I…. I can’t stop Laughing!


I just love her face here, she just like “b**** please” XD


That’s not a very good rate of attrition. Kat v8 is down 12 HP, but Bloody Mary is only down 2 HP, and you implied earlier that Bloody Mary has the higher initial HP.


Err, sorry, that should be 4 HP for Bloody Mary. Not the best idea for me to be trying to type up responses first thing in the morning.


If Kleya is smart, in addition to a shut off condition for the attribute damage, she should have a shut off condition for the standard damage. For example, if her arms aren’t up, the special doesn’t work, if her arms are down, no damage at all. If she does, she can abuse it to use physical attacks against Jane without allowing for retaliation.


the special damage*
I should take your advice too.


Given how powerful the special is, I think giving it an easy on/off switch so she could sneak in attacks would put it beyond its limits. Right now activating the attribute damage requires her to raise her arms like that, which is theoretically a disadvantage. Also, if her arms were down, she’d have trouble attacking. It isn’t as though Jane is defenseless.


i have a feeling that was part of creepy girls plan…


Somehow I don’t think that’s the end of the dolls. They wouldn’t be much of a threat against anyone if they were that easy to get rid of. I have a feeling Kleya is going to wish she’d watched more “TV” recently….


I have to agree. I’d imagine she can just keep siphoning off a couple points of HP to the dolls to keep bringing them back and allowing them to whittle down Kleya’s HP while Jane takes no real damage.


A thought. In the nursery rhyme Jane was reciting, in each verse the “old lady” swallows something larger to try to deal with the previous problem. Do the dolls keep coming back, somehow larger and stronger than before? The stat points for that would have to come from somewhere, right?


I was just thinking pretty much the same thing, only I figured the dolls would just keep attacking for more damage. Maybe the dolls will require additional HP each time.


Why do I have a feeling that it won’t be as easy as it seems right now?


mmm… Let me guess: only the dolls are touched by Kleya’s special, and Bloody Mary can make more of them. Meaning that every time she uses them, she looses only 4 HP, when Kleya looses 12. Luckily there is indeed a healing part in kleya’s special, but I somehow doubt it heals everything, every time… In any case, that will be a heck of a long fight…


Her special has a healing part in it? I missed that. When was that brought up?


It doesn’t heal her, but it does up her HP when summoned.


1) Perspective seems a little strange in the first panel.

2) Upskirt. (I’m kinda ashamed of this thought >.>)

3) BAM!!!

4) ‘It’s hammer time!’


Maybe the dolls will get stunned just as all the other ‘victims’ before. Maybe…?


The timed fight is just about a minute or so. I wonder what defenses Bloody Mary has for Kleya when she comes to beat her up, that is if she can cancel her special right before going into melee.


“And there’s the creepy doll
That always follows you
It’s got a ruined eye
That’s always open

And there’s a creepy doll
That always follows you
It’s got a pretty mouth
To swallow you whole”


That is exactly what I was thinking.

Squire James

Well, if there’s anyone Kleya could stall out against and win by votes, it’d be this gal!


She is like this character from that one Korean MMO… Sword of the New World. Catherine I think she was called and she summoned dolls as her only method of attack.


Oh no, if she can produce dolls at will, Kleya is in trouble 😮