, I’m glad she didn’t hack. (At least, I think the ‘sizzle’ is her stopping the hack attempt she was about to make.)


man i knew this was goin to happen, poor Kleya, but character development has to happen

Eh, she needs to learn how to accept a loss. Her inability is a big flaw even. Btw., I was reading through the archives when I came over Kleya defeating Danni and most people in the comments section were disgusted with her, which was weird. I mean, granted Danni is really nice, but Kleya has done her best to repay her and it was a fair fight, and it’s not like she intentionally paralyzed Danni’s character like she is in real life (and even so I can imagine there are situations (perhaps lag if that doesn’t take you out) that… Read more »
Anyway Kleya might throw a match out of kindness, but that distorts the game… the Game’s popularity relies a lot on the popularity and skill of its participants. Granted there’s nothing wrong with a well engineered market distortion (in the form of a competition in this case), but throwing her match to Danni would have been crude and likely to net them less game time as Kleya is quite the survivor. A better idea might be to tutor Danni in how to fight with style and make her more specials in her downtime (for a moment I thought the Game… Read more »

Oh sh@t, this is serious!


Omg that reality style coloring is gorgeous! 😮 Huge difference compared to the original above 😮


Awesome story, finded it at randon yesterday at ink and had read whole at once!
I’ll be waiting every tues and friday for the updates!
Great work! ^^