I’m hoping that Kleya can start evading some of the dolls, and taking out others. If she has her hands down every time that happens, then for every 2 damage she deals to a doll (and thus receives from her special), Jane loses 4 hp from the doll resurrecting and replicating. The biggest question is how long and well can Kleya evade the dolls, but if she can drop one or two at a time and keep moving, that might space out when they are reaching her enough. As long as she can kill 2 dolls for each one that… Read more »

Another question is how do you do just 2 damage? With 8 dolls coming at you, you’ve got to be pretty precise in dealing damage. If you aren’t and end up doing 4+ damage, it doesn’t help.


I am assuming that with as familiar as Kleya seems to be with the system, she knows how to do just 2 points of damage, but maybe she isn’t that precise, which does make it more difficult.


If Kleya manages to survive the 4th cycle and still kill all the dolls, then the life drain will KO Mary on the 5th cycle, unless she has at least 125 hp, which seems improbably high even with an hp boost in her special. Mary’s special might put out a ton of damage, but it makes her super fragile; one wonders how she made it so far with a special that’s useless against anyone who can deal her at least 50hp of damage. Danni or the Bandit would both have zero trouble taking her down, for example.


Bloody mary is actually the one that beat Danni, if you’ve forgotten. So apparently she either has a ton of hp, or is really good at avoiding damage.


Kleya seems a bit slow on the uptake here. Are the dolls so fast that she can’t even try to dodge them?

Actually, the idea of Hero Smiley appearing about now and making Mary\\\\Jane faint with happiness is making me giggle….


um just curious but technically aren’t the dolls hurting the caster for 2 hp each time they are summoned if so they aren’t being nice are they shouldn’t the special be doing something about that


That isn’t physical damage, though, which is probably why it doesn’t trigger the special’s effect (though it would be funny if it did).


Funny, I was about to say the same thing.


Wonder what sort of “plan” plan B is going to be.

Will Kleya hack, or will she surprise us by not hacking? Either way it will be a surprise until it happens.


I’m guessing Kleya will pick up one of the dolls and use it like a flail on the others. 😛


At this point, Kleya needs to figure out how to get the dolls to damage each other.



Little cheat? She hasn’t cheated at all. In fact she’s been remarkably resistant to actually cheating.


Um… Actually, she has cheated… at the beginning she hacked a hero smiley on the Angus twins… But anyway, what she should do is grab the little dolls, and throw them at hero smiley, making him cancel himself by hitting them into himself, where they get stuck, and can’t multiply, or something like that…. The idea sounded good in my head! Thanks for the awesome comic Aneeka!


I think she could throw the dolls at Mary then they would get killed from the special and also would suck more HP as new ones are created

Unfortunately Kleya doesn’t have hands, she has mittens. So assuming that throwing the dolls at Jane would cause Jane -6 damage and then dodging her own specials counterattack would leave her up. I think the better attack would be the falling trick that was used against Bandit since that would do even more damage to Jane. Getting Jane to fall on the dolls would be even better. Jane would be damaging herself -2 for every doll she squished and then would be attacked by the special for double damage for squishing the dolls which isn’t nice. I also wonder how… Read more »
that one guy

So far, Jane has lost 24 HP from resurrecting and duplicating her dolls. While Kleya has lost 36 HP, if she gets hit by the next wave of dolls she will lose 48 HP, totaling into 84 HP. I don’t think Kleya has that kind of HP, so she better think of something quick.


Remember, Kleya *hates* losing with a passion. She is always going to think of something to keep herself from losing. Even the tagline for the comic says “reformed…. when not losing.” So, I think she may just hack.


Remember this is the person who always gets around the rules without hacking. So I expect her to figure out how to trick the dolls into fighting each other or turn against Blood..er..Jane directly. Either way it would be a Jane drain. How, you ask? I haven’t a clue. 🙂

Sir Read-a-Lot

Why doesn’t she try the whole grab and drop trick again? It worked last time!


this reminds me of karebo from yugioh, and u know how to defeat them right?….no really tell me i forgot lol

The Aussie Bloke

The Kuriboh? You don’t beat the Kuriboh when Multiply is in play. You target something else.

When Multiply isn’t in play, Kuriboh attacks via suicide bomber tactics… In the anime, at least. In the game, it’s better just to keep it in your hand, since discarding it during your opponent’s turn negates life point damage that turn (i think. Someone double-check that please?)

Tim C

Oh! Nice! can be dodged; it just hits twice!

Kleya can sweep the dolls and then dodge Nice!’s counterattack She’s got a high speed stat… or… something.


Why doesnt Kleya just shut off her special and kick the dolls at Jane? There has to be a way to beat Jane.


Hacking is actually plan *D*. ^.^

Tim C

It occurs to me that Dr. Grace, and the Bandit are being very reckless in their investigation. They never actually saw her hack; they’re just seeing her win a lot, and they’re assuming that because she’s a rising star, she must be their quarry. Furthermore, they’re assuming that TENka’s president will come to the exact same asinine conclusion.

They haven’t seen her hack, but she has very unusual programming skills, and seems to know a lot about the inner workings of the game system. No one anticipated using happiness as a stat to attack, and Bandit couldn’t figure out how Nice worked until he got hit with it. I think that’s why they assume Kleya is the one they’re looking for. They are assuming that anyone who knows as much as Kleya does must have been an insider at some point, and they may not have many unaccounted for strays, especially after the hacker purges. This is all… Read more »

…they just need the codes not to watch kyela hack.

Dr. Grace and Bandit, i thought they were tryiing to sap Kleya’s powers, remember that time when one of their team was trying to get access to the codes of Hero Smiley? It was a person from TENka? Turned out it was one of their team. On the otherwise, are they just trying to win the Game Trials? We know what TENka wants, but what does Dr. Grace and the rest of his team want? We do not have a final conclusion. Some people think they are trying to beat Kleya, others think they aare trying to sap her powers,… Read more »

Yup, this post is a reply to the thing above. I did excat but it can never budge 🙁


Shotgun to the face can be applied in a variety of tough situations! For instance watch how quickly it cures insubordination. Or dolls.

Fear the Swans

She needs to drop the special all together and directly attack Jane and dodge the dolls. In the words of the famous Mon Calamari, Admiral Akbar, “IT’S A TRAP!!!!!”