Duplicates, eh? Kleya needs to use the “falling on the floor” trick she used against Bandit to force these things to duplicate as quickly as possible, while minimizing the damage she takes each time. If she can keep her damage at a linear rate while the drain on Jane goes up exponentially, five rounds total ought to do it… I don’t think Jane probably has 127 hp. That would be a lot of dolls to avoid, though….

On the other hand, Bandit may disable her Special any moment now… Unless the Virus ate him.


What do any of us know about the- wait, what is the virus, its been mentioned a few pages B4, but i dont really know what it is.


Well, we’re all screwed.


ah yes, death by ping damage… always hated those


Uh oh. Kleya’s going to somehow force or trick Bloody Mary into attacking or otherwise cause damage (but we don’t yet know how much damage she can dish out herself while she’s got those dolls…)


I for one didn’t see that coming. It’s creepy and very cool. Can Kleya cancel her special once it’s been summoned? I mean, she could probably kick at least some of the dolls away physically.


Ruh roh.


Run around Mary and guide them like missiles into her! Human… err… Avatar Shield! Then Mary takes the damage from the dolls plus the reproductive damage.


There’s a good chance Mary has better control over them then that.

The Aussie Bloke

Huh. If they look at the numbers, then Bandit may realise that he doesn’t NEED to hack it to make her lose.


I don’t see how Kleya losing at this point would help Grace et al anyway. She’s already in the top five, and very visible. Won’t the “President” notice her no matter what they do now?

(It seems pretty bizarre of Kleya to want to be in the Game considering how much she wants to avoid being noticed. I can only assume she needs access to the Game servers to undo some previous damage.)


No, if her motivation was server access she’d just TAKE some server access. Gaining a legitimate source of it would be the single worst move she could make in that direction, as it’d put her on the list of “people who could reasonably have done this”.

Also, her motivation was getting money. For her friend, and also for the money she’s spent in the proccess of earning that money.


The annoying thing is that Kleya could have found out exactly what this special does instead of allowing herself to be surprised. She didn’t even try to research this opponent, even though the doll special was widely known by everyone that watches the Hero Game. She sort of coasts on her ability to make specials and read program leaks. Overconfidence is a lousy trait for a hero.


But she was kicked out of the games – no one expected her to be allowed into the trials, and by the time Kleya found out, she was in the trials and too busy to research.


Yeah, but you’d think someone could have sent her a quick text that says “Mary’s special is that she brings her dolls to life, and the replicate every time they’re killed.”

Sure, a non hacker couldn’t have told her that she was draining her own HP to do it or anything, but she figured that out right away herself.

The way to beat her seems to be to ignore the dolls and take a couple points of ping damage while you just deal with Mary. The dolls are only strong en mass.

Squid Mushroom

Didn’t the characters not realize that Bloody Mary had reset until they saw Jane in the trials and weren’t trial participants not allowed to watch the matches (at least until they lost)?


I was wondering what would make them so special that Mary of all people would be using them…

Mary spends 4 hp to deal 12, then 8 hp to deal 24, then 16 hp to deal 48, then 32 hp to deal 96, which should be easily enough to win in 4 cycles. But it’ll cost her 60 hp before the winning strike, so all Kleya needs to do is find a way to deal a reasonably damaging hit after the 4th cycle starts but before she gets hit by either her own special or Mary’s. That’s assuming, of course, that Kleya’s special can hit more than 2 targets at a time, which is definitely not a given.… Read more »
Conversely, it may get difficult for all the dolls to hit Kleya once there are a lot of them. I don’t know how many hp Kleya has once Nice is launched… about 100? Bloody Jane also boosts hp with her special. But I’m still waiting for the other shoes to drop, i.e. Kleya noted that Jane’s special looked like she’d pasted together four different programs. Little mobile dolls based on hp could be one, and the duplication effect could be another, but that leaves at least 2 more functions unaccounted for. If D detects Bandit’s attempt to hack Kleya’s Special… Read more »

I’d call animating them with her hp one, then the bringing them back to life another, and then duplicating them a third, which would only leave 1 function left to reveal.


Cancel the special, stuff the dolls in your pockets upside down, then kick Bloo – er, I mean Jane, in the face. Simple.


Can we get an applause up in the house? That’s the best solution I’ve heard so far.

Sir Read-a-Lot

Don’t forget that Kleya’s special is still active. Kicking Jane in the face would be rather counter-productive at the moment.


You need to read a lot more. The first thing that was suggested was to cancel the special.


no evedince yet she even can


… Of course Kleya can cancel the speical. I haz evidence. Bandit canceled his speical back then, remeber?


Kelya had three specials I believe. We have seen two. Time to break out number three?

Squire James

She can only take one with her to the Trials. She was grumpy about that at the start.

She might be able to win by forgoing the “hands up” strategy and see if she can reduce the damage by blocking their attacks. If they deal 2 and take 2, her HP might hold out.

Sir Read-a-Lot

I must say I’m looking forward to seeing this team once they’re in the Game. This could be really fun!