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Aha! I knew the dolls would grab onto her, I’m assuming that jab means Kleya got stabbed by the sickle, and now the dolls will climb over Jane’s shoulders and launch themselves at Kleya. This is either the end of Kleya or she activated NICE right before she was (I’m assuming) stabbed, which could give her a chance to win, but that seems unlikely, what with bandit trying to mess with her. So if Jane does win, that would make her a team leader, it would be crazy if she chose to have Kleya on a team with her. If… Read more »

Actually, if Kleya does win, she’s not necessarily team leader. She’s on the Losers grid so she only needs to lose once for Bloody Mary to win. Bloody Mary is on the Winners grid which means she needs to lose twice for Kleya to win.

that one guy

Yeah, your right. I looked back and it explained it on page 84. So if by some miracle Kleya does win this fight, she has to fight Bloody Mary again… Kleya can just never catch a break!

YES! Oh man, I was hoping that they weren’t that stupid to kill Jane but given the poor pathing that allowed the dolls to be taken down like dominoes, I didn’t want to say anything last page. Again, we see the result of poor planning on Kleya’s part. If she had bothered to ask ONE person that knows anything about The Game, then she’d know how these dolls work but, oh no, lets just make a special and wing it because who could possibly come up with a counter for something the great Kleya made? Maybe if she could hack,… Read more »

It wasn’t poor pathing. Most people wouldn’t have a special that would kill all the dolls at once. The doll attacks would be staggered, and the dolls wouldn’t line up.


That is… a really good point, actually. I’m impressed. Thanks for pointing that out.


Ha! I just knew that wasn’t going to work. Kleya is definitely in for some hurt now. If she’s going to win, she’ll have to be very clever to keep from hacking.


Cliffhanger moment!


And a Friday the 13th, at that. 😉

I’m guessing BlooJane swung her arm down and jabbed Katv8 in the thigh with the sickle. Bummer. That probably won’t be enough to end the match on the spot, but it’s going to up the temptation to hack. (Do players bleed and continue to take damage in the Game?)

If Katv8 grabs the sickle and still has it at the end of this round, does she get to keep it?

The new blobs are great!


Uh-oh… No Nice, no tactical advantage. What’s a hacker to do?


Oh i like the blobs :3
the right down and right middle are nice 😀

Michael Corley

Love the “release” action word.


What just happened???? o_O


My bad.
I didn’t see you guys’ comments, so don’t reply to mine.


See, as soon as they grabbed onto Jane, I would shove Jane down onto the ground. She not only gets damage from the fall, but she squishes all the dolls too.

…How many dolls need to be killed before you deplete all of Jane’s HP?

Ryan S

Aha, but what if Kleya jabbed Jane instead of the other way around? =D Okay probably not


… I think the smart move would have been to push forward with a slight jump. Basically forcing Jane to fall forward, causing damage from hitting the floor and squashing all those dolls ^.^ But then, it’s not exactly easy to think when under pressure.

Fire Hazard

Guys! NAV got a TVTropes page! Go show it some love!


I saw! I also tried to start a WMG page (Wild Mass Guessing) but couldn’t come up with any crazy theories to put on it, so it’s just a lame guess at some backstory that’s been put forth in comments already.


uh oh Kleya better think of something and quick, doesnt she have another special besides nice and Hero Smiley that we dont know about?


Yes, she had like 4 on her list when she went to register for the tournament, but there’s a single special limit to the tournament so she doesn’t even have hero smiley, just nice.


Crud!! i bet she wished she kept a different one.


Odd, why doesn’t she stop the arm near the elbow region and push the arm back on Mary? Would be a wise choice to do, using her own weapon on her.


lol…you know what would be hilarious? From what we see, Kleya only for sure let go with one hand….what if while she’s trying to run away she forgot to let go with her right hand(the one we can’t see, holding Jane’s which holds the sickle)…She coulda just yanked the sickle right into Jane’s gut(probably killing a doll or two in the process)…Doubt that’s what happened, but that would be some funny dumb luck.


Actaully, that’s what I’m thinking happened. The possitioning in panel 3 seems set up for it, without being obvious.