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Let me guess, “Mary’s” line for this would be “Did you think those dolls were the only TOYS I had?!”


D***, Bloo- err, Jane is terrifying. Kleya’s got her work cut out for herself, for sure!


Nice domino effect. 😉

Somehow I don’t think Nice would help enough for this, even if it was active. But I’m surprised Kleya didn’t notice the loophole mentioned in the vote incentive when she scanned Jane at the beginning of the match.

I have to admit I like the expression on Jane’s face…. And you did a great job on her skirt, as well!


Unfortuately, Kleya had major troubles trying to read Jane’s patchwork programming.


Actually she did mention there were four programs cobbled together….one of them was probably the ‘magnetic strips’ that keep the weapon attached to her back…probably didn’t look close enough, cuz it seemed a very minor program.


Kleya, look out for the crazy woman behind you!

Also, that helps explain why Bloody Mary’s hair is so long and she has it hanging over her face.


I’m guessing she can’t get her special up in time to help with that attack.

How does death work in this stage of the game? Can Jane really cut Kat’s head off? And will it do anything more than end the fight?


It would hurt like heck too.


Only if she’s got pain turned on and is playing from a game set that lets her feel the pain. I mean, if you’re only playing with the VR headset, you’re unlikely to actually feel the pain your character does.


you steer the headset with your synapses (aka braincells) i assume. So the headset should be able to send pain signls back to the synapses.

But i think kleya would be smart enough to reverse-e ngineer the VR Headset to “skip” the pain.


Always keep your opponent in your view and watch your back. Be aware of your surroundings.


And that is the true danger of someone who uses pets/summons/whatevers to aid them: The pet is dangerous, but so is the user.


Depending on whether or not they develop any skills/abilities outside of what is needed to cast their summons. If they do then they can be a royal terror, if they don’t then you usually can get away with not giving them much attention.


Umm… the scythe looks like a last-minute twist, because it’s not visible when Blo… khm… Jane summons her minions, but her hair is not covering it. At all.


It was in the back, not the front. We’ve never seen Jane from the back, except in the vote incentive image. We do see her holding her one hand behind her back, like she’s reaching for it in one of the “analyzing” images. I agree with Elizabeth above, though. Why didn’t she notice it then?


Why would Kleya care about the scythe? It is a simple weapon. If Bloody Mary uses it (while Nice is up), it will just make Bloody Mary die.

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Kleya dismissed the Nice.


But Nice ISN’T up, or else when Kat kicked the dolls she would have been repeatedly hammered… *adds suspense*


*shrug* Why is her own match the first time she actually gets an idea pf what her opponents are capable of? We are still getting to know Kleya (and this event is part of that process), but she seems more in the habit playing things by ear than actually practicing a piece. She is also used to acting as a loner, and isn’t taking advantage of her “team”. She’s trying to do this without hacking, but the repercussions of that change of approach are still getting worked out.


Kleya could have left Nice up for that. She’d only take five points of damage, while Jain would take 32, and she’d be protected if she messed up and got hit, either by Jain or one of the dolls.


Hindsight has 20-20 vision. However, Kleya did not know if her ploy would work.

The dolls attack quickly. Kleya guessed that their landing animation or turn-around time might be slower, but she was not sure, so she dropped Nice. If she could not outrun the dolls, then she would be better off having a good defense score and only being attacked by eight dolls, rather than having a low defense score and being attacked by sixteen.

Now that she knows it will work, she will put up Nice.


I would personally rather risk the five points of damage from kicking a doll than taking the 6×8=48 damage from being hit by the dolls without nice retaliation.

That is a judgment call though, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.


Remember, the way Nice works is that Kleya still takes the damage, but her opponent also takes the same number of hit points of damage, plus an equivalent drain to some other stat that immobilizes the opponent. So getting hit by that sickle is still going to sting, even if Kleya has Nice up, and might still be enough to take Kleya out before Nice can counterattack.


She’d also lose every 2 points they did, remember that’s how she got Nice to work on Bandit with the “falling down” thing.


Actually, the dolls would be hit for that, all but the last. The falling down thing shows that intent doesn’t matter, only who inflicts the damage, and it’s the body wight of the doll that is directly inflicting damage to the next, in the same way that Kleya caused the bandit to fall, but his weight landing on her is what directly caused the damage.

that one guy

Now that Bloo- I mean now that Jane has drawn the sickle, will the dolls continue to multiply, or has that special been cancelled?


That would be my guess…could be another reason she has multiple programs…one to cancel her special by drawing the weapon. Though at this point as long as 32 points of damage won’t kill Jane it’d be better if they replicated because they would distract Kleya/kat from the real threat behind her. Better for Jane that is…If they don’t replicate Kleya may have a chance to realize something is wrong and avoid Jame’s attack.


D***, Kleya know what to do when she needs to kick a**.

Panel 2 perfectly shows how awesome panel 1 is.


Well, this looks like Mary’s victory. It probably won’t finish off Kat immediately, but recovering after that will be exceedingly difficult, and for plot reasons her being the leader would put even more attention on her.

Either way it goes: Excellent Match!

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…..O wait, dangit, I have to fight Jane……..


She dead.